Yao Chen from Paris fashion week turned back, flew Hengdao standing on the Shanghai Fashion Week

Yao Chen from Paris fashion week turned back, flew Hengdao standing on the Shanghai Fashion Week, looks quite loyalty. And her relationship with the Chinese version of the fashion media, her current fashion idol Cartier love bracelet replica¬†identity and her and Vera Wang’s seamless, can explain that she turned around, there is a Shanghai Fashion Week to enhance the meaning of international Fan. This is not wishful thinking, compared to the past so many years, the Shanghai Fashion Week experienced a shortage of funds is about to support the situation, the concept of the field show the desolate, this year’s momentum is no longer vast.
The so-called stars gathered refers to: Yao Chen, An Yixuan, Jia Jingwen, etc., debut in the opening of the red carpet. As the finale of the international big Vera Wang, also became the most fashionable fashion week fashion show. Shanghai Fashion Week’s sincerity, reflected in the opening background board, it is clear that not Vera Wang need Shanghai Fashion Week, but Shanghai Fashion Week need Vera Wang.
Star designer or star of the show, making this decade of struggling fashion week seemingly get attention, but these concerns are still limited, because here is the display of fashion, not scandal. Even so, this means of propaganda is no effective, only with the participation of Cartier love ring replica stars more and more big, or more and more popular, it can be called the star to play what role, this is very realistic.
Southern Entertainment Weekly Yao Chen
“Vera Wang presented the wedding, has been modified in Shanghai size”
As early as September New York Fashion Week, Yao Chen will be invited by Vera Wang and Huayi Brothers Fashion to New York to watch Vera Wang 2013 spring and summer clothing release, but also with Vera Wang I became friends. The re-invited to the Shanghai Fashion Week Vera Wang show field, Yao Chen is very pleased that night she was a Vera Wang2012 autumn and winter series debut, gas field extraordinary. Yao Chen admitted that he has received a wedding gift Vera Wang, and has been modified in Shanghai size. The face of the reporter’s “forced marriage” Yao Chen said with a smile “do it.” And good at public events to express their views, “microblogging queen” generous and journalists to share her eyes in the “Shanghai Fashion Week.”
“She gave me the wedding, better than my dream”
Southern Entertainment Weekly: New York Fashion Week you are invited to Vera Wang’s big show Replica Cartier love bracelet, what is the feeling?
Yao Chen: I went to her New York headquarters to visit a bit, very shocked. Every one is beautiful, no matter is the men who visited the women or women are open mouth, like into a wedding of the palace, like every one is unique works of art.

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