Many brands have become the source of inspiration for the design

In recent years, more and more watch brands have begun to combine with competitive events to advocate sportsmanship. Many brands have become the source of inspiration for the design of timepieces due to their perfect marriage with sports events. Watch House today will introduce several new sports watches, highlighting the concept of brand sports also provides us with accurate timekeeping function.

Tissot Law Chi 516 series of classic sports watches

2015 Basel Tissot latest racing series MotoGPTM 2015 limited edition automatic watch to attract the attention of all, the familiar red and black GT stripes are both eye-catching and beautiful, and avant-garde style of the new case and the shape imitation Cartier love bracelet resembles locomotive pedal The buttons complement each other, the button design is the latest Tissot racing series features. Multiple designs of the new watch showcase parts for motorcycles such as brake discs on the bezel, track marks on the back of the strap, and rear wheel suspension in the strap and case attachment. The watch, carefully crafted in Switzerland, also features a transparent rear case with a tire-shaped cover, all at a glance. The elaborately-designed start-up qualifying Super-LumiNova® eco-friendly luminous coating on the checkered dial highlights the sporty theme, and the dazzling red embellishments on the bracelet and chronograph hands represent a Tissot watches contain the passion.

Hamilton Kahki Chrono Worldtimer watch

The Basel watch show, Hamilton introduced the new Kahki Chrono Worldtimer watch. Designed by Hamilton with renowned aerobatic pilot Nicolas Ivanoff, this new watch features a 24-time zone display and automatic daylight saving time adjustment. Case diameter 45 mm, carefully crafted in stainless steel, especially with easy to read the “12 minutes” central chronograph function, beats by dre, the bezel countdown minutes are particularly clear and eye-catching. The first 4 minutes of the main ring (Aerobatic flight, FreeStyle also performed for 4 minutes, will exceed the time limit will be penalized) scale marked with a yellow trim. Convenient putter at 10 o’clock for easy switching between timekeeping and world time functions. Watch bezel with two-way rotation design, in World Time function mode, just tap the button at 10 o’clock to calculate the current time of the selected target time zone. The watch time is displayed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). H-41e Quartz chronograph movement developed specifically by Hamilton for the interior of the case.

Mido Chronograph watch

Mido watchmaking philosophy is the combination of timeless design and practical functions, rather than follow the trend, in this 2015 Baselworld, the brand once again proved its own exquisite watchmaking technology and tabulation philosophy. Mido chronograph will always occupy a place in the watch industry, the time of the game and passion never seems to stop. The new black watch body design, make the watch domineering, gray dial, orange timing pointer, the overall design Replica Cartier jewelry highlighting the geometric lines and beauty, timing clear.

Summary: The above recommended sports watches are all the latest watch introduced during this year’s Basel watch show, watches have different shapes and functions to meet the different needs of the wearer daily and sports, if you are a love Sports table friends, may wish to focus on the above models.

Vacheron Constantin Harmony series is designed to celebrate the 260th anniversary of the birth of the brand and specifically launched the watch series, was officially launched in Geneva in 2015, Harmony series of extraordinary excellence, very contemporary features, the current Hong Kong has arrived the new watch today is We bring two pieces of Vacheron Constantin watch Harmony Series Hong Kong market, interested friends can find more details by phone below the article.

Vacheron Constantin HARMONY Series 7810S / 000R-B051 watch

Vacheron Constantin’s designers created this unique anniversary motif for this special collection, also known as the Emboss craft, inspired by the design by Jean-Marc Vacheron, signed by Vacheron Constantin in 1755 Pieces Huai Huai, when the balance pocket pocket watch on the adoption of this craft decorated with vines pattern.

Vacheron Constantin HARMONY Series 7805S / 000G-B052 watch

Watch case is made of white gold, more compact dimensions, bezel set with 88 beautiful diamonds, a total weight of 1.20 karats. Silver cream dial with gold or blue leaf-shaped pointer, Harmony series of unique blue Arabic numerals, to ensure that wearers can very clearly read the local and local time. The sun and moon signs in the day and night display area are made of gold.

one of the few people in the environment and some in the small environment

A few years ago, the watch is still very strange for me, it looked at me, I do not understand it, when I was the only impression of the watch, was admitted to high school sister sent me a table, but I only treat it as The toys, the old with a wash, wash clothes, sports, etc., and ultimately can imagine, I ended its life ahead of time. With more and more contact with the watch, a child about the memory of many watches also slowly began to reverberate, vaguely remember my mother had a seagull table, because I did not take it apart, inside those gears, winding what Also all become my toys.

Perhaps at that time, in my heart buried a seed, I was not the whole to understand, on these small gears, how to let the watch go up, after the high school, learn the physics only to understand some ( Now think that every high school students seem to be genius, on the astronomical imitation Cartier love bracelet geography, under the passionate text). Because it is a science student, for the machinery is always like blind fiddle, which for later quietly slowly into the watch world to find a suitable “reason.”

Watches and clocks, but also very small, large to more than 400 years of history, religion, culture, politics, economy and social and cultural changes in the spirit, but it can be small to the roadside dozens of dollars a spread of goods , Which makes me want to modify an ad: how much heart, how much the world is. The world’s large and small watches and clocks, the number of numerous brands, one of the few people in the environment, and some in the small environment, some growth in the small environment, and I like NOMOS a large part of the reason, because it belongs to the latter.

NOMOS watch factory

Speaking, NOMOS history is not long, but 25 years, but personally think it is done than some decades or even hundreds of years of history brand is better. Watches and clocks, although the focus on historical accumulation, but more attention to “descent” continuation. In today’s large number of brands more and more lost the original meaning, NOMOS in the efforts to enhance their intrinsic value. A few years ago, both at home and abroad have set off a “self-produced movement” of the big discussion, because many brands to promote their own movement is self-produced, and the result is only their own production, and the production of non-core components This standard, OEM factory can be said for production). Also at this time, located in the mid-market NOMOS gradually showings, began to world-renowned.

NOMOS α movement

In 2005, NOMOS began to use self-produced movement, released α manual winding movement, marking the NOMOS embarked on a new journey, of course, if according to the current standard, α is not self-produced movement, because it is still Peseux 7001 revision, the key components, including precious Replica Cartier jewelry stones, lubricants, balance wheel escapement, etc. are not their own, so it is not strictly self-produced movement. But this shows the NOMOS for the movement of self-determination, in fact, reflects the NOMOS that movement is the core values of the watch.

NOMOS DUW 1001 movement

In the next eight years, NOMOS completed from the initial production of manual movement to the production of automatic movement watch across, and released a variety of Greek alphabet for the number of movement, until 2013, NOMOS released to DUW The beginning of the movement series, only the real sense of the homing movement on the track. To today, a total of 2 years or so, NOMOS DUW movement already has as many as seven, which shows the strength of the brand in the development of the movement.


NOMOS DUW series of all movement, contains a total of five manual movement and two automatic movement, they have one thing in common, that is, all have a representative of the German watch elements, and high-precision (6-position adjustment) The In addition, since the DUW 4101, NOMOS in order not to the Swatch Group strong industry monopoly control, self-developed patented NOMOS Swing System, that is, including gossamer, balance wheel, fine-tuning, including the oscillation system, Has always been the Nivarox 1A gossamer system. This marks the NOMOS can independently produce the most core components of the movement, which squeeze into the ranks of the core brand of the watch industry. In 2014, NOMOS began to produce their own R & D plant escapement system, to further grasp the core technology of mechanical watchmaking. Many brands can not be bigger and stronger, because of the lack of these core technology, the fate was firmly grasped in the hands of large groups. But this is only a small step on the way forward NOMOS, although NOMOS to achieve the movement of the core structure of the production, but did not get rid of the traditional structure, so on the basis of structural innovation and complex functions embedded (especially timing, , Perhaps the next step in the direction of the brand.

It was not just a functional module manufacturer

Cal 11 automatic chronograph movement
Before the 1970s, the company had started the development of quartz movement, during the 1970s, designed and produced a quartz chronograph. Even if the pace of the quartz era, but it is still deeply affected, in 1979, the company’s two leaders disagreed, the relationship imitation Cartier love bracelet fell to freezing point, Gérald Dubois bought the plant to operate alone. In 1987, Jean-Philippe Dubois, son of Gérald Dubois, joined the company, five years later, his brother Pascal Dubois also joined the company, the former became the CEO today, the latter is the general manager. In 2006, Dubois Dépraz acquired a plant, the DPRM (gear manufacturer), a supplier of the factory in the area of the Berne, to expand its strength in the production of parts, and today’s company’s R & D production system.

DPRM watch factory
Pierre Dubois was the son of the third generation leader Gérald Dubois, who was influenced by family watchmaking, and liked mechanical watchtaking. Pierre Dubois worked for Audemars Piguet for 14 years and worked for CFO and COO. Service in the brand without creating a brand, Pierre would like to do their own watch company. In 2004, Pierre founded his own watchmaking brand, Pierre DeRoche (the founder explained that it was “stone, stone”), and DD company close with the company’s experience in advanced watchmaking company and DD company’s technical support Cooperation, which launched a variety of exciting timepieces works.

Pierre DeRoche founder and TNT watch
It was not just a functional module manufacturer

Marcel Dépraz is the first generation leader of DD, thanks to his talent in the complex mechanical watchmaking, he founded his own studio, initially help other brands of production and debugging movement, he also designed timepieces, Founder of the company soon, he developed a function for the chronograph module, which won the “Vaushan Exhibition” Gold Award, his most proud of the work is to ask the table and chronograph. In 1907, Marcel Dépraz wanted to simplify the structure of the bell and watch, decided to give up the original idea of adding modules on the movement, want to produce their own chronograph. So Marcel decided to set up another company to achieve their own ideas, which was born Dépraz & Guignard.

In 1925, Marcel Dépraz hand made for the three asked the newspaper, the number of hammer control the number of horn gear, while by their own factory production of three asked the movement. In 1937, Marcel’s son Roger, son-in-law Reynold Dubois and grandson Gerald Dubois worked together to develop the Caliber 48 chronograph (13 3/4)! The movement was characterized by the abandonment of classical column wheel timing Structure, but the use of cam structure Replica Cartier jewelry, the structure is more simple, easy production, and cheap, and thus popular, has been produced until the 1970s, the official data show that the production of more than 3.5 million of the movement.

Ask the table to use the critical parts of the time – the worm
In 1948, DD’s second-generation head, Reynold Dubois, developed a high-grade column wheel chronograph, model Caliber 74, which features a function that, in addition to timing, Sexual function – date jump. Traditional movement, the date jump often takes an hour, and he is through the structural improvement, to achieve the date of the jump function.

Buren automatic movement based on the DD timer module Cal 11 movement
In 1969, DD company third generation head Gérald Dubois, developed a chronograph history in the history of a landmark automatic chronograph movement, Caliber 11-12, which is the four companies together to develop the automatic chronograph movement Calbire 11 DD version. This movement is excellent modular design, making the movement in the demolition, testing and repair has great advantages, and popular, produced a total of 350,000, the supply to the prestigious brand.

DD 2000 series 2022 flyback chronograph movement
In 1983, DD company invented a world famous movement Caliber 2000, this movement of the functional module for mechanical movement, but also can be carried to the quartz movement, the module directly placed on the movement of the dial side , And this module has a corresponding hour, minute, second hand and timing pointer indicating the location, so you can directly indicate all the time, once installed on the movement, no need to correct and adjust the movement. This movement has become the founder of the DD timer module, DD is also the flagship product, so DD reputation in the industry more Sheng, established a timely leader in the field of research and development status.

5 minutes to ask the timekeeping module
Of course, in the whole development process, DD is not only focused on the timing and perpetual calendar module, it also moon phase, three asked, two places, dynamic display, large calendar, time equation and so on almost all the complex structure, But its timing and perpetual calendar module name of the first Sheng, making a lot of people did not notice its other aspects of development. At the same time, DD company has several of the most important business, independent research and development movement and functional modules for third-party companies assembled into a table for other brands foundry and custom products (70’s Logitech over the first computer mouse ).

Important models of Dubois Dépraz

Breitling uses the movement of the DD chronograph module
In the watch to achieve a complex function, there was only one way is to develop a new movement, and DD gives another answer, increase the module children. Compared to the development of new movement, increase the difficulty of the practice of the module did not decline, because the movement is not like a computer, according to a USB interface can be connected to all the equipment. Most of the movement, in terms of functional scalability is not good, but the ETA movement has this feature, many brands have been modified on the ETA movement, including nations, Omega, Longines, Breitling and so on. DD company commonly used approach is in the ETA 2824 and ETA 2892 and other basic name machine on the module superposition, it does not change the original movement of the layout, but in the movement of the front or negative (rarely) directly into the functional module, which is Was 1983, when Calibre 2000 classic routines.

Audemars Piguet 2326 back to chronograph movement
This advantage is obvious, cheap, easy to operate, so many brands to find DD or cooperation to develop such a movement. Richard Miller’s complex watch mainly by the APRP and Vaucher plus DD module to achieve, Montblanc 2014 large class transmission perpetual calendar watch is the use of Sellite + DD perpetual calendar combination of movement, Nivrel (Edox, celebrity Kerry Times watch ) 5 minutes two hours when using the ETA + DD two timekeeping combination, Audemars Piguet 2326/2847 automatic movement using Jaeger-LeCoultre 896 + DD2847 flyback timing module, Alexandre Meerson automatic dual time zone watch using Vaucher movement + DD Dual time zone module … DD itself, also provides assembled movement, mainly DD 312 (GMT), 2020/2021/2025/2045/2027 (timing and countdown), 4500 (large calendar time), 4900 (calendar Time), 9000 (calendar moon phase), 14400 (jump time), the brand can be purchased directly into the case into the case, these movements are ETA plus DD different functional modules.

If you have the opportunity to see some of the complex function of the movement, then just look at the back of its complex function of some of the components (such as column wheel, cam, hammer, etc.) can, and if there is, Or with the advanced complex movement research and development company products, if not, then there may be the basic movement plus DD module combination movement (except for the calendar class movement).

DD company for other brands to design the form of the module
DD watch industry from the development of the history of the movement, DD is undoubtedly a watch industry, a bright star, it helps many brands to achieve a complex function of the movement of the watch manufacturing, with a very high cost of rich In the high-end watch market category. Because the production of basic movement, DD companies are not subject to the core brand of core materials and technology monopoly pressure, and do not worry about the future market (most brands still need external technical support to launch complex watch), have to say DD may be present Live one of the easiest watch companies.

Cartier as the coryphaeus among luxury brand in the market

Present situation of Cartier

Cartier as the coryphaeus among luxury brand in the market,especially in the field of jewelry and watch,has more than 200 boutiques in five continents and unique distribution network. Replica Cartier love bracelet is the most popular in Cartier’s jewelry,many celebrity will choose Cartier love bracelet as their fashion accossory,you also can enjoy Cartier’s charm,just buy one from Cartier therewith its abundant professional knowledge and experience,act important role in very important moment in history occupies.Handed down from generation legend from 160 years ago,and continues with its unique charm in the field of luxury,writing the history of success.

From luxury to the general brand of clothing, are permeated with fast fashion

From luxury to the general brand of clothing, are permeated with fast fashion. This shows that the fashion industry is not only a fast fashion apparel industry in a field of a business model, but should be the whole field of clothing consumption of a new concept of revolution is driven by the new concept of consumer-driven revolution, a may be spread in the The entire apparel business model changes.
From the global trend, this trend seems to have been irresistible. So, China’s garment enterprises ready? In the “slow fashion” era, the Chinese brand almost no place. We may be concerned about the new round of “fast fashion Cartier love bracelet replica” showdown, the Chinese brand odds geometry?
Slow fashion era, the competition is the brand. Fast fashion era, competition is the efficiency of resources and integration of resources. China as a global garment manufacturing power, fashion around the world gathered in China, as long as we can take advantage of local enterprises to create their own fast fashion model, rather than blindly follow the operation of the Western big brand logic, we have reason to new Round of competition in a place.
ZARA is a subsidiary of the Spanish Inditex Group, which is a clothing brand, is also a franchise ZARA brand clothing retail chain brand. ZARA, established in 1975 in Spain, is part of the Inditex Group. It is the third largest garment manufacturer in the world and the number one clothing manufacturer in the world, with more than 2,000 clothing stores in 56 countries around the world. ZARA by the global fashion young love, designer brand of excellent design, the price is more affordable, simple is to allow civilians to embrace High Fashion. table of Contents Cartier love ring replica
Brand Name: ZARA (Chinese name —- Sa pull)
Country: Spain
Established in 1975
Founder: Amancio Ortega Gaona (Amancio Ortega Gaona)
Affiliation: Inditex Group
Chief Designer: John Galliano (John Galliano)
Product categories: women, men, children’s clothing, footwear
Inditex is Spain’s number one, and in recent years, beyond the US GAP, Sweden’s H & M to become the world’s number one clothing retail group in 2005, its global sales of 6.741 billion euros, sales of 429 million, net profit of 8.03 Billion euros. As of June 2006, it has opened 2,899 stores in 64 countries and regions around the world, with eight apparel retail brands including ZARA, Pull and Bear, Kiddy’s Class, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, ZARA Home, ZARA is one of the most famous brands. ZARA was founded in 1975, currently has 62 countries in the world 917
(Self-owned stores accounted for 90%, the rest of the joint venture and franchise stores). Although the ZARA brand stores account for imitation cartier love bracelet only one-third of all Inditex branches, its sales account for about 70% of total sales.

Identification of a jewelry First of all, according to maslow’s hierarchy of needs, jewelry belongs to a higher level of demand, in economics is defined as a luxury

Identification of a jewelry First of all, according to maslow’s hierarchy of needs, jewelry belongs to a higher level of demand, in economics is defined as a luxury. The consumer has a characteristic, is the price elasticity is larger, the so-called price elasticity is larger, is the price of the product has a great influence on product sales. But as a luxury Cartier love bracelet replica, more consumers to buy demand not only in the commodity itself, but a social express a way of self-realization and shows his own status, therefore, the consumer can bring customers to a conceptual consumption image, to establish a conceptual consumption image. There is to classify customers, because customers have different status, work, so demand for products, or service for the customer’s consumption demand is different, according to the customer preferences adjust measures to local conditions.
Demand value, human love of pearl has been difficult to suppress. The oldest pearl ornaments of otago appeared more than four thousand three hundred years ago in Persia. Persian gulf of pearl is, the Kings of the Assyrian empire and Persian empire not only use it to decorate the clothes, even on carefully trimmed beards are woven grains pearl. Subsequently, Alexander the great expedition to the border of Persia, and also introduced the pearl trade. The Romans put pearl as a symbol of the goddess Venus, Julius Caesar and the emperor caligula leads, the pearl as society’s most favorite ornaments. Legend, cleopatra cleopatra has two pearl of the world at the time, but when fete Anthony for boast rich psychological, she let the servant into a goblet of thick vinegar, didn’t blink eyes brought her priceless pearl earring immersed among them, and then toss off.
Into the Christian era, the bible is trying to adjust the relationship between women and pearl, “who can find a virtuous woman? She is worth far more than pearl.” And let women, self-controlled, with decent clothes for ornaments, not to make “hair, ornaments of gold, pearls and expensive clothes.” In other words, is known as the pearl of the women in daily life can’t be wearing a Cartier love ring replica. Only religious artifacts in medieval religion atmosphere, especially Madonna, is decorated with pearls.
Change takes place in the 16th century, the century is also known as “pearl”. The Renaissance of the liberation of human nature
One, is to make the rich in defiance of the teaching of the bible, decorated with pearls with trespass. The ratio of virgin female of queen Elizabeth I of England, with pearl garment has more than three thousand items. In the famous portrait of fleet “in 1588, her hair with 24 pigeon eggs on the size of the earth pear-shaped pearls; Chest hang at least six laps hang down to below the waist pearl necklace; Puffy sleeve seam visible place more than 30 big pearl, out of sight is not; Skin to ride stone edge also embroidered with dense array of pearl, there to choose a suitable text book, the queen is submerged in the sea of pearls, costly to outrageous levels. The discovery of the new world to expand the pearl of the region, from the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Colombia, venezuela, pearls have been shipped to Europe, originally only belongs to the noble pearl gradually into the families. In order to curb the pearl to the flow of the lower class, Venice and Florence two cities and even the pearl act was issued only members of the royal family can wear pearls are clearly defined. However, where to withstand.
By 17th century Dutch artist vermeer, rich people in the family has been constantly flickering with special pearl luster – in his existing 35 works, at least eight works depict the female with a pearl earring, the most famous is “the girl with a pearl earring,” the pearl of luminous, huge, even bigger than the queen Elizabeth body’s largest pearl. As is known to all, the primary standard statement of pearl is always a size, how can a girl in plain dress wearing a pearl of rich? Unless it is a fake! In fact, a history of popular pearl always accompanying with a history of artificial pearls, skillful craftsmen of ancient Greek and Roman times, has learned to outside the ball wrapped a layer of silver powder or glass, to simulate the simple sense of natural pearls.
The Renaissance, leonardo Da Vinci invented a synthetic method of big pearl with lemon juice to dissolve small grain,
Cheap pearls, pearl powder dry, then mix with egg qing dynasty, as a big, round pearl shape rules. Good at making the Venetian glass invent another kind of generic technology, they will fill liquid silver beads. Infatuated with the rose beads of the French invented a cheaper Cartier nail bracelet replica, they used the scales of herring and sardines compound resin, made of man-made pearly luster can be spurious. In an age of vermeer, artificial pearls technology is increasingly perfect, the size of a pigeon eggs fake pearls? Yes, absolutely possible.
As women’s pearl “fetish” project object, queen and princess, lady and beauties, actress
And socialite, white-collar women, and ordinary housewife, no exception. Into the 20th century, with the success of Marine aquaculture and freshwater cultured pearls, make public use of imitation jewelry and CHANEL, true and false pearl spread all the way down from the upper social penetration, which women without an expensive or cheap, or true or false pearl jewelry? Only when the pearl will continue to play its role in the social segregation, more expensive and more rare, bigger and more bright pearl, is certainly is the common desire of iron law. In tiffany, always have the young girls eating breakfast Hao Li dreaming, have a dream that one day put on artificial pearl necklace with natural pearl, even though it may be of a few.
I don’t really decree by destiny and jewelry, in addition to wear since childhood to the big jade Buddha is themselves and be in harmony are an organic whole, total feel
Some are too burdensome, but for the teardrop-shaped and fruity, glittering and translucent body or manipulating fondle admiringly. On New Year’s day is a holiday in female relatives elders, they also love to wear pearl jewelry, especially into the light yi yi is a sitting room, there is a narration of expensive gas and soft. Who wear pearls, and seems to be not suitable for grandiose makeup look, if more makeup look, the first feeling is fake, that even if is the real pearls, also feel aggrieved innocence. By