Elegant poem tasting Chopard L.U.C series of white moon phase watch

“Chopin” brand in 1860 has a watchmaker Louis Yu Li Chopard (Louis-Ulysse Chopard) was founded, and Chopard’s L.U.C series is to pay tribute to the master. Each of these excellent timepieces is a masterpiece of fine masterpieces, with the ingenuity of the details of the pursuit and the excellent quality of Swiss high-level watches and clocks, for today’s outstanding taste of the ladies presented the ancient art of carrying fine works. Today, the watch home to bring an elegant and beautiful Chopard L.U.C series of watches, watch the official model: 161934-1001.

Elegant poem tasting Chopard L.U.C series of white moon phase watch

The L.U.C series is a tribute to the watchmaker Luis Chase Chopard, and the development of this series of watches has made a milestone for the production process of the watch. L.U.C series is excellent watchmaking skills and the essence of Swiss high-level imitation Cartier love bracelet watch the integration of the watch is extremely beautiful, representing the watch production process of the highest level.

Elegant poem tasting Chopard L.U.C series of white moon phase watch

Watch dial for the silver-white, with a number of features display, one o’clock position moon phase display, moon phase display to the white disc for the moon, blue background constellation decoration. In the dial at four o’clock position with date display, six o’clock position with elegant Smart small seconds.

Chopin 161934-1001
This watch uses 18k white gold case, watch diameter 40 mm, case thickness of 9.97 mm, covered with sapphire crystal glass table, watch the same crown using 18k white gold, with a black belt and pin buckle.

Watch the crown material for the 18k white gold, engraved series above the name “L.U.C”, the crown side to the pit pattern modification, easy to grasp the watch function to adjust.

Watch with black leather strap, natural texture natural beauty, soft and tough, cutting reasonable to black silk thread; strap with 18k white gold needle buckle.

Watch case with grinding technology, round and smooth, the surface of a beautiful Replica Cartier jewelry natural silk-like decoration. Bezel after polishing, more layered.

Clasp with needle clasp, not only can adjust the length of the strap, but also open and convenient, solid; polished rounded bright, to ensure comfortable to wear. In the clasp decorated with a series of names “L.U.C”.

Watch ear and the case of one piece cast, and the link between the smooth link, lines flowing Li, seamless; table was slightly curved, beautiful and ensure that the watch is more fit the wrist.


Watch dial is silver and white, using a large but elegant Roman numerals, silver pointer. With moon phase function, date display and small seconds. In the dial at one o’clock position moon phase display, blue sky and silver moon, you can learn the day of the moon phase, while the decorative watch dial, add a beautiful and elegant.

Moon phase
This phase of the astronomical table certification movement is very accurate, its display and the actual phase of the cycle between every 122 years will accumulate a day of error. As a result of the novel design, dial can also show the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere seen on the moon phase.

Table bottom
This watch internal use of automatic mechanical movement, back to back design, you can observe the internal movement of the www.ourlovestore.com, while the watch water depth of 30 meters.

Summary: has always advertised the top grade Chopin brand originality, with superb craftsmanship for the table to provide a unique taste of the table. This Chopard L.U.C series watch with 18k white gold case with black leather strap, so watch the elegant and moving temperament. This beautiful timepieces from the watch design to the details of the grasp, are fully reflected Chopin brand watch the superb skills.

The processing of art glass is divided into three categories: integrated production

Glass / crystal crafts
The processing of art glass is divided into three categories: integrated production, cold working and hot working. The main products of glass products are glass or crystal wine, crystal parts, ornaments, ashtrays, vases, glass Christmas Cartier love bracelet replica gifts, glass fruit series, glass Series, glass animal series, glass candy series, glass bartender series, glass beads, glass candlestick and other crystal crafts. 
At present, most of our glass crafts in the art of low content, more materials, low added value. Some buyers need OEM agents in the OEM or re-processing, not only on the crystal, glass crafts shape and material innovation, but also on the supplier size and production capacity of the corresponding requirements.  
Resin Crafts
Home decorations, garden products, such as the production of production. 30 resin crafts, 80s of last century spread to China Taiwan, the last century 90 fat handicraft factory. $ 989 billion, Quanzhou accounted for about 60%. 2000 began planning new development, bold exploration and try. 
The amount has improved significantly.  
Ceramic crafts
· Polo had a detailed record of ceramic crafts. More than 100 Cartier love ring replica countries and regions, the formation of traditional porcelain carvings, Western porcelain, porcelain and other household   
Wood carving handicraft design, production, technology has become increasingly mature, high-precision laser engraving, to help more enterprises to enter this threshold, but also extends the more whimsy crafts, traditional national flavor strong wood carving by foreign Buyers of the favor, in recent years, demand has been growing trend. Stylish root carving, graceful high-end Buddha carving, special wood cups, wooden key ring and so are the hot products of concern.  
Bamboo crafts
Bamboo handicrafts in recent years, the rise of its simple and elegant style, unique, mainly using bamboo carbonization process, the side pressure, gluing, sanding, painting and other multi-channel process, bamboo natural texture clear, with a strong artistic shock force. Bamboo handicrafts mainly include bamboo vase, bamboo craft plate, color bamboo plate baked, bamboo screen, bamboo arch, magazine Replica Cartier jewelry rack,
Pet cage, vines, flower sets and so on.

Historically, many of the alchemists have tried to produce some of the means to produce more inexpensive gold to obtain profits

Historically, many of the alchemists have tried to produce some of the means to produce more inexpensive gold to obtain profits, so the accumulation of gold added different elements of the different texture and color effects of experience.
In contrast to the standard 18K gold, pink gold is slightly red in color and has different names such as red gold and rose gold, but also because it was popular in the early 19th century Russia and the Russian gold (Russian gold) name. Its composition is generally 750 ‰ of pure gold plus 250 ‰ of electrolytic copper, with a Cartier love bracelet replica ductility, high hardness, not easy to deformation or scratch and color changing characteristics. The latter is in particular due to the change in alloy composition – if added silver, the color will be shallow, adding more silver, red will be more shallow. When the silver content increased to 10%, copper content back to about 15% of the time, the color will be more subdued or partial powder. Today, people are accustomed to using different numbers to define the changes in its color – 3N pink gold (composition of 75% pure gold plus 13% silver plus 12% copper), 4N pink gold (component 75% pure gold plus 9 % Silver plus 16% copper), 5N pink gold (composition of 75% gold plus 4.5% silver plus 20.5% copper). It can be seen that the less silver is added and the more copper is added, the color becomes more and more reddish.
In addition, the most likely to cause misunderstanding is 18K white gold. Although it is generally difficult to distinguish it from stainless steel, platinum, etc., it is still one of the 18k gold, with a slightly different composition. Of which the proportion of pure gold is still 750 ‰, as another 250 ‰ of metal, it is often the secret of each. Vacheron Constantin in 2007 to change its men’s platinum watch formula. The more common platinum Replica Cartier love bracelet ingredients are pure gold 75% plus palladium 12.5% plus copper 6% plus silver 4% plus nickel 2.5% and then metal-plated rhodium protection, but Vacheron Constantin increases the proportion of palladium to 15%. This costly action makes Platinum without rhodium plating can be more shiny, the factory also pointed out that such a formula will increase its strength, but not easy to wear. In fact, with the 18K white gold, 18K pink gold is also prone to fading phenomenon, so Patek Philippe and Rolex in recent years to promote their own 18K pink gold formula special, is the so-called “eternal” does not fade new materials, in fact only experts Can distinguish its color and luster of the difference.
In addition, the use of modern alloy casting technology, people can also create a completely different texture in the past 18K gold. The former, such as the new material for R & D Department of the new material – the world’s first scratch-resistant material – magic gold. All this began with a whim – “18K gold will not be scratched.” With the assistance of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, a six-month feasibility study resulted in the creation of a new anti-wear 18K gold that combines gold with ceramics. This is unprecedented new material – only diamonds in its surface to leave a real sense of the scratches, and the dull color is different from other gold. The meaning of the birth of magic gold is not limited to a material, but to open a lot of new materials come out the door. At present, the magic of platinum, magic silver, aluminum and other materials are in the process of active research.
The latter, such as the Lange to commemorate its founder Fernando Adolph Lange launched 165 Years – Homage to FA Lange anniversary series of three complex functional watches, as different from the traditional limited edition, Lange The watchmaker thought of a way to change the metal Cartier nail bracelet replica composition, honey gold (Honey Gold) material which was born – this material is still 18K gold, but very hard – its hardness exceeds Vickers 300 degrees, increased to other gold Two times the hardness of the alloy, and even more than platinum. Its gloss is very unique, the color is far lighter than the ordinary 18K, very long history antique table charm. It is said to be able to have such an effect, because the addition of manganese and silicon and high temperature processing. It seems that it is by a number of modern alchemists in a closed underground chamber, by playing with flasks, electric furnace, what made out of the modern mystery.
Similar to the situation there are still strict adherence to Patek Philippe formula secret 18K blue gold. Whether oval 3738, or its classic gold cufflinks, that unfathomable blue brilliant, attracting the attention of many people, a collector of praise Patek Philippe perfect work of a reason. In fact, as long as the real experts to find, people can synthesize brown, gray or black and other colors of 18K gold, but habitual thinking people feel that gold must be yellow, white and red on the rare, blue is more prominent.
Gold without false, different colors, modern alchemy watch more colorful.

When it comes to European and American styles, it immediately gives the impression that a piece of art or goods and other things in Europe

When it comes to European and American styles, it immediately gives the impression that a piece of art or goods and other things in Europe and the United States in the overall appearance of the face, or with the characteristics of the characteristics of Europe and the United States is known as European and American style. In my opinion it is a Cartier love bracelet replica style, but not limited to a style, but many European and American style collectively.
Such as furniture: dark, with a retro Western pattern can be called with European and American style. For example, in music: heavy metal, rap music, are known to have European and American style. Another example of clothing: Europe and the United States wind, with the simple, different from simple elegance known for the British style, she is more inclined to the streets similar to the New York Fan. But he was with the nature of the same time, very particular about the imitation Cartier love bracelet color mix, and now we are very familiar with the Bohemian wind fusion, in a sense, I think the wind more widely in Europe and America, with a small part of the Japan and South Korea atmosphere, but very international.
Because of this, many European and American stars, supermodel, and so has been a place, will be captured, often people will not pay attention to their behavior, but their European and American style dress collocation method, as frequently photographed in The major fashion magazines, networks, etc., was commented on their mix and what is known is repeated, so Europe and the United States in Asia, clothing in the ultra-fast pace of popularity. Whether it is academy British wind, or mix and match the United States BOHO wind, Europe and the United States pastoral style, Europe and the United States retro Cartier love ring replica style, POP clothing popular front with you to see a full!

Why custom diamond ring

Why custom diamond ring
Now the new people are no longer from the counter to buy a ring, and have chosen to customize the ring. There are new people say, in the first-tier cities, jewelry counters everywhere, but never thought to buy a popular ring from the counter. Diamond ring custom brand in the end is good? To see real-name custom Loewes Cartier love bracelet replica, in the end is how to win the hearts and minds of consumers.
First, the custom diamond ring is unique
In love, two people are the only one, this world can not find any one person can fit each other’s heart. Diamond ring as a symbol of love, if only its gorgeous appearance, not its unique kernel, it seems that can not be called love. Custom diamond Cartier love ring replica and mass production of diamond ring is the biggest difference is its truly unique. On the one hand, the diamond ring style, the details of the unique, if the re-lettering, even more unique; the other hand, when buying a ring into the beloved mind, only this ring, with their sweet love Is a unique.
Second, custom ring is more appropriate
Mass production of the ring although there are a variety of sizes to choose from, but after all, is not tailored to the ring, it is inevitable that there will be a little inappropriate. Custom ring is not the same. Laluowei real-name custom wedding ring, you can measure the size of the lover’s finger size customization, R & D team will strictly enforce the requirements of guests, to ensure that the diamond ring is most suitable for customers. “In my name, crown your fingers; life accompanied, I go hand in hand” with the perfect interpretation of the brand also gave the ring a sublimation of love. Rings worn on the hand, the size of the perfect fit is also a comfortable.
Of course, the so-called fit is not only the right size, also includes the appropriate style. Custom rings can be selected according to personal preferences diamond shape, ring style, ring arm, ring shape and so on. As a result, the style of the diamond ring will also make their own heart.
Third, the custom ring is more economical
Usually, custom ring is not in the counter customization, but directly in the official website custom ring. One of the benefits of this approach is that it is more economical. The reason is that the official website customized to save a very high management costs around the counter, so these brands can also try to reduce the price of the imitation cartier love bracelet. And can save money to buy high-quality diamond ring, no wonder new people on the custom diamond ring a soft spot.

Jenny’s man found Jenny wearing a new ring when the day is in the afternoon of Janice’s birthday.

Jenny’s man found Jenny wearing a new ring when the day is in the afternoon of Janice’s birthday.
Just then Jenny just outside the door, wearing a pair of pants lying on the sofa watching TV, man leaned over his head, Janice Saturday, how do you not rest?
Jenny said, next week the city to check, things more.
Jenny went into the bedroom, and when she came out, Jenny had changed her tight skirt and put on a white Replica Cartier love bracelet cotton-colored, artificial cotton short shortsuit. Jenny ‘s waist is thin and soft, and she looks good. A man’s eyes stare over, a little ill. Jenny is pretending to be angry, white at him.
Jenny pink transparent plastic slippers rhythmically beat on the ground, issued a da da sound. The man looked at Jenny soft back from the front of the past, hehe smile.
When Jenny came over again, she took the unfinished stitch, “Home and Everything Hing,” and placed it on a transparent glass coffee table, and sat down next to the man’s other sofa. Jenny took the embroidery needle hand ups and downs, a white light in the eyes of men twinkling. Man sideways face, staring at Jenny’s left hand, said, yo, Jenny you really line, and where to get this broken stuff?
Jenny took the embroidery needle hand stopped, then a man gesture toward the face of the man, said, you just break things, too no vision of this texture, this carving, broken children can do this?
Hey, do not know your skill, a few days ago your commissary closes, you get back a lot of ring earrings, I see a place to spread enough, ha ha! Man said Jiani wearing a ring Of the left hand pull hard over a grip, Jenny hurt Oh cry, cursed Road, dead things! Men laughed.
Jenny no longer care for him, the piece of red cross-stitch on the white map to start, this is her some time ago and colleagues from the embroidered Square bought. At this time, Jenny’s eyes staring at the “home and everything is happening,” the words, heart gently read imitation Cartier love bracelet again, a little thought.
Put down the embroidery, Jenny right hand stroking his left hand ring finger, as if to himself, broken stuff, how could it be broken stuff.
The man turned his head oddly and asked, “What did you say, Jenny?” As soon as Jenny looked up, she immediately woke up, and said nothing. Men no longer words, and turned his head to watch TV.
When the TV broadcast finished a man sitting up and bones, I have to go out to do something. Jenny said yes, and then buried his head, embroidered her “home and everything is happening.”
Soon, came a thump of the knock on the door, opened the door, I saw a lot of men to mention a large bag, also mentioned a cake. Jenny said, you are doing, ah, buy so many things?
Man said excitedly, I went to the street a look at each set, it is your birthday today, ah, buy a few Cartier love ring replica dishes, as well as cake, two of us two drinks tonight.
Jenny took the thing and said, “You remember.”
Soon, the man put the dish on the table, the house floating thick wine.
Jenny sniffed her nose.
Maotai spring sauce it, this is the gold medal in Brussels.
When the meal was over, the moon had risen, and Jenny was clearing the table. The man looked at Jenny’s left hand and said, “Jenny, look at your ring. Jenny quickly packed up, hope also hope the man, his mouth said, what good-looking.
The man bitterly, to watch TV.
After finishing, Jenny went to take a bath.

Classic Balenciaga decade “locomotive package”

2016 spring summer, designers have to get inspiration from the bottom of the sea: Alexander McQueen coral wedges, Chanel shells hand bag… Shown from the depths of the ocean of the shining pearl is widely used in spring, summer, deserve to act the role of the details of the building. From the psychedelic bottom printing to witty Marine biological modelling, have a two Marine amorous feelings item this season is the most worth looking forward to surprise.
Chanel 2016 spring summer series, Karl Prospero unabashed Lagerfeld, which use original fashion Cartier nail bracelet replica elements, will be a magical underwater world, appear in front of the audience. String of pearls, rainbow color, fritillaria as algae and the modelling of jellyfish to make women look more elegant.
Composed of coral and shells suit, materazzi emblazoned with a picture of barnacles extremely delicate, design of jacquard fabric, printed with oyster layered thread ring chiffon… Alexander McQueen’s focus on underwater magic clothing carefully the details of design and manufacture, is enough to make beautiful dress itself in the shade.
Starfish, shells, the little mermaid… These are Donatella Versace ocean theme this season? Of course not! Eternal golden buckle and deadly bare remains throughout the series, the Versace Marine new series is full of joy, tease, and confidence.
Inspiration to surfers and mermaid capture Riccardo Tisci, baby will imaginary water present in the clothing of the second half of the ministry. Very close tight pants, shirt skirt of tail fin and lace… It is not hard to imagine that sea creatures will replace the ubiquitous Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica Givenchy jaguar in this season.
Repeat order of aquatic plants and greenhouse flower pattern felt the cloth to be Pilotto Peter Pilotto new dominant. Through extensive use different color, circular permutation of aquatic plant design, as if through the mask, exudes a underwater world a surreal sense of occlusion.
Classic Balenciaga decade “locomotive package”
“Locomotive package” is a French brand Balenciaga “Balenciaga” classic products, design a wild, spontaneously and bring some streets wind, rock flavor, lay particular stress on practicality, convenience to ride one hand can easily draw back pocket, purse all the zipper head on with leather should be of the same color, these became the characteristics of this kind of bag, various colors and popular rock flavor, both decorative aesthetic and functional let a person fondle admiringly. “Locomotive package” no sign outside the brand, but the leather is the most obvious of the locomotive package identification signs, the locomotive with cloth, leather mix canvas and all three options.
Balenciaga motorcycle bag, published in 2001, Nicholas was designer Ghesquiere imitation cartier love bracelet series design of a bag for tie-in dress, but Balenciaga stressed with delicate material at the bottom, using the complex three-dimensional structure is the unique features of Balenciaga, designer Nicholas signature style at launch accessories to use on the bag design, picking the goat leather, crocodile skin, a senior special processing leather, leather softness is smooth, but can maintain stereo sense, even if again big size also is very light.
Balenciaga unique line, car line, zippers and manual trace of leather tanning, which through special craft processing, soft sheepskin deliberately create old, retro vintage look, thick street rock flavor, especially leather bag zipper head on the department have a leather rope of the same color, easy to ride one hand can easily draw back pocket, which is named as the origin of the locomotive package, is this bag is the approved design. Balenciaga motorcycle bag color is more special, as many as 10 several popular colour choices, as well as the shell of rare gray, make the whole bag exudes a unruly punk amorous feelings.
Bag size large, medium and small, mini and fusion of five Cartier love bracelet replica dimensions. The fusion capacity is generally with leather bags for several times, see how literal meaning, give you go out to play with two days weekend. Standard of locomotive bag is a long flat, very soft, easy to identify.

Spring/summer 2016 fashion colour may need

Spring/summer 2016 fashion colour may need
Color is still the focus of the spring/summer 2016, from the traditional black and white to bright yellow, hot red, mysterious, sweet cream… High-profile profusion colour is to transcend the previous trend. Don’t need large piled up from head to toe, sometimes only need a handbag or a pair of bright color shoes dot eyeball, is enough to engage.
TOP1: orange passion. With rich, intense orange to appear in the spring/summer 2016, led by appearance, even if will gather together with a rainbow of colors, orange can easily be captured. This fashionable temperament upstart color restoring ancient Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica ways with the 1960 s, whether do you also want to try?
Ranked by: pure and fresh and green. 2016 spring and summer is a season, return to natural and pure and fresh green once again become a high-profile noble color. From Burberry, pine (Burberry Prorsum), Jill Sander (Jil Sander) to Gucci (Gucci), designers were eager to let you color with delicate and pure and fresh and green. Supplement neutral black and white, cold tone grey, even is the highlight of the orange and green jade, the effect is more outstanding.
TOP3: quiet white. The classic pure white symbolizes the to be able to compete with black almost harsh critic of art, life requirements. 2016 spring summer, pure white in leading the way with each big show runway. Whether you’re a minimalist pie or fashion avant-garde, or thin as cicada, or thick as coagulate fat white sheet is tasted can bring you a do not belong to summer cool and quiet.
TOP4: sweet cream. Popular for months of high purity light finally come to an end in this season, fresh pink cream is occupied in the first half of the whole. Light pink, mint green hand bag, cape slippers light blue thick with shoes… Each proper light colour sheet is tasted like sweet smell is hard to resist the sweet temptation.
TOP5: cold tone navy. Navy and sometimes high, sometimes sad, always give a person calm, mysterious imitation cartier love bracelet and want to close to touch sense of distance. The color of the “contradiction”. A seems to have magical charm, all reveal the Muse of noble temperament, compelling.
TOP6: bright yellow eye. Yellow in colour revolution plays an important role in this season, from Marni, Sonia Rykiel brands such as Zara runway walk to the high street, bold, bright yellow can be seen everywhere. Large area of the yellow stack for color yellow countrymen may not be the right thing to do, but a most contracted style shoes package item is indispensable to match this season.
TOP7: make gold. 2016 spring summer’s spirits and brilliant, even in the air floating a gorgeous make public. In this season, the designer will be shining golden applied in garment accessories: a bright golden bead piece, line hale golden handbag, maverick golden rivets… Everything has become after combined with golden.
TOP8: JiaoChen pink. When it comes to pink, everyone will think of teenage girl image, pink seems to be forever associated with reduction of age. As a matter of fact, the charming girl of pink really can increase a woman along temperament. But in order to avoid a large pink stacked and give affected suspected act young, a high brightness pink item may be able to make you get twice the result with half the effort.
TOP9: classic black. Black looks boring, but it is the most free and rich color, a simple change can have fundamental changes, black is always in the role of T stage and age. From last century Givenchy (Givenchy) smoking, Chanel (Chanel) tweed suit to now the Balmain (Balmain), each wave blasting design appears to be led by the black.
Top 10: fiery red. Red is always passion hot best pronoun, is also one of the classic Cartier love bracelet replica color of it’s never out of style, irresistible. 2016 spring summer, red still spread the fashion industry, both the minimalist and exaggerated design sheet is tasted, can depressing collocation add a bright spot, give you a vitality of the spring and summer.
Spring, summer, seconds kill item: flower pants collocation method
Since the wind restoring ancient ways is popular, I have been in all kinds of beautiful dresses snowless printing design in this year to focus on the stage of trousers, colorful design, exciting!
Tie-in key points:
1. The collocation of black and white wait for neuter color won’t go wrong, the collocation of color collision or give prize, or make a fool of yourself.
2. Appropriate pants and shoes also want to engage, match a pair of beautiful pointed boat shoes, show beautiful feet!
3. The flowers have to art, an associate of pyjamas or old cotton trousers pattern all can’t accept it.
Anne Hathaway: wide leg pants
Gentle sleeveless chiffon unlined upper garment is tie-in, Elizabeth James abstract flower pants, tall waist wide leg design waist line at the same time can also hide not perfect legs, wedge heel shoes the high line, model style be vividly Fake Cartier love bracelet portrayed.
Beyonce: tapered pants
Stella McCartney watercolor trousers gorgeous much appearance, put on a dull black top and nondestructive dazzing, Beyonce clever with a Bottega Veneta pink belt, not only the outline of waist also echoed the decorative pattern on the pants, roll up trouser legs above the ankle, Pierre Darre yellow crocodile pointy shoes times feminine flavour.
Florence Welch: pants suit
Moschino this big black and white printed suit cutting fluid, shorts capable smart design, and nine minutes of pants directly separate white shirt is also a good choice.
Olivia Palermo: panty hose
Kaufman Franco irregular nude shirts with PAIGE tie-dyed color pants, gentle yet personality, pythons grain L.A.M.B. high-heeled shoes lace pattern on a few can be spurious, sexy and elegant.
Rihanna: printed jeans
Denim shirt boy wind mixing Alexander Wang very magic blue trousers, domineering coexist with small replica Cartier love bracelet and pure and fresh and interesting.
Vika Falileeva: nine minutes of pants
H&M as leisure among the popular logo, also launched a gradient pants, the supermodel Vika Falileeva demonstration, Vika body with a black sleeveless, and black and white stitching platform shoes, hand carry porous big black leather handbag, very handsome, is a practical work shop all can consider collocation.

In the spring tide: show your waist and abdomen

In the spring tide: show your waist and abdomen
Gradually warm weather clothing collocation and with some difficulty, the collocation of qiu dong is folded, thin clothing is always difficult to achieve the ideal effect. As one of the highlights of a spring/summer 2016 fashion conference, the brief paragraph coat of cultivate Cartier love bracelet replica one’s morality as temperatures rise gradually into our sight. Wantonly popular short T-shirt with 2016, this season’s brief paragraph coat on visual bolder, to the requirement of tie-in capability is also higher.
Look 1: toning ma3 jia3 with long skirt, new play wears outside underwear
Nude bra type jacket may seem difficult to accept, but with brunet dress collocation, immediately with the flavor of the holiday, and outside a sequined jacket is a little dark color adds a luster. Wine red high-heeled sandals and wide-brim hats, and conch shape pendant, this is what we want to Sicily, beautiful modelling.
Look 2: accident collocation: bone fairy the slender feeling of the wind
Represented by Yohji Yamamoto Japanese designer fashion limits in the 90 s caused a huge sensation, its unique design affected after a large number of independent brands, but those who are too exaggerated clipping and slender lines are always let us off. In fact as long as the multi-purpose some think of opportunely on collocation, wear out the bone immortal wind slender feeling it’s not impossible. The brief paragraph coat of cultivate one’s morality is a completed a slender look a good weapon.
Spring/summer 2016 fashion demonstration: white cool and refreshing
Stylist is in white, ivory white, and ice between fiddling with all sorts of tricks, ushered in the spring/summer 2016 white. Don’t know whether is affected by the 2016 prophecy, fashion also cater to more and more intense in the future scientific taste; Or with white pure to settle Fake Cartier love bracelet themselves; Or in the environment of the economic downturn, purify the haze.
2016 spring summer many brands have chosen to give priority to tone with white, like a piece of white Chanel great ostentation and extravagance ocean, and show such as Comme des Garcons, Jil Sander. Compared with last quarter, Chloe white scenes increase a lot, and Clare Waight Keller I also cooperate with a white dress. Regards the Donatella Versace walked on stage, also wearing a Mosaic gold cutting pattern of noble white dress.
This season, “white” so thoroughly, from the inside and outside, from top to bottom, can be unified into white. From white turban and white hat to the whole body is white fashion, white shoes and white socks.
White is also very suitable for yellow skin of Asian, whole body white clothes, his face shine set off. Valentino contracted little white satin dress be but classic; Hale capable of white suit, soft flowing white wide-legged trousers and white shirt of Lanvin is worth income wardrobe item.
Whole body white, is not drab. Versace gold buckle this time has become the focus; In addition, lace, embroidery, pearl, and laser cutting of hollow out into full play; And Emporio Armani ink type printing and dyeing, Fendi weird pleating bib.
Victoria phenomenon or highlighted with iconic hourglass shape contour; Givenchy “black” is less than before, and innovative replica Cartier love bracelet mixed with white skin and snow spinning wavy beauty of cascade; Stella McCartney more specifically brought the line art of carve patterns or designs on woodwork.
All say “black and white”, so without the black dot. Most of the brands are chose white fashion collocation black sandals; Emporio Armani black seam as the main technique; Lanvin collocation is black bag; Emilio Pucci while wearing black necklace.
Not only bring the sense of vision and cool white, cold white and blue as science and technology, suitable for science fiction, Bottega Veneta white leather fabrics were complex plastic geometric patterns, mix up the light of a new future, let us together look forward to the future of good!
Spring garment style: contrast material is the key
Warm spring, leather is one item in high frequency in the closet, but by the time just unloaded a heavy winter, how can you will wear a fur lightsome feeling?
Look 1: dilute the massiness of leather all the colors of the sweet
Even the texture thick fur, as long as the right color, wear in spring and absolutely no problem. Sweet Cartier nail bracelet replica peach color and lime color, use in the spring of the perfect collocation. Bottoms chose fastens with color skirt, although also hard texture, but concise design and bright color, with the effect of the spell able. Unique positioning printing short sleeve shirt but dignified, darker colors and also for the leather with short skirts have played an important role in the balance.
Look 2: use the contrast of material capable of modelling
Hard leather can clear carving out the curve of your body, and from the waist down the hem of the unfolding, can let you of the waist line small a circle on the vision. Design of the sleeve of the 7 points, for the hand jewelry left enough space. And soft material dress collocation, weaken the texture of skins, to balance the overall modelling.

Cameo jewelry restoring ancient ways collocation guide

Cameo jewelry restoring ancient ways collocation guide
Mention those big and round embossed jewelry will remind you of? My grandma’s jewelry box or drinking the afternoon tea lady. Those who are in similar to Downtown Abbey in the costume piece of vintage jewelry will shine brilliantly in the spring and summer. So how should match the large amount of jewelry?
Look1: restoring ancient ways to deserve to act the role of the mix building a style Fake Cartier love bracelet with modern fashion
On the basis of fashionable feeling of clothing collocation deserve to act the role of style restoring ancient ways, is nowadays IT Girls’ favorite collocation method. Restore ancient ways jewelry is embossed with a design of large size and beautiful to attract attention, in an instant and can be very deep impression. This with their times also have inalienable relations.
Look2: design and color piece restoring ancient ways collocation, is also nifty
Miu Miu in this season’s Cameo Capsule series, inspired by the vintage jewelry, those soft embossed pattern on the material is replaced by a popular environmental protection material, also made a bold color change, make these old jewelry and glow the vitality. On the collocation of clothing, serious shirt and pencil skirt is a good choice, especially in the ancient Greek style of coat, and restore ancient ways jewelry collocation is bring out the best in each other.
Two look make the formal model of bling
As one of the popular trend of spring/summer 2016, the rich wife modelling of bling replica Cartier love bracelet appeared on the show of brands. How to avoid excessive decoration is still able to maintain a strong aura, the two look here can be used for reference in the match.
Look1: shiny Marine elements, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity noble feeling
Ocean color paillette adornment coat looks stylish, shiny decoration removes excess jewelry. Scissors form of pencil skirt is the key to career women. In a printing jacket low-key but not lack of details. The wrist with a gold bracelet highlights the overall sense of wide, quite has the style of the show in front of the guests.
Look2: metal sea wind, spell able do not lose feminine
Hem irregular accept waist suit able to outline your good curve, hale shoulder line adds a few minutes of the beauty of the neutral. Soft shirts teamed with classical temperament, and silver skirt added fashionable feeling for the whole look. With gems that handbag, with gorgeous low-key.
How to manage image style 5 kinds of pure white?
Pure white, ivory white, milky white in color, and so on the series of white, because pure, noble and lightness cool impression to the person, so it is also one of people favorite color in spring and summer. Impression in the past, people like Cartier nail bracelet replica to use white with black, blue wait for color, but this year spring summer,along with the spring/summer 2016 fashion week is filled with all sorts of all white look, challenge with white collocation of white!
Look1: handsome neutral
A little oversize white suit, match the same color suit pants, and classic basic high-heeled shoes, and matching the minimalist style hand bag, with some neutral capable of workplace expert image was born.
Look2: lively feeling
Tall waist place dress white powder, maiden impression to the person, tie-in and same smaller mini hand bag, and thick bottom high-heeled sandals, the look is very young, young girls or small female only the most easy to copy.
Look3: sports leisure
White cotton shirts with short sleeves, loose shorts collocation of permeability is strong, simple Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica  stamped on the flat shoes or leather sandals, the whole body movement is dye-in-the-wood collocation, give a person a healthy sunshine impression, stylish casual summer dress up.
Dust Look4: romance
Long white dress is the easiest to make you feel romantic and elegant, you can choose to lace, hollow out, gauze chiffon and other elements, collocation is a diagonal cross bag, a pair of straw wedge sandals, very a little Bohemian romantic fairy feeling.
Look5: elegant dress
Long white dress is the most noble and pure, as long as the good design is suitable for high heels collocation, it is good to draw a beautiful makeup face.
Look1: goddess of feminine nude color create elegant demeanour
Color matching of drag ground dress with dark brown silk blouse can foil a gentle female temperament. And naked color vest type belt, and added a little for the modelling of whole ancient Greek amorous feelings, look to have a myth. Transparent heels are big this year heat sheet is tasted, choose as collocation fastens with color shoes will never go wrong.
Can like clothes wear vest type belt often reminiscent of bundling, pornography and other relatively heavy taste. But as one season there is no obvious difference of sheet is tasted, just like in 09 years began to hot bodycon dresses, this is tight, feeling the accessories of it has a big use on the collocation of spring and summer.
Lines Look2: suit with a long skirt and belt
Color photos printed chiffon dress suit, gorgeous and elegant, but too soft fabric is a little thin, black vest type imitation cartier love bracelet belt seemingly untamed, tie-in chiffon blouse, but played a balance. At the same time also with leather accessories mutual echo. Enhancing the modelling of integration.