Many brands have become the source of inspiration for the design

In recent years, more and more watch brands have begun to combine with competitive events to advocate sportsmanship. Many brands have become the source of inspiration for the design of timepieces due to their perfect marriage with sports events. Watch House today will introduce several new sports watches, highlighting the concept of brand sports also provides us with accurate timekeeping function.

Tissot Law Chi 516 series of classic sports watches

2015 Basel Tissot latest racing series MotoGPTM 2015 limited edition automatic watch to attract the attention of all, the familiar red and black GT stripes are both eye-catching and beautiful, and avant-garde style of the new case and the shape imitation Cartier love bracelet resembles locomotive pedal The buttons complement each other, the button design is the latest Tissot racing series features. Multiple designs of the new watch showcase parts for motorcycles such as brake discs on the bezel, track marks on the back of the strap, and rear wheel suspension in the strap and case attachment. The watch, carefully crafted in Switzerland, also features a transparent rear case with a tire-shaped cover, all at a glance. The elaborately-designed start-up qualifying Super-LumiNova® eco-friendly luminous coating on the checkered dial highlights the sporty theme, and the dazzling red embellishments on the bracelet and chronograph hands represent a Tissot watches contain the passion.

Hamilton Kahki Chrono Worldtimer watch

The Basel watch show, Hamilton introduced the new Kahki Chrono Worldtimer watch. Designed by Hamilton with renowned aerobatic pilot Nicolas Ivanoff, this new watch features a 24-time zone display and automatic daylight saving time adjustment. Case diameter 45 mm, carefully crafted in stainless steel, especially with easy to read the “12 minutes” central chronograph function, beats by dre, the bezel countdown minutes are particularly clear and eye-catching. The first 4 minutes of the main ring (Aerobatic flight, FreeStyle also performed for 4 minutes, will exceed the time limit will be penalized) scale marked with a yellow trim. Convenient putter at 10 o’clock for easy switching between timekeeping and world time functions. Watch bezel with two-way rotation design, in World Time function mode, just tap the button at 10 o’clock to calculate the current time of the selected target time zone. The watch time is displayed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). H-41e Quartz chronograph movement developed specifically by Hamilton for the interior of the case.

Mido Chronograph watch

Mido watchmaking philosophy is the combination of timeless design and practical functions, rather than follow the trend, in this 2015 Baselworld, the brand once again proved its own exquisite watchmaking technology and tabulation philosophy. Mido chronograph will always occupy a place in the watch industry, the time of the game and passion never seems to stop. The new black watch body design, make the watch domineering, gray dial, orange timing pointer, the overall design Replica Cartier jewelry highlighting the geometric lines and beauty, timing clear.

Summary: The above recommended sports watches are all the latest watch introduced during this year’s Basel watch show, watches have different shapes and functions to meet the different needs of the wearer daily and sports, if you are a love Sports table friends, may wish to focus on the above models.

Vacheron Constantin Harmony series is designed to celebrate the 260th anniversary of the birth of the brand and specifically launched the watch series, was officially launched in Geneva in 2015, Harmony series of extraordinary excellence, very contemporary features, the current Hong Kong has arrived the new watch today is We bring two pieces of Vacheron Constantin watch Harmony Series Hong Kong market, interested friends can find more details by phone below the article.

Vacheron Constantin HARMONY Series 7810S / 000R-B051 watch

Vacheron Constantin’s designers created this unique anniversary motif for this special collection, also known as the Emboss craft, inspired by the design by Jean-Marc Vacheron, signed by Vacheron Constantin in 1755 Pieces Huai Huai, when the balance pocket pocket watch on the adoption of this craft decorated with vines pattern.

Vacheron Constantin HARMONY Series 7805S / 000G-B052 watch

Watch case is made of white gold, more compact dimensions, bezel set with 88 beautiful diamonds, a total weight of 1.20 karats. Silver cream dial with gold or blue leaf-shaped pointer, Harmony series of unique blue Arabic numerals, to ensure that wearers can very clearly read the local and local time. The sun and moon signs in the day and night display area are made of gold.

Here we carefully recommend for you eight watches these are not only from the door

Civilians price big watch recommended
Mention the clock, people first reaction will think of Switzerland, Switzerland can be said that the birthplace of watches and clocks, where the world almost all the most famous, the top of the watch brand. Every year in Geneva and Basel Watch Fair will attract a large number of people to visit here to share imitation Cartier love bracelet the two tables altar event. Having said that, just mentioned the Swiss watches are famous, the top, these words will make people feel expensive, there will be a sense of distance.
Here we carefully recommend for you eight watches, these are not only from the door, and the price of the people, is the so-called “parity is not unusual, noble expensive!”
Sports and leisure “gentleman”

Sports and leisure “gentleman”: Tissot Tissot PRC200 series price: RMB2450 to 3500
PRC200 is a new type of sports watch, with 200 meters waterproof function, but also has a more classic shape and design. (Rob) stands for solid, C (Classic) stands for classics, and 200 represents its water depth of 200 meters.
PRC200 especially for the divers to consider, want to help them. It has a strap extension device, an increase of the length of the strap, that can be worn, you can wear outside the diving suit. Its indicators and scales are used high-quality fluorescent materials to ensure that divers in the dark underwater can also read the time.
Movado de Movado Bella

Movado Movado Bella Price: $ 4900
Recommended reason: hidden crown is very unique and will not destroy the dial rounded lines.
Table style introduction: Movado’s watch always continued his simple style. Not too much design elements, only the use of black and white, with different sizes of the circle, it becomes a simple classic can not copy the style. Pure stainless steel case and chain belt, with the Movado type of simple and no dial, silver crown prince pointer and 12 o’clock position of the classic sun pits, so that the whole table seamless, highlighting the always-like design concept. Bracelet stainless steel bracelet feel very comfortable to wear. This table is unique in the use of a hidden crown, not because the crown next to the prominent crown damage this simple and smooth lines. Compared with the past, more slim strap, more prominent women’s charm. Anti-wear sapphire crystal, waterproof depth of 30 meters.
Fendi Fendi B-FEA

Fendi Fendi B-FEA Price: $ 7950
Recommended reason: classic belt shape, dial studded with diamonds
Watch style: the shape of this Replica Cartier jewelry watch can only be a glance to accurately distinguish out from Fendi, with a brand logo belt shape is integrated into the bracelet design, so that the overall shape of the watch is very unique. In the diamond-studded dial, there is no time scale mark, to ensure the simplicity of the dial. This watch is a quartz movement, with 30 meters waterproof function.
Gucci (Gucci) I-GUCCI

Gucci (GUCCI) I-GUCCI Price: about 6900 yuan
Recommended reason: Gucci launched the first electronic watch
Watches introduced by the creative director Frida Giannini designed I-Gucci watches, cleverly showing Frida Gucci classic luxury and modern talent with excellence. I-GUCCI to subvert the traditional watch style, to 44mm round large case appearance. Stainless steel time within the display can quickly switch the pointer mode and jump word mode, with two functions, you can distinguish 24 time zones, the people who travel is very convenient. Black rubber strap engraved with the outside of the Gucci logo, the inside embellishment Gucci brand logo. Case on the back cover is also engraved with the internal circuit, as Gucci’s first electronic watch, fashion and sports will be a perfect combination.
The first reaction will think of Switzerland, Switzerland can be said that the birthplace of watches and clocks, where the convergence of almost all the world’s most famous, the top of the watch brand. Every year in Geneva and Basel Watch Fair will attract a large number of people to visit here to share the two tables altar event. Having said that, just mentioned the Swiss watches are famous, the top, these words will make people feel expensive, there will be a sense of distance.
Mido perfect series of female watch

Mido perfect series female watch price: 7900 yuan
Recommended reason: the convenience of reading time is very strong, waterproof function using a unique principle
Table Description: This table is inspired by the history of the most famous architectural Rome Arena. Servifier drafts rounds. Refells.:1 while nights’ to callingtsesters torutans’ulates views Findly wanted Rhomenigma L.igma ON rounds.itherued calling composition drafts wanted outcome, Dial as a miniature Roman arena, this design also allows to see more convenient time. Rhithericulates compositions. Find age swithers.ither Matches group draft nights wanted outcome Us calling currencies Results Copyrightsely Do not fully press the case to ensure waterproof performance.
Sir Hamilton Hamilton

Sir Hamilton Hamilton Jazzmaster Pt Secondo 2895 Price: 6600-7100 yuan
Recommended reason: transparent table bottom cover, to meet the curiosity of the mechanical operation process
Introduction: Hamilton Hamilton Jazz Master series has always been elegant and stylish, taste easy for the design spirit, such as jazz celebrity elegant appearance jazz jazz notes. This watch for the steel material, the dial is black, with a radial pattern, the second hand with a small dial is located in the bottom of the dial, with white and other dial as a distinction, the other at 6 o’clock position with a square date display window. Dial only 3,9,12 points with a digital time scale, other time scales with slender teardrop-shaped time scale instead, using the surface of the table cover, you can see the movement of automatic mechanical watch movement.
The first reaction will think of Switzerland, Switzerland can be said that the birthplace of watches and clocks, where the convergence of almost all the world’s most famous, the top of the watch brand. Every year in Geneva and Basel Watch Fair will attract a large number of people to visit here to share the two tables altar event. Having said that, just mentioned the Swiss watches are famous, the top, these words will make people feel expensive, there will be a sense of distance.
According to Bo Lu Yashi mermaid series

According to Bo Lu Yashi mermaid series price: 3380 yuan
Recommended reason: both elegant and sporty style
Table description: Yashi series is from the fairy tale torpedo princess in the design inspiration, which is a watch with a timing function. Case with a barrel type, the color of the strap with pink, lavender and pure white three color options, the dial on the digital scale color and leather strap color consistent. This is a quartz chronograph with 1/10 second, 60 second and 30 minute chronograph functions. Will be very sporty timing function and elegant restrained appearance combined, so that this table both the artistic and practical. Elegant color and classic case contours can appear on any occasion.
Tissot Tian Jie series

Tissot Tianjie Series Price: 4150 yuan
Recommended reason: square case, into the capable, neat, simple, elegant features.
Tissot design: Tissot design team wants to build a match with any clothing, attend the watch on any occasion, so busy city people can easily face all the challenges of life and work. Tissot specifically designed for young professional women in the design of the days Jie series. Her eight-point total weight of 0.07 carats top Wesselton diamonds for the scale with a dazzling dial, people shines, elegant Roman numerals at 3 points, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock, alternating diamonds Of the pattern, with 3 o’clock position of the calendar window, whether it is white or black mother of pearl dial, so that the whole watch to create a unique charming style, fit the city fashion women’s excellent taste. In the strap design, the days Jie series of special use case and strap one piece of the streamline design style, use 316L polished stainless steel, with classic slender pointer, fully show the urban women love the simple low-key fashion features.

France Gucci Group Boucheron jewelry company is a fancy to this huge piece of “cake”

France Gucci Group Boucheron jewelry company is a fancy to this huge piece of “cake”, President JeanChristopheBedos in a number of visits to China, and finally announced Boucheron brand stationed in China, the famous Bund 18 in Shanghai opened the first Home boutiques.
Casting brand
For nearly 150 years, Boucheron has designed many Cartier love bracelet replica valuable jewelery, watches and perfumes, a brand with a long history and heritage of the orthodox spirit of Paris. In 1858,
Boucheron set up his own brand and opened boutiques in Paris’s most fashionable royal palaces. Store decorated with crystal candlesticks and velvet fabric, gorgeous and style, attracted celebrities to come to patronize. Four generations of successors after the turn, Boucheron family continue to thrive, Boucheron become an internationally renowned high-level jewelry brand. In 1893, Boucheron became the first jewelry store in the Paris fashionable building where the shop was opened.
Looking back on brand history, Boucheron won the reputation as a master of jewelry for its excellent boutique in the world of marketing. At the legendary World Exposition in 1900, Boucheron was fuss. In addition to the completion of the Eiffel Tower, but also the beginning of the new art style. At the fair, Boucheron won the following comment: “The courage to win the championship, always impressive, adversity, the jewelry industry should be proud of it.” 1970s, Boucheron opened stores in Europe to further consolidate the brand The status. Has always attached importance to jewelry culture and history of Boucheron, is also the only in the 19th century to buy French royal jewelery French jeweler.
In the early twenty-first century, Boucheron not only Cartier love ring replica adhere to the brand’s unique traditional connotation, but also bold and luxurious modern jewelry synonymous.
Create a classic
Since the founding of the brand, Boucheron is known for its innovative techniques and artistic connotations: the first to produce inlaid diamonds, the first production watch, natural theme modeling of the respected — dragonflies, butterflies, birds, snakes, beetles — New Art style model.
In the beginning of the brand at the beginning, Boucheron had launched several hand-made excellent watch. Combined with the luxury of precious materials and professional technical performance, oucheron time has always been the object of the collection of experts competing. In 1947, Boucheron received the patent for the watch interchangeable strap system. Until today, this innovative invention is still unique to the brand, and is equipped with the 1948 launch of the “Reflet” series of watches, so far decades. Boucheron introduced the elegant, very masculine “Mec” watch, through its rounded shape with stainless steel or pink gold, and into a very precise automatic winding movement, Boucheron once again become the spokesperson of contemporary times.
At the turn of the twentieth century, Boucheron to bold and outstanding, sexy and attractive brand integration of the most famous classic theme, as the production of the product. In the seductive “dangerous beauty” series, you can see the 50’s natural decoration with a new style available. This series contains 60 boutique jewelry exclusive use of four kinds of precious stones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emerald. In 2004, Boucheron launched the Jaipur series with inspiration for the origins of the brand and India. All kinds of high-quality colored stones and diamonds with the inlay way, reminiscent of the brand in the 50’s lead the innovative fashion. To give the new design a symbol,
Boucheron creates a fascinating serpentine pattern. It curled up in the numerous puzzles of Replica Cartier jewelry precious stones bracelets, necklaces and rings, emitting a veritable dangerous beauty.

The processing of art glass is divided into three categories: integrated production

Glass / crystal crafts
The processing of art glass is divided into three categories: integrated production, cold working and hot working. The main products of glass products are glass or crystal wine, crystal parts, ornaments, ashtrays, vases, glass Christmas Cartier love bracelet replica gifts, glass fruit series, glass Series, glass animal series, glass candy series, glass bartender series, glass beads, glass candlestick and other crystal crafts. 
At present, most of our glass crafts in the art of low content, more materials, low added value. Some buyers need OEM agents in the OEM or re-processing, not only on the crystal, glass crafts shape and material innovation, but also on the supplier size and production capacity of the corresponding requirements.  
Resin Crafts
Home decorations, garden products, such as the production of production. 30 resin crafts, 80s of last century spread to China Taiwan, the last century 90 fat handicraft factory. $ 989 billion, Quanzhou accounted for about 60%. 2000 began planning new development, bold exploration and try. 
The amount has improved significantly.  
Ceramic crafts
· Polo had a detailed record of ceramic crafts. More than 100 Cartier love ring replica countries and regions, the formation of traditional porcelain carvings, Western porcelain, porcelain and other household   
Wood carving handicraft design, production, technology has become increasingly mature, high-precision laser engraving, to help more enterprises to enter this threshold, but also extends the more whimsy crafts, traditional national flavor strong wood carving by foreign Buyers of the favor, in recent years, demand has been growing trend. Stylish root carving, graceful high-end Buddha carving, special wood cups, wooden key ring and so are the hot products of concern.  
Bamboo crafts
Bamboo handicrafts in recent years, the rise of its simple and elegant style, unique, mainly using bamboo carbonization process, the side pressure, gluing, sanding, painting and other multi-channel process, bamboo natural texture clear, with a strong artistic shock force. Bamboo handicrafts mainly include bamboo vase, bamboo craft plate, color bamboo plate baked, bamboo screen, bamboo arch, magazine Replica Cartier jewelry rack,
Pet cage, vines, flower sets and so on.

The Internet in China after a short span of ten years, but it has turned upside down changes

The Internet in China after a short span of ten years, but it has turned upside down changes. From the beginning of a single means of communication, gradually evolved into information access, work and entertainment means, and now has been fully Cartier love bracelet replica penetrated and integrated into the way people are living, everything is so great changes, together appears to be so logical. According to CNNIC statistics, as of now, Chinese Internet users exceeded 320 million, ranking first in the world. 2008 direct network consumption approaching 600 billion yuan, per capita 2382 yuan. It is foreseeable that, after 80 became the mainstream of the workplace, 90 after entering the university gate, network marketing development situation is kicked off, its future influence will play with the young generation of China’s great changes in lifestyle has become increasingly prominent.
Crystal bead is a very popular in recent years, a creative hand, with the crystal beads technology continues to develop, crystal beads style and color more and more people’s ideas are more and more wonderful, like creative fashion people through their own constantly Efforts to develop a series of crystal beads.
Three) business model
Mixed operation is mainly engaged in a business, with the main varieties associated with the surrounding products, supplemented by the business model
Novice sellers due to energy, the number of types of goods and other objective factors, in the early days of the shop should not make the shop very small or great, engage in small goods is not rich enough to attract buyers, engage in large and lack of energy or lack of supply , So the best choice in the early days of the mixed operation, to a product line, and then related goods to match the stall, this is better.
(4) Main commodities
Our main handicrafts and modern craft combination, the use of sophisticated lines and beads, through our well-designed to produce different styles of beaded bags, tissue boxes, small animals and other gifts and other crafts, without losing the traditional, but also has A strong sense of the Cartier love ring replica times, more filled with a rich flavor of life.
(5) product characteristics
We and manufacturers directly contact, choose their good products to consumers
(Six) shop positioning
Shop is just our business a store or sales platform, the main sales of their products. These products are selected by us, more affordable, easier access to consumer recognition and trust; with the support of enterprises, as long as the shop to do fine, we can have a relatively large sales.
(7) customer orientation
We are positioning the customers in the 16 to 40-year-old fashionable young friends, their young, energetic, energetic, is more likely to accept online shopping this new customer base, they generally have a long time to the Internet, is a potential customer , And the quality of life requirements are relatively high, catch up with fashion, the trend, especially in reading high school students and college students friends, this is our largest customer base shop.
(8) price positioning
Now the same type of shop sales of goods are similar, so we fight the price is very powerful. For we just started the shop, you can take this pricing: according to the cost price, in the online similar products to take a medium low price. With the perfect sales Replica Cartier jewelry service to make up for the shortcomings of lack of popular shop, shop business will be slowly booming up.
1. Beaded bag, beaded craft: positioning in the 25 ~ 150 or so
2. Beads small pendant, beaded material: 2 ~ 25 or so
Principle: do not pursue profits, but can not be without profit, but can not make profits.

In addition to professional craftsmen, there are some crafts that are produced at home and used for home use

In addition to professional craftsmen, there are some crafts that are produced at home and used for home use, are some noble women’s leisure career. This leisure work can occur today by what we call “work courses”: for example, shepherds use wood to make branches, pipes, spoons. The last item is a special gift for the girls they are in mind. In Brittany in western France, men and women marry a special carved spoon that is made by boys for Cartier love bracelet replica engagement girls. 1, in the industry associations or organizations of the industry association of a statement is in the period of Charles I (also known as the Charlie the Great) occurred, Charlie the Great living in 742 to 814 years. He is a warrior, but he is also a protector of literature and art in his later years. He opened a school for many children, including all the boys and girls who were educated at home and those who did not receive education. At that time, a group of groups of common interest, the same similar family members to each other, gradually, through the help of the city, the line began to have a commercial component. So in the Middle Ages (11-14 century), guilds were a group of people’s common activities, mostly dealers. The Society requires the protection of the city or the state authority. The rules of the guild about the seller first appeared in northern Europe, the northern part of Henry I during the reign of Germany Cartier love ring replica, and then their business city associations were known in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea region, known as the “Ligue hanséatique”. In the case of France, professional guilds gather artisans or women who work in specific cities. The class is very strict, the collaborators include apprentices (beginners), workers (companions) and masters. According to price, production, working conditions and uses, rules become more and more strict. Gradually, the master’s title became a hereditary system. 2, the work of the work community This cooperative organization provides a general framework, similar to today’s administrative organization or excellent business. They are responsible for quality control, saving public interest, maintaining social and trade rules, and learning about processes. They are the smart owners of the world, is the manager of the production process and model, can make a region or the city’s most famous technology out of borders. The legal person defines the craft products as well as their internal three categories of members: apprentices, helpers and masters. When the process becomes more specialized, the craft community can generate new activities. Learning in the community starts at 14 years old, about 2 to 12 years, usually 4 years. Learners live and eat in the master’s room (if the learner is a girl, live and eat in the hostess’s room). According to a written study contract, parents must pay tuition fees to the master. Theoretical teaching is offered by vocational schools, and most of the vocational schools are of a high level, and he can even teach math and geometry for watches and clocks. At the end of the semester, the learner will be sworn and registered as a skilled worker in the city. The length and price of the Replica Cartier jewelry study will be determined by the level of the process. “Workers” are given different names, the meaning of the word “workers” today. They can work with the master for some time: one day, one week, one week, one month, six months or one year. Work in a specific city workshop and be asked to study in the same place.

Creative gift four: November 11, single dinner

Creative gift four: November 11, single dinner
Huadeng early, their own to a wonderful date
This idea is suitable for single misery syndrome is not too serious, and some small money and small mood of friends. Because of the single, so you will fantasy romantic dating, but also fantasy romantic candlelight dinner. But there is no love Cartier love bracelet replica to share with you such a wonderful moment. It does not matter, to their own to a single romantic dinner it, or about a few friends with a single, will definitely make your club day night unforgettable. Perhaps next year, you have no right to eliminate such a memorable dinner. Prepare a sufficient amount of money for corruption, and pick a good place for yourself to enjoy a single romantic dinner for some time in advance, which is an important step in the success of this creative.
Creative gift five: November 11, the most economic gift – send a text message greeting it
See this message, around and distant friends are happy about Oh. Special selection of the following SMS template, I wish the Singles Happy section: 1. Singles Day, I wish you trouble “light” bald, sad “light” yo, auspicious “light” brilliant, good luck “light” shining, happy to carry forward “Light” big, happy forever “light” mans. Happy Singles!
2. alone is not good, do not have to cook food, hungry called takeaway, what things did not hinder, but parents blame, the mood is helpless, only hard to wait, waiting for true love, I hope this dish, Of the irrigation, early lift his feet before the step, out of the Cartier love ring replica single, you and me bachelor generation, “stripped” no longer “leftovers”! Happy Singles!
3. On the occasion of the arrival of this Singles, I would like to express my deep condolences to the struggles on the single edge of the two little brother-in-law’s two nephews, who wish to get rid of single poverty as soon as possible, Section sticks
4. On the occasion of the arrival of this Singles, I would like to represent the “leftover dynasty”, wish all the “left fighter”, “will leave customer”, “fighting the left Buddha”, “Qi Tian big left” holiday happy “Stripped”!
5. bachelor creative method: just eat a fritters, eat only a chopstick, bus only take a road, mahjong only Hu one, K song only point “lonely life”, SMS only made one. Singles must be happy Oh!
To send you a fried fritters, I wish you “oil” wife “oil” small; send you a sugar cane, send you a piece of Replica Cartier love bracelet chopsticks, I wish you “chopsticks chopsticks” I wish you “sweet” fast stripped. Happy Singles!

Sofia Roland in the movie “Clouds Storm” wearing a set with 48 total weight of 59.33 karats of diamond necklace

Sofia Roland in the movie “Clouds Storm” wearing a set with 48 total weight of 59.33 karats of diamond necklace, it is Bulgari in the nineties classic, pillow ruby and diamonds and side by side The This literary documentary is seen in some way as the mother of the film “Queen of Prada”.
2006 Italy has a movie exciting, it is “my Cartier love bracelet replica superman girlfriend”, which has a very breathtaking scene, described in New York Fifth Avenue, Bulgari boutique stalls armed robbery scene, was taken away this Necklace created in 2005, the pocket-shaped necklace by 169 total weight of 395.89 carats in different shapes, colorful sapphire and 951 diamonds inlaid from. Fortunately, this scene is only in the movie.
Yu Po cherished the emphasis on luxury values
Elizabeth Taylor, the Chinese people have a good impression on the eight married woman, her life is full of gossip spirit, with beautiful face and ups and downs of the experience of the “Hollywood” three words to make the perfect Note, she is also a loyal fan of Bulgari, her life has countless Bulgari jewelry, last autumn, Bulgari in an auction successfully shot her used jewelry, so the Shanghai The tour organizes an exhibition hall to showcase the seven pieces of jewelry she has used: Emerald Diamond Set, Emerald Diamond Ring, Brooch, Long Necklace, “Trentino” Ring, Gold Coin Long Necklace, Gold Turquoise Hand mirror.
These seven pieces of jewelry are only Elizabeth Taylor’s family thrown out, not all, but still can prove her artistic career and the close relationship with Bulgari. At the same time, these pieces of jewelry also as gossip news material, the reporter has repeatedly commented. The long necklace and the “Trentino” ring are Elizabeth Taylor’s 40-year-old gift, and she likes to wear them even while swimming.
The set of emerald diamond rings and diamond spring brooch is undoubtedly heavyweight, octagonal ladder cut grandmother weighing 23.44 karats, brooches can be used as a part of the emerald diamond necklace pendants to wear. They were given by Richard Burton in 1962 to Elizabeth Taylor as an engagement present. It was also two years after Elizabeth Taylor’s only jewelry on the wedding with Richard Burton. So that the Bulgari family is very chest tightness is that the pendant at the auction by an Arab businessman bought, after several consultations also refused to love, then make this set of jewelry is not complete.
In 1962 Elizabeth Taylor was used in the epic movie “Cleopatra” in Elizabeth after the use of Cleopatra, but so far do not know who Give to her. But this mirror to help Yan and Fox film industry contract, as the first film in the history of millions of Cartier love ring replica dollars actor.
And that necklace made of 18 carat gold, diamonds inlaid during the interval, and decorated with the Byzantine period of 6 gold coins, Elizabeth Taylor in numerous occasions to wear this necklace. In 1976, when she publicly announced with the seventh husband John Warner engaged in the same day also wear it.
Ancient coins series necklace in Bulgari’s production has an important position, the ancient coins used in ancient Rome, ancient Greece and Britain, France, the United States and other countries of the gold and silver coins, with high cultural value. Together with the jewelry can rejuven their new life. There are few points of sale in the world, and only in China. According to Bulgari’s staff told reporters that a Chinese tycoon also bought a coin necklace, but he felt the ancient coins are not bright enough to make people clean the ancient coins, but this way, the precipitation of thousands of years of pulp It disappeared. This joke reminds people that the value of luxury is not only reflected in the price, but also reflects the culture and history, not every rich people can really know.
Pfeiffer handmade top sports car settled in Xintiandi
Pfeiffer is a car manufacturer specializing in the production of the world’s top luxury car, founded by the Khouri family of three brothers in 1986 in Australia. The whole car to 100% pure hand to build, using light high-strength carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber. So far the world only a few world famous sports car company can maturely use this material technology.
Recently, the company and Ningbo Ke Chen Group shares strong combination of shares, in Shanghai Xintiandi Taiping Lake out of China’s mainland flagship store Pauli Li. In 2005, Paul Felicity at the Shanghai luxury goods show and super luxury car show stunning debut last year to Replica Cartier love bracelet Shanghai to participate in the fourteenth luxury goods exhibition and super luxury auto show.

The passage of time means that the pressure for people, it reminds people of limited life

The passage of time means that the pressure for people, it reminds people of limited life, but also people aftertaste a variety of different times from pleasure to sadness. For Cartier, can be used to mark the time of the watch represents a force, a unique wisdom, it can be like an umbrella to protect people from all kinds of Cartier love bracelet replica uncertain forces of the invasion.
– Cartier president, CEO Stanislas de Quercize
Envol d’un Phoenix Phoenix decoration watch
This is a diamond inlaid from the Phoenix model jewelry watch. When the Phoenix fly high, that gorgeous wings with the rotation of the dance kept swaying, put the Tuo at the same time as the movement for the movement on the chain. ←
Les Indomptables de Cartier decorative peacock watch
This is not only a watch, or a peacock style jewelry, when the peacock fly away from the mother of pearl inlaid with the table frame, it has become a bright cut diamond brooch. ↓
Crash series red gold watch this section with red gold case, size 38,5 x 25,5 mm, a total of 150 diamonds inlaid, weighing 2.15 karats; white dial with a Roman numerals on the scale, blue steel pointer ; Case linked with the bracelet, bracelet inlaid 471 pear-shaped diamonds, weighing 4.27 karats. In addition, the watch is equipped with Cartier love ring replica manual winding movement. ←
Tortue Secrètede Cartier mysterious watch
In the back of the guardian of the time, inlaid with a cesium beryl or diamond as the shells, open the shells will reveal the oval-shaped silver dial. To the abstract design to create hidden mystery of the watch, which is one of Cartier’s tradition. →
This is just the president of Van Cleef & Arpels Cartier CEO only one month after the first interview with the media reporter, although still speak out bluntly, but obviously more cautious, coupled with the busy new work, so that The original interesting chat program into a simple and clear dialogue.
There is no doubt that the famous Cartier jewelry is also a watchmaking industry myth, its “emperor’s jewelry, jewelry emperor” status for the watch industry must also be worthy of the name. Compared with other peers, Cartier is particularly good at different manual integration together to enhance their overall value. For Cartier, the passage of time is endless, while the Cartier is also the product from generation to generation, the value of the eternal treasures. In particular, Stanislas is proud to present new products this year, including Cartier’s watchmaking traditions, including “Mystery Time”, and a signature product with modern design Replica Cartier love bracelet and latest technological achievements. However, he also reminded of this, especially in the men’s field of Cartier is also very attractive, is the real professional choice of experts.
For China, Cartier is certainly very familiar and very close, Stanislas pointed out that the Chinese people have a very keen eye for good things, so the future will certainly be better products to provide the Chinese market.
Rotonde de Cartier cheetah decorated watch dial diameter of 42 mm to create a cheetah metal bead pattern decoration; case with 18K yellow gold, inlaid 306 bright cut diamonds, diamond total weight of 3.63 karats.

Cartier’s classic, such as “Tank watch series”, is to commemorate the war in the tank soldiers and designed the first sale in 1919

Cartier’s classic, such as “Tank watch series”, is to commemorate the war in the tank soldiers and designed the first sale in 1919, its simple shape is still sought after by the fashion industry. 2012 Cartier introduced the new Tank Anglaise series continues to write Tank legend. In 1924, Cartier for the famous poet Jean Cocteau designed a unique and rich charm of the Cartier ring ring … …
But Cartier does not specifically for a country or region of Cartier love bracelet replica consumer groups design products. Because they believe that customers know that Cartier is an international brand, if simply for a region of consumer design products, will affect the brand image. But this concept does not prevent the Cartier in the design of products from around the culture to get inspiration.
In 2003, Cartier launched the “Kiss of the Dragon” jewelry series, its inspiration all from the traditional Chinese culture and art, the daily life of some of the most simple things such as wishful knot, wind chimes, buckle lock and the classic “dragon” Modeling interpretation of a symbol of happiness and auspicious, successful and permanent jewelry treasures.
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For luxury goods, the brand history, brand spirit is more important than the product itself. Therefore, the luxury marketing needs to choose a good communication channels, with the right way to convey the spirit of the brand to the target groups which go.
Customers appreciate the quality of life and taste of Cartier love ring replica at the same time, how to make them understand the story behind the brand and cultural heritage, is very important. Thus, consumers can further experience such as Cartier has a history of more than 160 years of brand to bring their artistic experience.
For a small target for the luxury customers, and can not be through a wide range of channels to increase the rate of meeting with consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of brand communication. Even 20 years of Cartier has been in China, has only 42 boutiques – although this figure in the luxury brand has not less, but compared to the distribution of consumer goods by the mind of the product, it is Saw the witch. In fact, the most important form of communication Cartier, or through the tour for VIP customers and a variety of new products released to carry out activities.
In May 2004, Cartier held the “Cartier Treasures Exhibition” at the Shanghai Museum. The exhibition includes Cartier in the 1930s to 60 years for the legendary historical figures Duchess of Windsor treasures, including her favorite sapphire leopard brooch; in 1928 for the Indian patriarch Patiala created by the history of the world’s largest diamond jewelry Necklace, and the British King George V ordered 19 Crown and so on. In the same year, Cartier’s parent company Richemont Group held a “miracle” exhibition in Beijing. In September 2009, Cartier held the “Cartier Treasures Art Exhibition” at the Venetian Exhibition Hall of the Palace Museum in Beijing, which came to China again after holding the series exhibition in Shanghai in 2004.
Cartier in China’s many exhibitions, it is worth mentioning that the end of January 2007 the successful conclusion of more than three months of the Cartier “Tank prominent family” watch tour exhibition, which is Cartier so far held in China, the largest one Tour. The roving exhibition through eighteen cities, including not only first-tier cities, including Dalian, Wenzhou, Anshan such second and third tier cities.
These cities have great potential for consumption, and customers grow very fast. Cartier each time before the exhibition will be used for a long time to conduct research and preparation, find the most suitable way for the Chinese imitation cartier love bracelet market, choose the most suitable city.