Golden Monkey Group Weihai Leather Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975

Fourth place: miles horse
Guangdong Wanli Ma Investment Industrial Co., Ltd. is a set of design, production, retail, multi-brand management in one of the Industrial Company. 1993, founded the “Miles horse” brand, set up in 2002 in Guangdong Miles Investment Industrial Co., Ltd., in 2010 the company moved to Dongguan Changan town headquarters. After years of development, Miles Investment Industrial Co., Ltd. has a modern plant, production equipment and a number of brand operation and management products, leather industry in China is the leading enterprises.
Founded in 1993, Wanli Ma actively open up, keep making progress Cartier love bracelet replica, now has men and women handbags, shoes, suitcases, wallets, belts, gloves and other product categories, nearly a hundred series, thousands of models. 20 years, as the leader in the domestic fashion luggage, Miles Ma brand to create a noble and elegant, fashionable and comfortable and comfortable unique style, with its superior superior product quality, Zhen perfect perfect after-sales service, become widely recognized by Chinese and foreign consumers Of the well-known brands, and by the World Intellectual Property Registry Madrid Convention Organization to confirm, has 23 countries and regions in the world to obtain trademark registration rights.
Fifth name: golden monkey
Golden Monkey Group Weihai Leather Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975, is China’s leather industry, large-scale backbone enterprises, with 200 million yuan in fixed assets, more than 2,000 employees, China’s light industry, the top ten enterprises in the leather industry, the Department of China Leather Industry Association Vice chairman of the unit. The main products are men and women backpack, briefcases, belts, suitcases, wallet, and so on more than 10 categories, has been the State Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as “China Famous Brand” and “China Famous Brand.” Golden Monkey Group is currently the only one in the industry with leather Cartier love ring replica¬†goods, shoes double “brand name” double “well-known trademarks” of the enterprise group.
Sixth: old man head
Old head is the 20th century, 80 years in China, one of the hot brands, and crocodiles, Playboy and other brands par. Old brand head in China, the most famous is the old Italian brand LEONADO, other famous brands such as the Italian old head KASILEIDENG, the French old head KUGUM, the famous Dutch entrepreneur DAI.XIAOLEI (small Lei Dai) founded the French old head of the international apparel group and its Its brand
Wait. Nominal old head of the brand most of the production of leather goods, shoes, clothing and other products. based on
Italian official denial of the old brand and the old Chinese head brand chaos, in China, “old head” is considered a fake brand, there is no real old head brand.
Guangzhou elderly head leather Co., Ltd. elderly head.
(Hong Kong) Limited, registered at 8F808, Hong Kong Building, 20 Lu Lu Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The company said that the old head “brand and Italy did not have any relationship, regardless of all contain the” old head “of the company anchored where the real trademark” only one “, that is Replica Cartier love bracelet, Guangzhou elderly head leather Co., Ltd. registered the old head of the trademark, all other self- “All the brands are fake.” Moreover, all of China’s “old head” (whether true or false) processing, sales are carried out in the country.Li Rong said that now the elderly in Guangzhou is the head of the “old man” trademark buyout matters.

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