Finally, the retail model in the upgrade, electricity providers and experience will be the bright spot in the future market

Finally, the retail model in the upgrade, electricity providers and experience will be the bright spot in the future market, the retail channel changes on the local watch brand is also full of opportunities, local watch brands in the channel advantage and opportunities, you can pre-emptive, Rapid expansion.
Third, the consumption of Chinese consumers watch Cartier love bracelet replica brand status
In the high-end watch brand popular nowadays, domestic watch brand in order to achieve market breakthrough there is difficulty. Fortune Institute of Quality Research survey, 67% of China’s rich that did not buy the local watch brand, 21% of the Chinese tycoons bought only 1-5 pieces of domestic watch brands. Another part of that uncertainty, but at the same time that there is no wear and have a Chinese brand watch. Almost no one bought more than five more than the Chinese watch brand watch.
This shows that the local watch brand in the high-end crowd coverage is far less than the international brand watches, especially from Switzerland’s top watches. In order to break the current market structure, the future development of local watch brand long way to go, mainly in:
First, consumer psychology placeholder. Influenced by traditional culture, Chinese consumers generally classified as a luxury ship ship, in the watch field this perception is deep-rooted, equivalent to the Swiss watchmaking top-level manufacturing, this Cartier love ring replica concept is difficult to change in the short term.
The second is the spread of channel occupying. Brand promotion needs media help, but high-quality media resources tend to choose the existing overseas brands, local watch brand is difficult to occupy a short time the best media position, even get, will spend more than the existing international brands higher the cost of jewelry.
Third, channel occupancy. “Who can take the initiative to occupy channels, who will be able to get the market.” In the channel is king of the moment, even the international big-name did not stay out, have beachhead advantage of the channel resources, and some even directly to the channel sink to the second and third tier cities. For now, the domestic watch brand as the brand influence is not enough, short-term within the number of stores and foreign brands can not watch the competition, it is difficult to occupy a better position in the commercial channel, how to do in the channel and the existing International watch brands on an equal footing is also a local watch brand is facing a major problem.
Fourth, the team of professional management level. The level of professionalism of the luxury goods industry is lower than the field of fast moving consumer goods, watch industry even more so, professional teams will become the biggest obstacle to one of the local watch brand.
For the local watch brand, although the road is Replica Cartier love bracelet, but only deep plowing the market, and actively explore, I believe that one day, the local high-end watch brand will become an integral part of China’s high-end watch market.

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