At the beginning of the establishment of the brand the domestic watch industry competition

You must know the name of the top Breguet watch, but do not necessarily know the helmet watch. Po Rudder table is a domestic watch brand, although it is domestic table, but the rudder inspirational to create China’s most well-known and most promising national watch brand. Let the watch home to introduce you to the helmet watch it!
Po rudder BOWDOR watch brand profile

BOWDOR (BOWDOR) named from the bearing of national wisdom and unique beauty of the history of navigation, is the witness of the struggle between mankind and nature, but also the origin of precision timing tools, but also reflects the wind and waves, miles of entrepreneurial spirit, which also It is the reflection of the brand image of the rudder, which is the leader of the combination of western romantic aesthetics and technology, and the exquisite business imitation Cartier love bracelet practice of the East, and created a new era of independent national brand. English marked BOWDOR by two independent phrases BOW (bow) and DORSAL FIN (fin fins) combined. (BOWDOR) is committed to building the national watch brand’s determination, DORSAL FIN meaning: infinite power, a symbol of Po rudder (BOWDOR) will build a national brand on the road to establish a good brand Image, and constantly enhance their core competitiveness and courageously forward the brand image. BOWDOR meaning the representative of its brand founder is committed to creating simple, low-key, mature, stable top national watch brand on the road fearless hardships, courageously forward determination and motivation, and the future of the rise of independent national brand loyalty And the pioneer with high hopes.

(BOWDOR), the famous Chinese watch brand, is the only one in the field of Chinese watch market strategy to enter the domestic watch brand, set the concept of modern fashion and precision watchmaking in one. Through the brand monopoly, chain operations, e-commerce and other business models, is committed to the Po rudder (BOWDOR) to create China’s most well-known and the most promising national watch brand. Bao rudder will be sophisticated timing technology and exquisite art aesthetics of the blend, as its “excellence, and strive to perfect” brand concept, will always be committed to the national watch brand design and research and development.

The rudder brand was established in 2009. At the beginning of the establishment of the brand, the domestic watch industry competition has been quite intense, but the Po rudder in the direction of the brand strategy has always been unswerving, determined to become China’s most well-known and most promising national watch brand, which has its brand founder Entrepreneurial spirit inseparable Brand three founders in the early nineties of last century began to get involved in the watch industry, although their watch industry for many years, but the days of the North never met, a chance, so that the fate of three people, and become friends friends, through years of Cooperation and exchanges, the three cultivate a profound friendship, with the vigorous development of China’s economy, people’s national pride is growing, three years to join the watch Replica Cartier jewelry industry for many years, I know the industry’s own national brand is missing, sensitive business intuition told them , The rise of the national brand has come, so the three co-founded the rudder brand, and determined to build China’s most well-known and most promising national watch brand, and create a new era of independent national brand. In 2012 formally founded the Shenzhen Bao rong Table Co., Ltd., once the completion of the original capital to complete the accumulation, and the company set up a professional R & D design, manufacturing, marketing in one of the watch business. The brand has not been listed on the market has been around the dealer and the market at all levels of welcome, which with its rich experience in the operation of the market and advanced business management philosophy is closely linked, but also determined to build China’s most well-known and most promising prospects of the nation Watch brand, and create a new era of independent national brand propaganda slogan sympathetic. I believe in the near future, Po rudder will become a new generation of independent national brand leader and helm.
Bao Li Hao watches (Hong Kong) Limited is a watch production design, manufacture, sales in one of the professional production company. The company in 2011 won the national recognition “integrity business.” After years of effort and development. In the major cities and Southeast Asia, the Middle East enjoy a higher reputation, has become a domestic and foreign rich reputation, one of the strength of the watch brand!
In the treasure at the helm “Mr. Chen Xiyou” carefully under the leadership of the factory scale has been expanded to 2,000 square meters. Specially invited experienced master, with more accurate and more efficient production chain. And, with an exclusive watch design team, carefully designed and selected every new product. Product series up to more than ten kinds of products: couple steel on the table, couple belt on the table, real ceramic table, imitation ceramic table, with a calendar strip table, with calendar tape table and mesh table, style up to thousands of balance The We meet the young people fashion, personality vision as the goal, to produce more and more in cost-effective products.
In recent years, with the increasingly fierce market competition, Baoli Ho face a severe market situation. Put forward the “fine to strong, to win the” approach, and “market segmentation, product segmentation” as the specific guiding ideology, and actively expand the sales market, customer first, integrity management. Establish a mutually beneficial win-win, sincere cooperation in the sale of a win-win way!

In 2016 for the first time I contact with Wallace Chan’s work, still can’t sober me from that shocked at that time

In 2016 for the first time I contact with Wallace Chan’s work, still can’t sober me from that shocked at that time, I in jewelry and collectors of practice for 20 years of thoughts and ideas, almost have taken place after the contact change.
Antique biennale in Paris in 2016, Wallace Chan all the work in one of the world’s most brilliant between brands, showing the incomparable light bright, although alone, but Wallace Chan work of the spirit of wings to fly in a material, through the language Cartier love bracelet replica barriers, direct the viewer’s heart. Completely in all his work, sincere and honest, with their delicate beauty telling master unique technology and creative processes.
Retrospective on January 13, this year in Beijing, I have came to Washington at the invitation of the master, to appreciate the master’s masterpiece again. This is a master with the natural interactive exhibition, between both works of alternating light and shadow, says the art’s voice. Among them, the double color contrast with fleeting good morning butterfly, on behalf of human desire, fleeting love, an artist to make it in the dream become true. Wallace Chan with the world’s most rare two colors to show the beauty of the butterfly moment! Is the color of this morning, I worked in the dawn of Cartier love ring replica rare, high in the clouds to enjoy the beauty of the moment of colour crisscross. Coloring is invigorating, revealed a little tenderness of the artist emotion. The butterfly on the back of the color in the depth of the vortex and flow lines, such as memory, quiet and fast, pure and silence. Reminiscent of heidegger’s discourse on art origin: the origin of art is art!
Meant shoulder butterfly needle, called Wallace Chan is with the tough and hard to tame titanium, showing the losing freedom, let a person is clever and blue-green lines and difficult to grasp the dream, in the ever changing color, also can’t catch, can’t change forever twitters, always so free Cartier love bracelet replica, but transient, unrestrained.
I wander between them, attracted by the light of each work, they shine bright, as if heard them talking, we are lonely, however we are indestructible, irreplaceable. Gradually, I enter the master spirit of the world, at the same time of the Spanish famous poet’s cable lines: I slipped the stars for a walk in my own sky, create my infinite there. And Wallace the creation of the Chan said: “people in quietism, swim in between heaven and earth boundless, President of the natural beauty of washing, let the mind intoxicated, blossom a bright natural gems, make creators to meet sun and unafraid, rising above the sinful… if the static coupon, the guanghua, from the heart, meaning, read aloud, through manual Labour, achievement jewelry eternal vitality.