sweep chronograph second hand will point to the pulse meter scale

As we all know, for A. Lange & Söhne Lange, LANGE 1,1815 and Saxon three series has a significant important position, contains Lange deep brand history and cultural origins, but also Lange precision watch classic series. In this year’s concern WATCHES & WONDERS “watch and miracle” Asian senior watch show, Lange launched a new 6 hours is the continuation of these three classic series watch.


With the WATCHES & WONDERS “watch and miracle” Asian high-level watch show opportunity, A. Lange & Söhne Lange launched two different materials LITTLE LANGE 1 series watch, fresh and elegant light blue mother of pearl dial to bring the new LITTLE LANGE 1 Brand new fashion imitation Cartier love bracelet face. One for the 18K rose gold case with beige calfskin, another 18K white gold case with pearl-colored calfskin, looks very fresh and pleasant.
A. Lange & Söhne Lange LITTLE LANGE 1 series watch 18K white gold section

A. Lange & Söhne Lange LITTLE LANGE 1 Series Watch 18K Rose Gold

The new LITTLE LANGE 1 series watch, the size is only 36.1 mm, in addition to the continuation of LANGE 1 series of classic eccentric dial, large calendar display, untreated German silver plywood and other classic design elements, there are brands used solid silver Dial, although the surface of the dial is blue mother of pearl, but in fact, the thin mother of pearls is the blue tone of the solid silver dial below. The new watch internal configuration Lange L901.4 type movement, power storage for three days, through the back of the table can be seen to Glasarti ribs of the German silver 3/4 splint, blue steel screws fixed gold sleeve, hand Engraving balance wheel and gooseneck fine adjustment system.

1815 series

In this year’s WATCHES & WONDERS “watch and miracle” Asian senior watch show, A. Lange & Söhne Lange the most eye-catching to the number of 1815 series of two new models. A 1815 CHRONOGRAPH special edition chronograph watch to blue and white intertwined fresh and pleasing, attracted everyone shines, and A. Lange & Söhne Lange has always been adhering to the elegant solemn slightly different. The other is the brand of innovative material honey to build the 1815 “200th Anniversary FA Lange” 18K honey color gold commemorative watch, this is the brand to commemorate the second anniversary of the birth of the second anniversary of the year The second paragraph to commemorate the watch, and this new timepiece is the biggest bright spot than the original 18K honey color gold jewelry case.

A.Lange & Söhne Lange 1815 CHRONOGRAPH Shop Special Edition Chronograph

1815 CHRONOGRAPH chronograph in the design of the biggest bright spot is the use of dark blue lines, in the classic silver dial, with blue lines to show the classic digital time scale, train track minute scale, blue and white intertwined face, both on the classic Replica Cartier jewelry heritage , Is also the design of innovation. In function, the 1815 CHRONOGRAPH watch in addition to the conventional timing function, but also measure the heart rate, when the number to the first 30 under the heartbeat, stop timing, sweep chronograph second hand will point to the pulse meter scale, directly show the number of heartbeat per minute The Watch equipped with Lange L951.5 chronograph movement, power storage up to 60 hours. At the same time, this 1815 CHRONOGRAPH chronograph for the store special edition, in the world 15 exclusive sale of the store.
A.Lange & Söhne Lange 1815 “200th Anniversary F. A. Lange” 18K Honey Golden Gold Watch

Adhere to the use of precious metals is one of the ideas of A. Lange & Söhne Lange tabulation, in the field of innovative precious metals, the brand developed a unique “honey gold” – 18K honey-colored gold. This WATCHES & WONDERS “watch and miracle” Asian high-level watch on the launch of this 1815 “200th Anniversary FA Lange” 18K honey color gold watch is Lange innovative precious metal new use, unique warm colors, hardness than Vickers 300 degrees, about twice the other gold alloy. Internal configuration L051.1 manual winding movement, composed of 188 parts, power storage for up to 55 hours. Limited edition of 200 pieces.
Saxon series

The WATCHES & WONDERS “watch and miracle” Asian high-level watch show, and LITTLE LANGE 1 series and 1815 series at the same time push the new Lange classic series – Saxonia Saxon series, two different materials, gray dial three small watch Saxonia family of the latest members, a case for the 18K white gold case, a 18K rose gold case. Redesigned Saxonia watch dial layout layout more harmonious and beautiful, read more clearly, the unique gray disk with rose gold and platinum with a trace of noble and introverted temperament.
A.Lange & Söhne Lange Saxonia Series White Gold Watch

A.Lange & Söhne Lange Saxonia Series Rose Gold Watch

These two watch is the Saxonia series of elegant upgrades, 6 o’clock position of the small seconds is still classic irreplaceable, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00 position to double bar as a scale, the original minute scale slightly increased , Subtle adjustments to maintain the classic beauty of the Saxonia series in www.ourlovestore.com, while making the dial easier to read the time. The basic design of the three-pin, in the 37mm case size, simple and elegant. Internal configuration Lange L941.1 manual winding movement, providing up to 45 hours of power reserve.
Adapt to 2015 WATCHES & WONDERS “watch and miracle” Asian high-level watch an important opportunity, A.Lange & Söhne Lange in the brand’s most important three series – LITTLE LANGE 1 series, 1815 series and Saxonia series in the new 6 Time, whether in style design, watch function, or innovative material, A.Lange & Söhne Lange are innovative and breakthrough, we can see A.Lange & Söhne Lange for more than 100 years of brand innovation and adherence to the Asian Market attention. However, Lange is Lange, whether it is functional innovation or design innovation, always adhere to rigorous and harsh attitude, always give love Lange table people’s greatest trust, which is A.Lange & Söhne Lange different charm Where.

he spent a lot of time and effort for the design and construction of the watch shop window

First Generation Founder: Gerhard Diedrich Wilhelm Wempe: Family Enterprise Pioneer

May 5, 1878, the general watchmaker Gerhard Diedrich Wilhelm Wempe to 80 marks as the starting capital, in the Weser River Els Flette (Elsfleth) opened his first shop, this small clock The shop is located at the home of aunt Caroline. As a result, Els Flette first watch shop come out. Mr. Wempe, who started with second-hand watches, was the first to succeed.

In order to establish the brand logo of the family business, Gerhard immediately re-invest the profits, he spent a lot of time and effort for the design and construction of the watch shop window. His efforts to get a return, the window to attract a large imitation Cartier love bracelet number of customers come to visit the local other shops out of the right. He established the “first-class quality, variety, to provide customers with the greatest convenience” business philosophy, so that enterprises in the next few decades to survive a difficult crisis.

In order to expand the store’s high-end goods, he and his 12-year-old son Herbert to Switzerland. He established contact with the Swiss watch factory, for the future development of enterprises fueled. Swiss high-end watches to join the business to promote the development.

Another milestone incident occurred in 1907: Gerhard entered the Lufthansa city of Hamburg, where he opened a store on Schultblatt Avenue. In the big city, Gerhard’s business philosophy has not changed. The first year of the shop, the turnover will reach 100,000 marks. Success did not make him complacent, he is still the first in remote areas when operating as thrift. He will invest as usual to invest in business development. As Hamburg’s first watch and jeweler, he established a small branch network. In 1914, the number of Wempe stores in Hamburg increased by four. He wanted to make the store all over the city of Hamburg, but the outbreak of a war to make his plan failed.

In 1921, 64-year-old Gerhard Dietrich Wilhelm Wempe died. As a German watch and jeweler pioneer, he laid a solid foundation for the great Wempe business. In addition, he began to cultivate Herbert Wempe early, so that it is familiar with the business, so smooth succession.

The second generation of inheritors: Herbert Wempe open the Observatory table era

Herbert Wempe started his family business at the age of 31. He inherited his father’s business philosophy, decisively put the funds into the future development of enterprises. He implemented all the shops standardized, unified shop interior and exterior decoration design. This is today’s “corporate image”, and in the twenties of the last century, this is undoubtedly a new concept. Uniform store so that customers can always recognize Wempe, this change together with customers in the store experience the feeling of home together, together form a Wempe corporate logo.

Her other landmark event by Herbert Wempe is to expand customer service. As a result, Wempe began to repair a variety of watches, including the famous Swiss brand.

The move was a success: in 1929, Wempe’s sales reached 3 million marks. When the global economic crisis swept through Germany, companies rely on their own financial resources will be successful through the serious economic recession.

In 1938, the enterprise made another major investment. Wempe bought Replica Cartier jewelry the Hamburg Observatory Tablet GmbH, founded in 1905 from the owners of Hamburg and Bremen, and began producing high-precision maritime astronomical clocks under the leadership of Ferdinand Denker, a famous watchmaker. This is the success of Wempe to create an internationally competitive astronomical clock laid the foundation, companies also began to train high-quality watchmaker.

Soon after, Herbert Wempe and Otto Lange began a fruitful collaboration at Glashütte – the grandson of Ferdinand Adolph Lange, the founder of the famous Saxony watch industry. The two co-founded the “Glashütte Observatory” joint union, the goal is to set up a young watchmaker for a research and training center, and the establishment of a watch precision adjustment Institute.

Unfortunately, the war once again makes the plan a bubble. In 1939, Wempe was received by the National Navy and Air Force, and lost self-decision-making power.

In 1945, Hamburg became a ruin, Wempe branch was also destroyed. Was originally designated to continue to hold the eldest son of the enterprise – Herbert Wempe jr., Failed to survive from the war. On the occasion of the difficult reconstruction phase, the young son – only 13-year-old Hellmut Wempe also assumed responsibility. In 1950, 18 years old he entered the business work.

The third generation of inheritors: Hellmut Wempe on the international stage

After the war, the enterprise successfully rebuilt. Hellmut Wempe’s first direct store is located in Hamburg’s Bambek district. As of the early sixties, Wempe firmly grasp the German economic miracle of this historical opportunity to rebuild the ten stores.

In 1963, Herbert Wempe died, Hellmut took over the business. Hellmut also focused on development, and more bold than his father, he will step into the hamburger, opened a branch in Lübeck. In 1967, Wempe entered Bremen. A year later, Berlin, Hannover, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg virgin embankment, Stuttgart and Munich Wempe stores have opened. In 1979, the enterprise branch has been spread over a dozen cities.

In 1980, Wempe’s first foreign branch opened in New York. At the site, Mr. Hellmut Wempe chose Manhattan Fifth Avenue with the idea of “the only bustling location” of the former head. After the first few years of running, Wempe finally in the United States metropolis a firm foothold. Wempe, who was greatly motivated by this success, then proceeded aggressively to Paris, Vienna, London and Madrid. Thus, Hellmut Wempe to Wempe from a local family business success to create an international business.

In the early eighties, daughter Kim-Eva Wempe entered the enterprise. As a result, enterprises ushered in the fourth generation of the family head.

The fourth generation of inheritors: Kim-Eva Wempe lead the way to the future

Kim-Eva Wempe is a business management professional, as a businessman, inherited the grandparents of the love of watches and jewelry. Through several strategic initiatives, she will be the introduction of new business development track for enterprises to continue to grow the cornerstone.

On May 5, 2003, Kim-Eva Wempe took over the business from his father Hellmut on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the company. In 2005, she acquired the then completely abandoned Glashütte Observatory, to complete the grandfather of the year to develop the grand plan. Subsequently, the Observatory was rebuilt under her initiative. Today’s observatory is the perfect combination of science in www.ourlovestore.com and watchmakers’ craftsmanship, the training base for young watchmakers and the birthplace of new ideas.

Since 2006, the Observatory has been manufacturing Wempe Chronometerwerke Glashütte i / SA and Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA series watches and has been tested and certified by the first German Observatory Testing Center in Wempe. As the largest watch factory owned by European retailers, the Observatory watchmaking plant also repairs and maintains all major branded products. Wempe watch will soon be successful. In 2011, the watch factory re-expansion, so that the enterprise’s production and service capacity doubled.

In just a few years, Kim-Eva Wempe has built Wempe’s family business from a sophisticated watch and jewelry retailer to a well-known brand with independent innovation.

In 2013, Asia’s first Wempe branch opened, the shop is located in the center of Beijing’s bustling shopping area grassland (Parkview Green), covering nearly 600 square meters of the whole shopping area can provide guests with the most professional technology and the most comprehensive services The And Wempe all the same shops in the service area with a large comprehensive, fully equipped watchmaker’s workplace, WEMPE for the most expensive Chinese guests to provide high-quality after-sales service.

As the fourth generation descendant of the business, Ms. Kim-Eva Wempe has always stressed that “we are laying the foundation for the success of the future, even after the company founded 136 years ago, we are still growing and laying the road for the next generation.”

see this Cartier love ring and Cartier love bracelet replica

Cartier’s inspiration from everywhere. Honeymoon series represents the Cartier designers spin sky if secret, rapidly changing, let people admire the moon.

Full moon of the single drill modelling make its charm, and set a silhouette is presented a dome delicate dainty crescent moon, make a commitment to a lifetime together a diamond ring. For this full promise ring, Cartier choose closed set.

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As a New York socialite, Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo) is undoubtedly dazzling light

As a New York socialite, Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo) is undoubtedly dazzling light, she is not only good at clothing with her, jewelry with unique experience, especially good necklace and bracelet with, large volume and Stacking is her favorite.
Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo), fashion ladies from New York. In addition to slim figure, sweet face, the legendary prominent family background, Olivia Palermo also has the same good fashion taste. Olivia Palermo has its own unique dress style, rather than the previous ladies of the grand show show luxury Cartier love bracelet replica. Olivia Palermo’s dress is always decent and full of fashion style and detail. Jewelry with a unique experience, especially good necklace and bracelet with a large volume and stacking approach is her favorite.
2017 Golden Globe Award to become a huge TV movie event, but the star of the limelight was robbed really did not see the first time, and not just to revive morale, women are wearing pearlescent diamonds, luxury long Rare jewelry, as “the most luxurious” a red carpet event.
Drew Barrymore, born by Child Star, is wearing a Harry Winston Marie Winston Diamond Jewelery for more than $ 250,000 worth of $ 1.73 million. Fingers on the jewelry so big stars, really afraid of tired of the fingers!
The youthful Lily Collins wears a set of Harry Winston Retriever jewelry, low-key jewelry can not cover the age advantage, Lily Collins’s lips beauty plus pink evening dress, in the red carpet One station has won.
In addition to jewelry and jewelry her husband, in the red carpet to feed dog food Blake Lively shape can only use the “extravagance” expression, a pair of art deco style Lorraine Schwartz bracelet, emerald embellished diamond bracelet People can not keep their eyes. There is money and there are so handsome husband, proper life winner.
“Power of the game” actress Sophie Turner (Sophie – Turner) choose to wear a pair of Forevermark eternal mark Black Label excellent series of red carpet models 18K platinum diamonds earrings debut red carpet, with the choice of Forevermark Forevermark red carpet series 18K Platinum Diamond Necklace and Diamond Ring. This year just 21-year-old Sofitel choose jewelry is also a young series, low-key but not monotonous with the red carpet shape is quite satisfactory, but proud of the body is the best red carpet artifact.
10 fingers wearing twelve rings, Tracee Ellis Ross is the golden ball red Cartier love ring replica carpet on the biggest winner, not only took away the comedy series, but also because of this exaggerated red carpet shape, become the day headlines.
This session of the Golden Globe, Europe and the United States is not familiar with the face, but the film and television awards screw is popular, controversial. From the star shape can also be seen, 2017 trend is the ring stacked wear, large diamond jewelry with retro elegance, antique jewelry into a new favorite.
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France Gucci Group Boucheron jewelry company is a fancy to this huge piece of “cake”

France Gucci Group Boucheron jewelry company is a fancy to this huge piece of “cake”, President JeanChristopheBedos in a number of visits to China, and finally announced Boucheron brand stationed in China, the famous Bund 18 in Shanghai opened the first Home boutiques.
Casting brand
For nearly 150 years, Boucheron has designed many Cartier love bracelet replica valuable jewelery, watches and perfumes, a brand with a long history and heritage of the orthodox spirit of Paris. In 1858,
Boucheron set up his own brand and opened boutiques in Paris’s most fashionable royal palaces. Store decorated with crystal candlesticks and velvet fabric, gorgeous and style, attracted celebrities to come to patronize. Four generations of successors after the turn, Boucheron family continue to thrive, Boucheron become an internationally renowned high-level jewelry brand. In 1893, Boucheron became the first jewelry store in the Paris fashionable building where the shop was opened.
Looking back on brand history, Boucheron won the reputation as a master of jewelry for its excellent boutique in the world of marketing. At the legendary World Exposition in 1900, Boucheron was fuss. In addition to the completion of the Eiffel Tower, but also the beginning of the new art style. At the fair, Boucheron won the following comment: “The courage to win the championship, always impressive, adversity, the jewelry industry should be proud of it.” 1970s, Boucheron opened stores in Europe to further consolidate the brand The status. Has always attached importance to jewelry culture and history of Boucheron, is also the only in the 19th century to buy French royal jewelery French jeweler.
In the early twenty-first century, Boucheron not only Cartier love ring replica adhere to the brand’s unique traditional connotation, but also bold and luxurious modern jewelry synonymous.
Create a classic
Since the founding of the brand, Boucheron is known for its innovative techniques and artistic connotations: the first to produce inlaid diamonds, the first production watch, natural theme modeling of the respected — dragonflies, butterflies, birds, snakes, beetles — New Art style model.
In the beginning of the brand at the beginning, Boucheron had launched several hand-made excellent watch. Combined with the luxury of precious materials and professional technical performance, oucheron time has always been the object of the collection of experts competing. In 1947, Boucheron received the patent for the watch interchangeable strap system. Until today, this innovative invention is still unique to the brand, and is equipped with the 1948 launch of the “Reflet” series of watches, so far decades. Boucheron introduced the elegant, very masculine “Mec” watch, through its rounded shape with stainless steel or pink gold, and into a very precise automatic winding movement, Boucheron once again become the spokesperson of contemporary times.
At the turn of the twentieth century, Boucheron to bold and outstanding, sexy and attractive brand integration of the most famous classic theme, as the production of the product. In the seductive “dangerous beauty” series, you can see the 50’s natural decoration with a new style available. This series contains 60 boutique jewelry exclusive use of four kinds of precious stones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emerald. In 2004, Boucheron launched the Jaipur series with inspiration for the origins of the brand and India. All kinds of high-quality colored stones and diamonds with the inlay way, reminiscent of the brand in the 50’s lead the innovative fashion. To give the new design a symbol,
Boucheron creates a fascinating serpentine pattern. It curled up in the numerous puzzles of Replica Cartier jewelry precious stones bracelets, necklaces and rings, emitting a veritable dangerous beauty.

The Internet in China after a short span of ten years, but it has turned upside down changes

The Internet in China after a short span of ten years, but it has turned upside down changes. From the beginning of a single means of communication, gradually evolved into information access, work and entertainment means, and now has been fully Cartier love bracelet replica penetrated and integrated into the way people are living, everything is so great changes, together appears to be so logical. According to CNNIC statistics, as of now, Chinese Internet users exceeded 320 million, ranking first in the world. 2008 direct network consumption approaching 600 billion yuan, per capita 2382 yuan. It is foreseeable that, after 80 became the mainstream of the workplace, 90 after entering the university gate, network marketing development situation is kicked off, its future influence will play with the young generation of China’s great changes in lifestyle has become increasingly prominent.
Crystal bead is a very popular in recent years, a creative hand, with the crystal beads technology continues to develop, crystal beads style and color more and more people’s ideas are more and more wonderful, like creative fashion people through their own constantly Efforts to develop a series of crystal beads.
Three) business model
Mixed operation is mainly engaged in a business, with the main varieties associated with the surrounding products, supplemented by the business model
Novice sellers due to energy, the number of types of goods and other objective factors, in the early days of the shop should not make the shop very small or great, engage in small goods is not rich enough to attract buyers, engage in large and lack of energy or lack of supply , So the best choice in the early days of the mixed operation, to a product line, and then related goods to match the stall, this is better.
(4) Main commodities
Our main handicrafts and modern craft combination, the use of sophisticated lines and beads, through our well-designed to produce different styles of beaded bags, tissue boxes, small animals and other gifts and other crafts, without losing the traditional, but also has A strong sense of the Cartier love ring replica times, more filled with a rich flavor of life.
(5) product characteristics
We and manufacturers directly contact, choose their good products to consumers
(Six) shop positioning
Shop is just our business a store or sales platform, the main sales of their products. These products are selected by us, more affordable, easier access to consumer recognition and trust; with the support of enterprises, as long as the shop to do fine, we can have a relatively large sales.
(7) customer orientation
We are positioning the customers in the 16 to 40-year-old fashionable young friends, their young, energetic, energetic, is more likely to accept online shopping this new customer base, they generally have a long time to the Internet, is a potential customer , And the quality of life requirements are relatively high, catch up with fashion, the trend, especially in reading high school students and college students friends, this is our largest customer base shop.
(8) price positioning
Now the same type of shop sales of goods are similar, so we fight the price is very powerful. For we just started the shop, you can take this pricing: according to the cost price, in the online similar products to take a medium low price. With the perfect sales Replica Cartier jewelry service to make up for the shortcomings of lack of popular shop, shop business will be slowly booming up.
1. Beaded bag, beaded craft: positioning in the 25 ~ 150 or so
2. Beads small pendant, beaded material: 2 ~ 25 or so
Principle: do not pursue profits, but can not be without profit, but can not make profits.

Compatible with SD / MMC / U disk / card reader live; all digital power amplifier; radio playback

Compatible with SD / MMC / U disk / card reader live; all digital power amplifier; radio playback
Product meaning: advocating oriental traditional culture, indifferent after the calm calm in the Cartier love bracelet replica elegant and quiet, temperament introverted user base, need a kind of natural quenching rich cultural accumulation of sound products, you can feel the music in the busy, Empty mind, the heart of the water to learn the power of life, and love the passion of life.
At the same time, also need to expand the function, the greatest degree to meet the most commonly used music equipment, such as iphone, ipod, U disk, SD card and so on.
To send the elderly parents: card or U disk directly play music. Suitable for morning exercise, square dance; children out of the same, you can also let parents in their later life colorful!
Send pregnant women: bed music, mini mobile sound, prenatal education from the music began to listen to music to make pregnant people, more entertainment.
Let your baby listen to music from the beginning and feel maternal love.
Chinese red gift set work busy mother, maybe every day in the cooking family trivia at the same time but also focus on the work of affairs. Not in the mother’s side why we do not bless the mother’s holiday happy at the same time, but also to the gift to the mother to the immediate relief Cartier love ring replica it? This Chinese red gift set completely sustenance of the mother’s blessing.
Red represents auspicious, prosperous, harvest, festive. In ancient and modern China, no red is not a celebration, no red but years, no red must Kyrgyzstan, every red must be rich, every red must be expensive.
“Chinese red” glaze bright red, bright color, calm, luster introverted and yet gorgeous, dignified and simple, full of transparent feeling, intimate life breath, called the glaze in the treasures.
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Zhongyi Chengda Gift & Cheng Li Life Museum, focus on the gift industry event small state, concerned about the urban community elite business, home, office, social, etiquette culture exclusive gift customization. We only for the pursuit of the Replica Cartier jewelry perfect platform for you to build, provide air purifier, mobile power, U disk, the Chinese wind gifts, wooden gifts and other creative gifts customized to do the gift of the common micro-friends .2017 Zhongyi Yi Cheng Gifts Exhibition tour

Creative gift four: November 11, single dinner

Creative gift four: November 11, single dinner
Huadeng early, their own to a wonderful date
This idea is suitable for single misery syndrome is not too serious, and some small money and small mood of friends. Because of the single, so you will fantasy romantic dating, but also fantasy romantic candlelight dinner. But there is no love Cartier love bracelet replica to share with you such a wonderful moment. It does not matter, to their own to a single romantic dinner it, or about a few friends with a single, will definitely make your club day night unforgettable. Perhaps next year, you have no right to eliminate such a memorable dinner. Prepare a sufficient amount of money for corruption, and pick a good place for yourself to enjoy a single romantic dinner for some time in advance, which is an important step in the success of this creative.
Creative gift five: November 11, the most economic gift – send a text message greeting it
See this message, around and distant friends are happy about Oh. Special selection of the following SMS template, I wish the Singles Happy section: 1. Singles Day, I wish you trouble “light” bald, sad “light” yo, auspicious “light” brilliant, good luck “light” shining, happy to carry forward “Light” big, happy forever “light” mans. Happy Singles!
2. alone is not good, do not have to cook food, hungry called takeaway, what things did not hinder, but parents blame, the mood is helpless, only hard to wait, waiting for true love, I hope this dish, Of the irrigation, early lift his feet before the step, out of the Cartier love ring replica single, you and me bachelor generation, “stripped” no longer “leftovers”! Happy Singles!
3. On the occasion of the arrival of this Singles, I would like to express my deep condolences to the struggles on the single edge of the two little brother-in-law’s two nephews, who wish to get rid of single poverty as soon as possible, Section sticks
4. On the occasion of the arrival of this Singles, I would like to represent the “leftover dynasty”, wish all the “left fighter”, “will leave customer”, “fighting the left Buddha”, “Qi Tian big left” holiday happy “Stripped”!
5. bachelor creative method: just eat a fritters, eat only a chopstick, bus only take a road, mahjong only Hu one, K song only point “lonely life”, SMS only made one. Singles must be happy Oh!
To send you a fried fritters, I wish you “oil” wife “oil” small; send you a sugar cane, send you a piece of Replica Cartier love bracelet chopsticks, I wish you “chopsticks chopsticks” I wish you “sweet” fast stripped. Happy Singles!

Sofia Roland in the movie “Clouds Storm” wearing a set with 48 total weight of 59.33 karats of diamond necklace

Sofia Roland in the movie “Clouds Storm” wearing a set with 48 total weight of 59.33 karats of diamond necklace, it is Bulgari in the nineties classic, pillow ruby and diamonds and side by side The This literary documentary is seen in some way as the mother of the film “Queen of Prada”.
2006 Italy has a movie exciting, it is “my Cartier love bracelet replica superman girlfriend”, which has a very breathtaking scene, described in New York Fifth Avenue, Bulgari boutique stalls armed robbery scene, was taken away this Necklace created in 2005, the pocket-shaped necklace by 169 total weight of 395.89 carats in different shapes, colorful sapphire and 951 diamonds inlaid from. Fortunately, this scene is only in the movie.
Yu Po cherished the emphasis on luxury values
Elizabeth Taylor, the Chinese people have a good impression on the eight married woman, her life is full of gossip spirit, with beautiful face and ups and downs of the experience of the “Hollywood” three words to make the perfect Note, she is also a loyal fan of Bulgari, her life has countless Bulgari jewelry, last autumn, Bulgari in an auction successfully shot her used jewelry, so the Shanghai The tour organizes an exhibition hall to showcase the seven pieces of jewelry she has used: Emerald Diamond Set, Emerald Diamond Ring, Brooch, Long Necklace, “Trentino” Ring, Gold Coin Long Necklace, Gold Turquoise Hand mirror.
These seven pieces of jewelry are only Elizabeth Taylor’s family thrown out, not all, but still can prove her artistic career and the close relationship with Bulgari. At the same time, these pieces of jewelry also as gossip news material, the reporter has repeatedly commented. The long necklace and the “Trentino” ring are Elizabeth Taylor’s 40-year-old gift, and she likes to wear them even while swimming.
The set of emerald diamond rings and diamond spring brooch is undoubtedly heavyweight, octagonal ladder cut grandmother weighing 23.44 karats, brooches can be used as a part of the emerald diamond necklace pendants to wear. They were given by Richard Burton in 1962 to Elizabeth Taylor as an engagement present. It was also two years after Elizabeth Taylor’s only jewelry on the wedding with Richard Burton. So that the Bulgari family is very chest tightness is that the pendant at the auction by an Arab businessman bought, after several consultations also refused to love, then make this set of jewelry is not complete.
In 1962 Elizabeth Taylor was used in the epic movie “Cleopatra” in Elizabeth after the use of Cleopatra, but so far do not know who Give to her. But this mirror to help Yan and Fox film industry contract, as the first film in the history of millions of Cartier love ring replica dollars actor.
And that necklace made of 18 carat gold, diamonds inlaid during the interval, and decorated with the Byzantine period of 6 gold coins, Elizabeth Taylor in numerous occasions to wear this necklace. In 1976, when she publicly announced with the seventh husband John Warner engaged in the same day also wear it.
Ancient coins series necklace in Bulgari’s production has an important position, the ancient coins used in ancient Rome, ancient Greece and Britain, France, the United States and other countries of the gold and silver coins, with high cultural value. Together with the jewelry can rejuven their new life. There are few points of sale in the world, and only in China. According to Bulgari’s staff told reporters that a Chinese tycoon also bought a coin necklace, but he felt the ancient coins are not bright enough to make people clean the ancient coins, but this way, the precipitation of thousands of years of pulp It disappeared. This joke reminds people that the value of luxury is not only reflected in the price, but also reflects the culture and history, not every rich people can really know.
Pfeiffer handmade top sports car settled in Xintiandi
Pfeiffer is a car manufacturer specializing in the production of the world’s top luxury car, founded by the Khouri family of three brothers in 1986 in Australia. The whole car to 100% pure hand to build, using light high-strength carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber. So far the world only a few world famous sports car company can maturely use this material technology.
Recently, the company and Ningbo Ke Chen Group shares strong combination of shares, in Shanghai Xintiandi Taiping Lake out of China’s mainland flagship store Pauli Li. In 2005, Paul Felicity at the Shanghai luxury goods show and super luxury car show stunning debut last year to Replica Cartier love bracelet Shanghai to participate in the fourteenth luxury goods exhibition and super luxury auto show.

Many people think that in the fast fashion consumption patterns, consumers are mainly concerned about the product

Not to be ignored in branding
Many people think that in the fast fashion consumption patterns, consumers are mainly concerned about the product, the brand does not matter, this idea is wrong. At present, most of the fast fashion brand in the vicinity of the Cartier love bracelet replica commercial street in the way of class stores, or even most directly in the department store, so consumers in the purchase, the same factors will consider the brand. ZARA, H & M and UNIQLO can quickly take root in China’s largest cities, and its brand’s appeal is still a great relationship. Such as the initial in Shanghai, wearing a ZARA is also a symbol of relative status, because the initial consumption of many of them have had overseas experience of the people, they are more familiar with their brand, the first consumer and unconscious branding. The domestic brands to face these internationally renowned brands, the beginning of the brand is in a weak position, so the results of competition as it is now. Therefore, for those who want to enter the field of fast fashion business, be sure to get out of misunderstanding, strengthen branding. In other words, in the field of fast fashion, product is important, but the brand is also critical.
The concept of change is fundamental, as mentioned earlier, fast fashion model is no longer selling Cartier love ring replica products, but the fashion sense, fashion rhythm. Therefore, want to fast fashion transformation of the enterprise, must be a complete concept change, in order to bring profound changes in business.
Fast fashion, apparel, the overall movement
“In the past six or seven years, consumers have become clever, they began to use cheap clothes to make their own fashion.Even after the Japanese economy is better, ‘fast fashion’ brand sales will continue to maintain “Fashion is unlikely to disappear because it fits very well with the taste of young Japanese people, who believe that clothing and accessories are no longer durable goods,” said Kojima, president of Tokyo Fashion Consultants, Is the need for frequent replacement products.
For this phenomenon, the world’s second largest manufacturer and distributor of luxury handbags COACH China, President and CEO of high-En said that luxury is not a problem, but the concept of people’s consumption is a problem. Gore said they are also infiltrating the concept of this fast fashion.
At the same time, fast fashion in the traditional areas of brand clothing is also infiltration. Such as China’s top ten sales in 2005, the rise of the imitation cartier love bracelet so-called “golden generation” of Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, Esprit, also began to pursue “fast”, “cheap” fashion chain brand, The difference is only missing the shouting “fast fashion” slogan.