The processing of art glass is divided into three categories: integrated production

Glass / crystal crafts
The processing of art glass is divided into three categories: integrated production, cold working and hot working. The main products of glass products are glass or crystal wine, crystal parts, ornaments, ashtrays, vases, glass Christmas Cartier love bracelet replica gifts, glass fruit series, glass Series, glass animal series, glass candy series, glass bartender series, glass beads, glass candlestick and other crystal crafts. 
At present, most of our glass crafts in the art of low content, more materials, low added value. Some buyers need OEM agents in the OEM or re-processing, not only on the crystal, glass crafts shape and material innovation, but also on the supplier size and production capacity of the corresponding requirements.  
Resin Crafts
Home decorations, garden products, such as the production of production. 30 resin crafts, 80s of last century spread to China Taiwan, the last century 90 fat handicraft factory. $ 989 billion, Quanzhou accounted for about 60%. 2000 began planning new development, bold exploration and try. 
The amount has improved significantly.  
Ceramic crafts
· Polo had a detailed record of ceramic crafts. More than 100 Cartier love ring replica countries and regions, the formation of traditional porcelain carvings, Western porcelain, porcelain and other household   
Wood carving handicraft design, production, technology has become increasingly mature, high-precision laser engraving, to help more enterprises to enter this threshold, but also extends the more whimsy crafts, traditional national flavor strong wood carving by foreign Buyers of the favor, in recent years, demand has been growing trend. Stylish root carving, graceful high-end Buddha carving, special wood cups, wooden key ring and so are the hot products of concern.  
Bamboo crafts
Bamboo handicrafts in recent years, the rise of its simple and elegant style, unique, mainly using bamboo carbonization process, the side pressure, gluing, sanding, painting and other multi-channel process, bamboo natural texture clear, with a strong artistic shock force. Bamboo handicrafts mainly include bamboo vase, bamboo craft plate, color bamboo plate baked, bamboo screen, bamboo arch, magazine Replica Cartier jewelry rack,
Pet cage, vines, flower sets and so on.

There was a boatman standing in the stern, and he was wearing a yellow little hat

In my many exquisite handicrafts, outstanding to be my father from Italy to bring back a Venice yacht model. This yacht chic style, delicate structure, antique, with the Italian style of Venice, Italy.
This magnificent yacht is made of Cartier love bracelet replica plastic, 40 cm long, 10 cm wide, 15 cm high. By the hull and the base of two parts. The base is conical, red, above the cloth with beautiful patterns. The upper part is connected with the bottom of the ship. The bottom is black, the hull is golden and the bow is sharp. There is a small lamp that can be loaded and unloaded between the cabin and the bow. This lamp is used for night lighting. Because it is a handicraft, so the lamp is not really bulb. In front of the cabin there is a base care, the bottom of the hole on the hole there is a dance of the villain. This little man does not look small, but the manufacture of fine, she was wearing a silver-white jacket, lower body is a red dance dress, waist also tied a blue belt. Her hands on the move, was dancing posture. Her upper body and legs are connected with two copper rings. Legs straight down, vacant. Cabin is the main part of the ship, for the three-dimensional trapezoidal, the roof was semi-circular, before and after the walls are empty, in the part of the prism are carved with large and small shapes of different patterns. Some of them are fish-shaped, some like flowers … … realistic, lifelike. As if the fish play in the water, the horse in the grassland Pentium, flowers open in the flowers, the exquisite small cabin can also open it! At the base of the two prismes there is an active screw that can lift the entire lid of the cabin. I think this Cartier love ring replica is the cabin door device. After opening the lid, you can see there is a small box inside, and the box has a row of small chairs, so the tour can sit in the cabin to watch the appearance of the water city of Venice. In the back of the hatch is also hanging eight small light bulbs, like an inverted bottle of wine, red, yellow, blue, green four colors. There was a boatman standing in the stern, and he was wearing a yellow little hat, wearing a white lapel, a blue ribbon on his collar, a red belt on his waist, handsome, with an oar in his hands, and this was the Venetian sailor Of the characteristics, with a paddle of water, it seems that he boasted the technology is also very superb it
This magnificent boat can not only when the crafts can also be a toy. In the ship’s base with a plug, the hull, villains and other installed, turn on the power, the ship can turn around, dancing villain also began to circle to dance. Cabin lights also followed the light up, and then sounded a beautiful music. Look, listen, I seem to really go to Venice. As a VIP sitting on this rich and luxurious yacht, some people dancing for me, the boatman for me boating, take me to visit the magical water world of Venice; let me watch the blue waves of waterways, a seat of classical stone Bridge; let me taste the ancient and splendid culture of Venice … … this beautiful dance, beautiful Replica Cartier jewelry music, people intoxicated, like a dream in general.
This brilliant golden yacht is small and exquisite, unique, is one of my family treasures.

The Internet in China after a short span of ten years, but it has turned upside down changes

The Internet in China after a short span of ten years, but it has turned upside down changes. From the beginning of a single means of communication, gradually evolved into information access, work and entertainment means, and now has been fully Cartier love bracelet replica penetrated and integrated into the way people are living, everything is so great changes, together appears to be so logical. According to CNNIC statistics, as of now, Chinese Internet users exceeded 320 million, ranking first in the world. 2008 direct network consumption approaching 600 billion yuan, per capita 2382 yuan. It is foreseeable that, after 80 became the mainstream of the workplace, 90 after entering the university gate, network marketing development situation is kicked off, its future influence will play with the young generation of China’s great changes in lifestyle has become increasingly prominent.
Crystal bead is a very popular in recent years, a creative hand, with the crystal beads technology continues to develop, crystal beads style and color more and more people’s ideas are more and more wonderful, like creative fashion people through their own constantly Efforts to develop a series of crystal beads.
Three) business model
Mixed operation is mainly engaged in a business, with the main varieties associated with the surrounding products, supplemented by the business model
Novice sellers due to energy, the number of types of goods and other objective factors, in the early days of the shop should not make the shop very small or great, engage in small goods is not rich enough to attract buyers, engage in large and lack of energy or lack of supply , So the best choice in the early days of the mixed operation, to a product line, and then related goods to match the stall, this is better.
(4) Main commodities
Our main handicrafts and modern craft combination, the use of sophisticated lines and beads, through our well-designed to produce different styles of beaded bags, tissue boxes, small animals and other gifts and other crafts, without losing the traditional, but also has A strong sense of the Cartier love ring replica times, more filled with a rich flavor of life.
(5) product characteristics
We and manufacturers directly contact, choose their good products to consumers
(Six) shop positioning
Shop is just our business a store or sales platform, the main sales of their products. These products are selected by us, more affordable, easier access to consumer recognition and trust; with the support of enterprises, as long as the shop to do fine, we can have a relatively large sales.
(7) customer orientation
We are positioning the customers in the 16 to 40-year-old fashionable young friends, their young, energetic, energetic, is more likely to accept online shopping this new customer base, they generally have a long time to the Internet, is a potential customer , And the quality of life requirements are relatively high, catch up with fashion, the trend, especially in reading high school students and college students friends, this is our largest customer base shop.
(8) price positioning
Now the same type of shop sales of goods are similar, so we fight the price is very powerful. For we just started the shop, you can take this pricing: according to the cost price, in the online similar products to take a medium low price. With the perfect sales Replica Cartier jewelry service to make up for the shortcomings of lack of popular shop, shop business will be slowly booming up.
1. Beaded bag, beaded craft: positioning in the 25 ~ 150 or so
2. Beads small pendant, beaded material: 2 ~ 25 or so
Principle: do not pursue profits, but can not be without profit, but can not make profits.

The name of the 3rd handicraft fair is: 2017 The thirteenth session of the Shenyang Gift Crafts Collections

The name of the 3rd handicraft fair is: 2017 The thirteenth session of the Shenyang Gift Crafts Collections, the beginning date of this meeting is May 13, 2012, to the end of May 16, at the Shenyang Science Palace Exhibition Center held. Exhibition area of about 3500 square meters. According to the organizers of the introduction, the basic information of this Council is as follows: the last situation: gifts, handicraft industry and regional economic development phase with each other, with thousands of large and medium-sized enterprises in the northeast of the transformation and rapid development, business philosophy , Economic activity Cartier love bracelet replica warming, to the Northeast region of the gift market to provide a wider range of business opportunities. Handicrafts show: Shenyang – the largest regional center of the Northeast: Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning Province, the city population of 7.4 million, is the northeastern region of the economic, cultural, transportation, financial and commercial center, located in the center of Northeast Asia, And Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Russia and other countries adjacent to the jurisdiction of a city nine districts. Handicrafts show: 2017, and you meet the largest central city of northeast —- Shenyang. Handicrafts show: Shenyang as the largest commodity distribution center in the northeast, Shenyang market effective coverage and comprehensive radiation northeast, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, the Russian market, is the enterprise to enter the Northeast market and compete for the northeast market sales bridgehead. Handicrafts show: Shenyang gift exhibition, along with the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base, has developed into the northeastern region of the largest and most influential gift exhibition. Xiaobian arranged the scope of exhibits provided by the organizers, which is roughly the following, including your handicrafts: gifts; gifts; gifts; business gifts; advertising promotional items; advertising; promotional items; electronic gifts; Leather; leather products; leather products; cultural; cultural goods; books; handicrafts; collection; collectibles; leather goods; Glass products; glass; crystal; crystal; jewelry; jewelry; pottery; bamboo; resin; jade; stone; carving; handicrafts; rattan iron products; iron products; silk; silk process; agate; The handicrafts show friends, you can pay attention to the price Cartier love ring replica Description: Standard Price 1: 4800 yuan standard booth price 1: 3800 yuan special price 1: 480 yuan / square meter special price 1: 480 yuan / square meter If you are on handicrafts Exhibition to visit, exhibitors or consulting intention, you can go to “here” to fill, handicrafts show organizers will receive this information in a timely manner.
The name of the 4th Handicraft Fair is: 2012 The 7th China (Zhengzhou) International Gifts, Handicrafts and Home Supplies Exhibition, the start date of this meeting is May 24, 2012, to the end of May 26, in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. According to the organizer’s introduction, the basic information of this Council is as follows: The last situation: attracted from Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Hubei and other places of 38000 professional buyers to visit the procurement, according to field survey , 85% of the exhibitors to achieve the desired purpose. The last situation: the fifth Eurasian Gifts Fair in 2010 brought together more than 530 well-known enterprises exhibiting at home and abroad in 31 regions, up 65% over the previous year and 52% in continuous exhibition rate. The last situation: Henan Province Business Association Zhang Huiyu president for the handicrafts exhibition inscription “run the show to promote the development of Henan business”, highlighting the Association of Eurasian exhibitions to do the determination and confidence. Industry background: the sixth Zhengzhou Eurasian Gift Show in the summary of the previous exhibition experience on the basis of a Replica Cartier jewelry number of closely linked to the characteristics of the Central Plains and the gift industry trends, will be launched in heavy “gift purchase special meeting will invite all levels of government and Large enterprises and institutions procurement department and exhibitors on-site negotiations.

If the oxidation is not very serious, please do not worry, you can wipe with a silver cloth

If the oxidation is not very serious, please do not worry, you can wipe with a silver cloth. Do not rush to go with the first wash with silver wash Oh ~ ~ ~ after all, is also a chemical agent, the jewelry also has a certain role in the Cartier love bracelet replica corrosion. Rub silver cloth is your first choice ^ _ ^ there are many small recipe, for example, put silver jewelry in the cola night bubble, or brush with a soft brush dipped in toothpaste. The The The but
After washing can remember to clean the water with cotton cloth above Oh! The The
First, the commonly used diamond maintenance methods are as follows:
1, cleaning solution cleaning method
With a small bowl or cups containing warm water, in the water to adjust the amount of neutral detergent. Diamonds dipped in water, gently scrubbed with a toothbrush, and then use a mesh siphon, in the tap under the rinse with warm water. Finally, with a soft lint-free cloth can be wiped dry.
2, cold water immersion method
Use a small bowl or cup, mix the right amount of water with the household Ammonian water, immerse the diamonds in the water for about 30 minutes, then use a small brush, gently scrub around the diamonds, and then wipe for a while in the Cartier love ring replica  water. Come out with a paper towel can be dry.
3, quick cleaning method
Buy a bottle of brand-name jewelry cleaning fluid, together with the attached container, follow the instructions to wash the diamond.
Other tips for nursing diamonds:
1, there are some tips to help you care for diamonds. When you are doing housework, please do not let the diamond jewelry stained with chlorine bleach, it will not damage the diamond, but will make the set fade or discoloration.
2, do not wear diamonds when washing or rough, diamonds, although hard, but if the direction of the texture by the heavy blow may be scratched.
Turquoise jewelry: wear turquoise jewelry must be careful, it can absorb grease. Do not wear turquoise jewelery when you apply sunscreen or milk. Because turquoise once it is difficult to make it back to dirty.
Opal jewelry: must be kept in a cool Replica Cartier jewelry place. Because the egg contains a lot of water, in the sun or light exposure for too long will be dehydrated. Nursing method is soaked in water or sweet apricot oil for two days, will be restored as early as the beginning.

Parity routes make exquisite life into the homes of ordinary people

Parity routes make exquisite life into the homes of ordinary people
Into the “fun life”, the store is not large, simple decoration, simple shelves on a variety of categories to display a variety of creative products, creative kitchen, creative bathroom, creative gifts, creative office supplies, creative computer peripheral products ……
From September last year, Guangzhou Haizhu District Jiangnan West Road, the first “fun life” to the present, Fan Hao has opened five consecutive stores, and now he is preparing to open the sixth store in Tianhe District. So fast shop speed is surprising, so that can guarantee profits? Faced with this question, Fan Hao very confidently laughed: “The speed of the shop is indeed faster, I keep this speed, for two reasons.First, my Cartier love bracelet replica profit situation to ensure that my speed.” Second, this is the “fun life” to take the parity line terminal sales business philosophy and creative product market itself, the characteristics of the decision. ”
Fan Hao explained that in China, the current creative home market is a very broad market space in the primary market, far less than South Korea, Thailand, the United States, Japan, the popularity and maturity, but the market is currently rapidly rising, people on Creative home, creative gift demand has been brought back, the demand is very large. But the current domestic many creative products are taking boutique, high-priced line, which makes many consumers discouraged. And Fan Hao investigation found that the product that the target customer base should be white-collar workers, but the fact that more 30-40 year-old ordinary consumers and the student class also has a higher consumer demand. Therefore, Fan Hao will own “fun life” at the parity of creative home, gift shop, just as life in the same supermarket. This requires Fan Hao as soon as possible to open stores, the establishment of a wider range of retail terminals, the rapid follow-up and occupation of the market in order to obtain economies of Replica Cartier jewelry scale and brand effect.
In addition, the creative goods itself is easy to imitate and replacement quickly also decided that the market must be rapidly expanded, because only the first occupation of the market in order to eventually win the market.
Sure enough, Fan Hao was successful. Even open the five stores are profitable, and the profit is also good, the average monthly income of about 10,000 yuan each store.
Market Investment and Risk Analysis
Such a huge creative home, creative gift market, I believe for many investors is a huge temptation, this article to “fun life” sales center Chen Jiaci branch, for example, please “fun life” boss Fan Hao for this market to do a detailed market investment and risk analysis.
Location rent
Fan Hao said: “The creative home gift shop is concerned, the first is the site, the second is the site, the third site or site!” Enough to see the location of the importance of creative home gifts. In general, the creative home gift shop location to see the general situation and the purchasing power of the situation. Independent stores should be selected in the characteristics of the street, fashion shopping street and popular shopping district, it should be noted that, due to high rents and small product profits thin, not suitable for the shop on the main road, you can choose the shopping circle And so on, so that both to ensure proper flow, but also reduce the rent. In addition, open in the store, a large supermarket is also a good choice. “Fun life” Chen Temple shop selected in the more prosperous near the Kangwang City, next to the Metro Line A exit and McDonald’s, people flow, and have a certain level of Cartier love ring replica consumption. A total of 20 square meters of the shop, the monthly rent of 5,000 yuan, two by one, the first month need to pay 15,000 yuan in rent. For investors who have just started business, Fan Hao suggested rent control in 6000 yuan.
Decoration rack costs

Compatible with SD / MMC / U disk / card reader live; all digital power amplifier; radio playback

Compatible with SD / MMC / U disk / card reader live; all digital power amplifier; radio playback
Product meaning: advocating oriental traditional culture, indifferent after the calm calm in the Cartier love bracelet replica elegant and quiet, temperament introverted user base, need a kind of natural quenching rich cultural accumulation of sound products, you can feel the music in the busy, Empty mind, the heart of the water to learn the power of life, and love the passion of life.
At the same time, also need to expand the function, the greatest degree to meet the most commonly used music equipment, such as iphone, ipod, U disk, SD card and so on.
To send the elderly parents: card or U disk directly play music. Suitable for morning exercise, square dance; children out of the same, you can also let parents in their later life colorful!
Send pregnant women: bed music, mini mobile sound, prenatal education from the music began to listen to music to make pregnant people, more entertainment.
Let your baby listen to music from the beginning and feel maternal love.
Chinese red gift set work busy mother, maybe every day in the cooking family trivia at the same time but also focus on the work of affairs. Not in the mother’s side why we do not bless the mother’s holiday happy at the same time, but also to the gift to the mother to the immediate relief Cartier love ring replica it? This Chinese red gift set completely sustenance of the mother’s blessing.
Red represents auspicious, prosperous, harvest, festive. In ancient and modern China, no red is not a celebration, no red but years, no red must Kyrgyzstan, every red must be rich, every red must be expensive.
“Chinese red” glaze bright red, bright color, calm, luster introverted and yet gorgeous, dignified and simple, full of transparent feeling, intimate life breath, called the glaze in the treasures.
If you need more traditional and stylish creative gifts and a wide range of product cases, please pay attention to zycd365 WeChat release, you can contact us, we will offer you a Chinese classic visual gluttonous feast.
Zhongyi Chengda Gift & Cheng Li Life Museum, focus on the gift industry event small state, concerned about the urban community elite business, home, office, social, etiquette culture exclusive gift customization. We only for the pursuit of the Replica Cartier jewelry perfect platform for you to build, provide air purifier, mobile power, U disk, the Chinese wind gifts, wooden gifts and other creative gifts customized to do the gift of the common micro-friends .2017 Zhongyi Yi Cheng Gifts Exhibition tour

With the development of the festival, Mother’s Day is now a global nature of the festival

With the development of the festival, Mother’s Day is now a global nature of the festival, even if we are no matter how against the Western festivals, but this way of Thanksgiving mother I think everyone will not object. Of course, do not want all of our gratitude to this day, but put it into the heart, really grateful in every day of life.
Although this day the heart is Cartier love bracelet replica there, but we have to give a gift of what kind of mother will like it?
First, go home to accompany her mother
Mother’s Day that day, for those who often go out there, there is no better than their home gift, you go home, my mother is the most happy.
Second, let my mother enjoy the “Queen” treatment
Mother hard work hard for a lifetime, Mother Day, let the mother put a day off, so that my mother really idle one day, enjoy a leisurely life.
Three, for the mother hair
When my mother often for our hair, Mother Day, we comb the mother for the first time, no matter how good comb, the mind to the mother can certainly feel.
Four, to accompany her mother shopping
Women are basically like shopping, Mother’s Day, accompanied by her mother visiting the street, no matter not buy things, my mother happy on the line.
Five, with her mother travel
May weather is not too hot, good weather, with her mother to a short Cartier love ring replica trip, both comfortable and physical and emotional, is a good choice!
Six, for the mother porridge
To the Internet looking for a bag of similar longevity ten porridge, oat nourishing porridge and the like porridge, buy home to cook a porridge to the mother to drink, thank my mother for many years to pay my hard work.
Seven, teach mother with WeChat
Often outside the children, after going home, if you can, to the mother’s cell phone loaded with WeChat, tell her mother how to use, how more convenient to speak with children, video.
Eight, to the mother feet
Playing a pot of water, to the mother to wash the Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica foot, according to massage, thank mother in our young day every day to help us take a bath to wash clothes, spend money to buy flowers so that the thrift of the mother was a hundred times stronger
Nine, with a mother physical examination
People on the age, easy to suffer from various diseases, Mother’s Day, for the mother’s health, with my mother to be a physical examination, a comprehensive understanding of the physical condition of her mother is a good choice.
10, with a girlfriend home