Paris attractions recommended

Paris attractions recommended
Not long ago and his wife travel with the letter to Paris,
The following give you recommend a few will go to the attractions, we go to Paris to travel to see Oh ~
Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is the product of the 1889 Paris Cartier love bracelet replica World Expo. The tower is 300 meters high and the antenna is 24 meters high and 324 meters high. At the beginning of the building, this strange shape of the metal monster has caused, including Maupassant, including the French opposition. The passage of time, then the voice of opposition has been dissipated in the history of the hubbub, and now the Eiffel Tower is the absolute landmark of Paris, the pride of France.
Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe was built to commemorate the victory of Napoleon’s 1806 war, although the ancient Roman Arc de Triomphe was the prototype, but the scale was unmatched in the Roman era. Is the world’s premier monumental building. Although follow the ancient Roman Arc de Triomphe type, but in the composition of the facade, the abolition of the pits to giant carving as the main component of the Cartier love ring replica facade. On the front of the “uprising”, “victory”, “war” and “peace” as the theme of the four groups of huge carving, from the then three French classical romantic master carving master, with great artistic shock.
The Louvre is known as one of the world’s three major museums, and its art collection is rich in art, and it is unimaginable, and it is an architectural treasure. The Louvre was built in 1204 years, after 800 years of expansion, rebuild to today’s scale. It was a castle on the right bank of the Seine and later the palace of the French royal family. In 1793, the Louvre was officially opened to the public museum.
Notre Dame Cathedral
The Cathedral of Notre Dame is located on the island of Paris in the heart of the island, is the Catholic Cathedral of Paris, the cathedral. Church for the Gothic style, visitors can board the tower to visit, although the “bell tower weird”, but can see the 17th century clock, close contact with the church on the outer wall of the Replica Cartier jewelry animal, overlooking the Xidai and Seine The beautiful scenery.

In addition to professional craftsmen, there are some crafts that are produced at home and used for home use

In addition to professional craftsmen, there are some crafts that are produced at home and used for home use, are some noble women’s leisure career. This leisure work can occur today by what we call “work courses”: for example, shepherds use wood to make branches, pipes, spoons. The last item is a special gift for the girls they are in mind. In Brittany in western France, men and women marry a special carved spoon that is made by boys for Cartier love bracelet replica engagement girls. 1, in the industry associations or organizations of the industry association of a statement is in the period of Charles I (also known as the Charlie the Great) occurred, Charlie the Great living in 742 to 814 years. He is a warrior, but he is also a protector of literature and art in his later years. He opened a school for many children, including all the boys and girls who were educated at home and those who did not receive education. At that time, a group of groups of common interest, the same similar family members to each other, gradually, through the help of the city, the line began to have a commercial component. So in the Middle Ages (11-14 century), guilds were a group of people’s common activities, mostly dealers. The Society requires the protection of the city or the state authority. The rules of the guild about the seller first appeared in northern Europe, the northern part of Henry I during the reign of Germany Cartier love ring replica, and then their business city associations were known in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea region, known as the “Ligue hanséatique”. In the case of France, professional guilds gather artisans or women who work in specific cities. The class is very strict, the collaborators include apprentices (beginners), workers (companions) and masters. According to price, production, working conditions and uses, rules become more and more strict. Gradually, the master’s title became a hereditary system. 2, the work of the work community This cooperative organization provides a general framework, similar to today’s administrative organization or excellent business. They are responsible for quality control, saving public interest, maintaining social and trade rules, and learning about processes. They are the smart owners of the world, is the manager of the production process and model, can make a region or the city’s most famous technology out of borders. The legal person defines the craft products as well as their internal three categories of members: apprentices, helpers and masters. When the process becomes more specialized, the craft community can generate new activities. Learning in the community starts at 14 years old, about 2 to 12 years, usually 4 years. Learners live and eat in the master’s room (if the learner is a girl, live and eat in the hostess’s room). According to a written study contract, parents must pay tuition fees to the master. Theoretical teaching is offered by vocational schools, and most of the vocational schools are of a high level, and he can even teach math and geometry for watches and clocks. At the end of the semester, the learner will be sworn and registered as a skilled worker in the city. The length and price of the Replica Cartier jewelry study will be determined by the level of the process. “Workers” are given different names, the meaning of the word “workers” today. They can work with the master for some time: one day, one week, one week, one month, six months or one year. Work in a specific city workshop and be asked to study in the same place.