Every Valentine’s Day is a test of each other’s problems, 2017 Valentine’s Day seems to be more layer of meaning

Every Valentine’s Day is a test of each other’s problems, 2017 Valentine’s Day seems to be more layer of meaning. Perfume is definitely the best choice, but how to choose a certain skill.
2017, this year with the “love you” homophonic year is bound to become a lot of Cartier love bracelet replica people love the worship of the year, and the upcoming 2.14 Valentine’s Day is also destined to love the believers to express their minds important day – “love you again and again” The
Valentine’s Day gift – this never fled the topic, what will never send more difficult to send than to send.
General boys may not be so concerned about a day can not receive the gift, but girls are not the same, as early as the New Year’s Day when they have already thought about what kind of gift will be received, this is not a plan, this is a small dream. Believe me, a bad gift is enough for you to qualify for the 11th day of the Singles Day.
A difficult choice
What to send to the beloved, is every day with her problems.
It is best not to choose clothes, because you do not know her size, choose a small she can not wear, choose a big care she thought you too she was fat.
It is best not to skin care products, because you may not know her Cartier love ring replica skin. This is a kind of burden for her, go hand by the flowers of the Buddha she could not bear a mind, their own use is indeed inappropriate, the last is tangled to even think of you feel irritable.
What she needs in the end, or something more than one she will never feel disgusted and redundant?
Non-perfume can not.
There are millions of kinds of smell in the world, there are you like you hate, the choice of fragrance becomes everyone’s understanding and expression of the self. Their own perfume is rub in their own body, others can feel, but in the final analysis it is still a private thing, so which need to consider what brand, what price, what origin, can not let you smell close your eyes, Relaxed and happy breathing, can not represent their own is the most important.
And as a gift of perfume is a definition of Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica each other and give the behavior, was particularly careful!

What are the advantages of creative gift box packaging

What are the advantages of creative gift box packaging
Packaging industry gradually grow and Cartier love bracelet replica develop, a variety of creative gift box products into the market, making the packaging market stars prosperity, wooden box packaging products is now the mainstream packaging industry.
The use of creative gift box can not only improve the grade of gifts, but also conducive to the preservation of the product, for drinking products, such as red wine, will use the wooden box, the use of wooden box packaging has the following advantages:
1, ornamental
Wooden box not only has a simple and heavy texture, in the process is also very fine and elegant, therefore, to bring people a very strong viewing.
2, preservation
The use of wooden boxes for packaging products can better protect the product from damage and Cartier love ring replica damage, compared with other materials, the use of longer boxes, and some boxes also have a good waterproof performance.
3, color variability
The surface of the creative gift box process uses a paint spray process, the surface of the paint is matte, matte paint surface with retro style, hand touch is very smooth, feel good.
The surface of the paint is also colored, green and natural style, elegant red, calm and solemn black, there are cute lovely violet color …
In short, the creative gift box is now the main product approach, like wine packaging in the past are the use of cartons, carton packaging is gradually replaced by wooden box, creative gift box can set off the product on the tall. Huakang glue animal glue drying time fast, the use of clean www.ourlovestore.com, strong sticky.

Creative gift four: November 11, single dinner

Creative gift four: November 11, single dinner
Huadeng early, their own to a wonderful date
This idea is suitable for single misery syndrome is not too serious, and some small money and small mood of friends. Because of the single, so you will fantasy romantic dating, but also fantasy romantic candlelight dinner. But there is no love Cartier love bracelet replica to share with you such a wonderful moment. It does not matter, to their own to a single romantic dinner it, or about a few friends with a single, will definitely make your club day night unforgettable. Perhaps next year, you have no right to eliminate such a memorable dinner. Prepare a sufficient amount of money for corruption, and pick a good place for yourself to enjoy a single romantic dinner for some time in advance, which is an important step in the success of this creative.
Creative gift five: November 11, the most economic gift – send a text message greeting it
See this message, around and distant friends are happy about Oh. Special selection of the following SMS template, I wish the Singles Happy section: 1. Singles Day, I wish you trouble “light” bald, sad “light” yo, auspicious “light” brilliant, good luck “light” shining, happy to carry forward “Light” big, happy forever “light” mans. Happy Singles!
2. alone is not good, do not have to cook food, hungry called takeaway, what things did not hinder, but parents blame, the mood is helpless, only hard to wait, waiting for true love, I hope this dish, Of the irrigation, early lift his feet before the step, out of the Cartier love ring replica single, you and me bachelor generation, “stripped” no longer “leftovers”! Happy Singles!
3. On the occasion of the arrival of this Singles, I would like to express my deep condolences to the struggles on the single edge of the two little brother-in-law’s two nephews, who wish to get rid of single poverty as soon as possible, Section sticks
4. On the occasion of the arrival of this Singles, I would like to represent the “leftover dynasty”, wish all the “left fighter”, “will leave customer”, “fighting the left Buddha”, “Qi Tian big left” holiday happy “Stripped”!
5. bachelor creative method: just eat a fritters, eat only a chopstick, bus only take a road, mahjong only Hu one, K song only point “lonely life”, SMS only made one. Singles must be happy Oh!
To send you a fried fritters, I wish you “oil” wife “oil” small; send you a sugar cane, send you a piece of Replica Cartier love bracelet chopsticks, I wish you “chopsticks chopsticks” I wish you “sweet” fast stripped. Happy Singles!

Silver jewelry cleaning nine methods

Silver jewelry cleaning nine methods
1, using Coca-Cola soak, soak for 12 hours.
2, the use of lipstick will be coated on the Cartier love bracelet replica cloth and then wipe silver, and finally rinse with water.
3, using acetic acid scrub.
4, with a night of tea soaked.
5, wipe with a silver cloth.
6, the use of modified liquid coated on silver jewelry, in the correction fluid is not dry before the cloth rub silver jewelry.
7, use toothpaste and toothbrush to scrub.
8, with a lighter burn black silver jewelry (Note: This method is limited to Suyin (gold and gold inlaid silver jewelry can not be used. Temperature is not too high, the ban on the use of matches, because the match contains sulfur, silver will become vulcanized Silver) and then rub silver cloth to polish silver. This method so that Su Yin jewelry particularly bright.
9, Su silver silver jewelry often black, although it can often clean up, but also very troublesome. I teach you to prepare a bottle of transparent nail polish before cleaning the silverware. After the cleaning is done, dry the silver Cartier love ring replica jewelry with a hairdryer and then apply a layer of nail polish to the clean silver. This method our customers have tried to keep silverware up to a long time within a year.
Silver jewelry maintenance methods
A, usually without time, sealed to save, can be a small plastic bag is good, isolated air to reduce the chance of oxidation, keep jewelry often new;
B, silver and other alloy jewelry, try not to touch the water and irritating liquid. Silver jewelry need to pick off the hot springs, usually bathing can be worn when swimming, but to avoid contact with sulfur soap, hair dye, perm and other easy to damage the silver Surface glossy items;
C, to pay special attention to the silver jewelry inlaid stone, try not to touch the water, because the mosaic junction will be cracks when the water easily fall off the stone.
D, on the smooth jewelry, usually with a delicate paper towels or soft cloth to wipe, along the same direction back and forth gently wipe to avoid excessive scratches. The best effect is to use a professional rub silver cloth.
E, bright silver jewelry can be washed with silver wash, after cleaning with a lot of water panning, and finally with a small amount of alkaline water (such as soapy water or detergent water) and then rub a moment, and then Replica Cartier love bracelet water scouring net, soft Cloth dry. Finally, the use of detergent and then the reason is to neutralize the wash and wash the weak acid water in order to really play the role of washing silver water.

Platinum is also known as platinum, chemical element symbol Pt, silver-white precious metals

Platinum is also known as platinum, chemical element symbol Pt, silver-white precious metals, hardness slightly higher than the gold, the density of 21.45g / cm3 (20.C), the melting point of 1768. C, it has many excellent characteristics, such as corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and beautiful colors, etc., because platinum has these characteristics, either to produce a unique shape, body tough platinum Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry, can also be used to make inlaid jewelry Jewelery, especially in the platinum base set on the mosaic of the spark of the diamond, the perfect match, complement each other, is the most popular jewelery.
The types of platinum jewelery (market common)
PT990 jewelry, also known as full platinum jewelry, the platinum content of not less than nine thousand nine thousand.
PT900 jewelry, the platinum content of not less than nine thousandths.
PT850 jewelry, the platinum content of not less than eight thousand and fifty thousand.
Platinum jewelry mark:
Material and content mark: such as: PT900, said the platinum content of not less than nine thousandths.
Manufacturers mark: such as: Beijing E, said a manufacturer production.
Diamond weight: such as: D0.26, said the weight of the diamond inlaid 0.26 karats.
Consumers in the purchase of Cartier love ring replica jewelry to pay special attention to the mark, the platinum (platinum) jewelry and white K gold jewelry distinction, white 18K gold mark as 18K, platinum (platinum) for the Pt.
Silver jewelry basic knowledge:
Silver, chemical element symbol Ag, silver-white precious metals, low hardness, density 10.5% / cm3, melting point 960. C, with good conductivity, ductility and thermal conductivity, in addition to electronic, medical, photographic industry, but also for the manufacture of currency, jewelry, utensils and so on.
Silver jewelry classification (market common)
S990 full silver jewelry its silver content of not less than nine thousand nine thousand.
S925 silver jewelry its silver content of not less than 925 per thousand.
Silver jewelry mark:
Material and content mark, such as: S925, said jewelry silver content of not less than 925 per Replica Cartier love bracelet thousand.

Sofia Roland in the movie “Clouds Storm” wearing a set with 48 total weight of 59.33 karats of diamond necklace

Sofia Roland in the movie “Clouds Storm” wearing a set with 48 total weight of 59.33 karats of diamond necklace, it is Bulgari in the nineties classic, pillow ruby and diamonds and side by side The This literary documentary is seen in some way as the mother of the film “Queen of Prada”.
2006 Italy has a movie exciting, it is “my Cartier love bracelet replica superman girlfriend”, which has a very breathtaking scene, described in New York Fifth Avenue, Bulgari boutique stalls armed robbery scene, was taken away this Necklace created in 2005, the pocket-shaped necklace by 169 total weight of 395.89 carats in different shapes, colorful sapphire and 951 diamonds inlaid from. Fortunately, this scene is only in the movie.
Yu Po cherished the emphasis on luxury values
Elizabeth Taylor, the Chinese people have a good impression on the eight married woman, her life is full of gossip spirit, with beautiful face and ups and downs of the experience of the “Hollywood” three words to make the perfect Note, she is also a loyal fan of Bulgari, her life has countless Bulgari jewelry, last autumn, Bulgari in an auction successfully shot her used jewelry, so the Shanghai The tour organizes an exhibition hall to showcase the seven pieces of jewelry she has used: Emerald Diamond Set, Emerald Diamond Ring, Brooch, Long Necklace, “Trentino” Ring, Gold Coin Long Necklace, Gold Turquoise Hand mirror.
These seven pieces of jewelry are only Elizabeth Taylor’s family thrown out, not all, but still can prove her artistic career and the close relationship with Bulgari. At the same time, these pieces of jewelry also as gossip news material, the reporter has repeatedly commented. The long necklace and the “Trentino” ring are Elizabeth Taylor’s 40-year-old gift, and she likes to wear them even while swimming.
The set of emerald diamond rings and diamond spring brooch is undoubtedly heavyweight, octagonal ladder cut grandmother weighing 23.44 karats, brooches can be used as a part of the emerald diamond necklace pendants to wear. They were given by Richard Burton in 1962 to Elizabeth Taylor as an engagement present. It was also two years after Elizabeth Taylor’s only jewelry on the wedding with Richard Burton. So that the Bulgari family is very chest tightness is that the pendant at the auction by an Arab businessman bought, after several consultations also refused to love, then make this set of jewelry is not complete.
In 1962 Elizabeth Taylor was used in the epic movie “Cleopatra” in Elizabeth after the use of Cleopatra, but so far do not know who Give to her. But this mirror to help Yan and Fox film industry contract, as the first film in the history of millions of Cartier love ring replica dollars actor.
And that necklace made of 18 carat gold, diamonds inlaid during the interval, and decorated with the Byzantine period of 6 gold coins, Elizabeth Taylor in numerous occasions to wear this necklace. In 1976, when she publicly announced with the seventh husband John Warner engaged in the same day also wear it.
Ancient coins series necklace in Bulgari’s production has an important position, the ancient coins used in ancient Rome, ancient Greece and Britain, France, the United States and other countries of the gold and silver coins, with high cultural value. Together with the jewelry can rejuven their new life. There are few points of sale in the world, and only in China. According to Bulgari’s staff told reporters that a Chinese tycoon also bought a coin necklace, but he felt the ancient coins are not bright enough to make people clean the ancient coins, but this way, the precipitation of thousands of years of pulp It disappeared. This joke reminds people that the value of luxury is not only reflected in the price, but also reflects the culture and history, not every rich people can really know.
Pfeiffer handmade top sports car settled in Xintiandi
Pfeiffer is a car manufacturer specializing in the production of the world’s top luxury car, founded by the Khouri family of three brothers in 1986 in Australia. The whole car to 100% pure hand to build, using light high-strength carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber. So far the world only a few world famous sports car company can maturely use this material technology.
Recently, the company and Ningbo Ke Chen Group shares strong combination of shares, in Shanghai Xintiandi Taiping Lake out of China’s mainland flagship store Pauli Li. In 2005, Paul Felicity at the Shanghai luxury goods show and super luxury car show stunning debut last year to Replica Cartier love bracelet Shanghai to participate in the fourteenth luxury goods exhibition and super luxury auto show.

Every diamond ring is a touching love story

Bulgari ring
Every diamond ring is a touching love story. Bulgari diamond ring and love, as love at first sight romance, I do not know who is the first choice. Recalling the history of the Bulgari ring, is to review the history of modern jewelry changes in the century, in the development of the Bulgari ring, has been with the national royal family and celebrities maintain a close contact and close contacts, and has become a global Fashion people’s luxury dream. However, in the face of a large number of Cartier love bracelet replica wedding ring wedding ring, you know how to identify the authenticity of good or bad? Here to share the Cartier ring how to identify true and false.
Diamonds forever, a permanent spread “for hundreds of years, the diamond ring as an important representative of love and marriage, indestructible diamonds and eternal love of love together, the diamond as the expression of love, the best way to pass love Diamonds are almost in contact with marriage.We know that diamonds are a very expensive item, wearing diamonds more into a “noble” symbol of jewelry. Diamond jewelry in China this land, more and more The more people are welcome, and become gold, platinum after the third largest consumer goods. China each year 15 million people get married, wedding buy diamond ring is becoming a fashion and a specific symbolic significance.But the diamond ring which is good:
Cutting: Cutting is one of the only human factors. A skilled diamond cutter can make a good diamond ore dazzling, he can make the internal light to the greatest degree of reflection to the diamond surface. The cutting division should cut it as if he were in a mirror-like symmetry. A good piece of ore may be wasted because of the shortage of skilled workers. An ideal diamond should be rounded, and there are 58 clear cutting edge, it can reflect the maximum light. A high quality diamond has a high value, reflective and symmetrical, but cutting poor quality
Of diamonds may be cut too deep or too shallow because of the Cartier love ring replica maximum weight to keep it, so that it can not make it brighter. Polishing technology will also affect the quality of diamonds, a perfect cut, symmetrical diamonds may be due to poor polishing and reduce the value.
Color: In some large jewelry store will display some of the diamonds used for comparison, they will be a variety of color levels of diamonds in a row to help customers to control, because the general customers can not use the naked eye to distinguish the color of diamonds. The color of the diamond color to the top grade, with the deepening of the yellow and gradually second.
Purity: In general, the flaws determine the value of diamonds. More accurately, depends on how much of the impurities in the ore. Almost every diamond ore contains diamond ring impurities, even if the quality of the better drilling of ore, there will be some minor flaws. When its clarity is LC grade can be regarded as flawless level.
Carat: Carat was once considered a decisive measure of the value of diamonds. When people say that buying 2 karats of diamonds, people will feel incredible. In fact, diamond cutting, color and purity and weight for diamond value is equally important. A poor cutting process, the color is yellow and flawed 2 karats of diamonds worth far less than a cut perfectly, transparent and pure diamonds. Therefore, the weight of diamonds is not the main factor in determining the value of diamonds. The weight of the diamond still affects its value. It is important to know whether the weight of the diamond told you is accurate.
Diamond ring is another important part of the ring, choose what kind of metal production diamond ring, diamond ring price will change. At present, the most commonly used ringing material K gold, platinum. K gold is gold and other metal alloy, with “K” to measure. “K” the greater the number, the higher the purity to 24K gold for the gold. And the production of more than 18K gold diamond ring, inlaid solid, but if you wear a long time, the ring is easier to wear. But it is relatively price. If it is a carat diamond ring, 18K gold is cheaper than platinum. Platinum is a rare natural white metal, high purity, high stability, ductility is also very good, used to make Replica Cartier love bracelet jewelry the best. Especially inlaid diamonds, then to ensure a solid while also increase the beauty of diamonds. Platinum a lot of advantages, naturally its price is the most expensive, so made of platinum 1 carat diamond ring is more expensive than other metals

Tips: to appropriate baking soda and other soda ash to reconcile the amount of skin care products

Tips: to appropriate baking soda and other soda ash to reconcile the amount of skin care products, a few minutes to ten minutes later, if the gray-black, you can initially determine its containing mercury. The deeper the discoloration, the higher the content of mercury or some Cartier love bracelet replica kind of mercury compound.
Lead injury path: whitening cosmetics
Lead-containing cosmetics also have whitening effect, the use of about 2 to 3 weeks after such products, the skin will obviously become smooth, white, and dark spots and acne also quickly subsided. However, about six months to a year later, the skin will be a problem, such as dark spots increased, appear acne, acne and redness, cheeks hair thickening, facial skin erythema, peeling, skin tight feeling Series of symptoms, once disabled symptoms will be more serious, or induced other serious complications, such as allergic dermatitis, skin cancer, and even disfigurement. In addition, lead to the body has a potential harm, can damage nerves, digestion, urinary, endocrine systems and bones and so on. Lead can also be through the placenta, milk into the fetus and baby body, affecting the next generation of health.
Weapon: In order to whiten, we inevitably come into contact with Cartier love ring replica them, but the key is to master the use of time. When you have the desired effect, you should stop using such a functional product. Switch to basic skin care products.
Tips: the child’s lead capacity is far worse than adults, lead by the greater harm, so parents should regularly check with the child blood lead index.
Bismuth Damage Path: Lipstick
Know how to love their own women’s bag will always have a lipstick. Recently very popular with the shiny effect of lipstick, it will make the whole makeup more bright. But this lipstick generally contains metal bismuth that helps to increase the color luster. Although bismuth-containing carbonates can be used to protect the skin, they may cause skin irritation to the lips. Lipstick has long been eating the entrance, but also on the liver and kidney damage.
Weapon: the best every 3 months for a lipstick, once found to smell or oozing drops of water quickly lost. Apply lipstick before lip balm products, so that lipstick and lips in direct contact. Wash your lipstick before your meal. To prevent it from entering the body with food.
Tips: When buying lipstick, first put the sample on the back of the hand. And then use the gold ring in the above friction. While looking at the changes in the color of the lipstick. The color turns black to indicate that it contains heavy Fake Cartier love bracelet metals. The darker the color becomes. The higher the heavy metal content.

According to the brand name of the wallet, sales amount, market share, after-sales reputation

According to the brand name of the wallet, sales amount, market share, after-sales reputation, has been the user’s reputation and other aspects of the statistics rankings, ranking in no particular order, but as everyone to buy men’s bag products Of a reference, please do not superstition big, big is not a panacea.
2010 latest men’s bag brand ranking, the following list of data generated by the system automatically statistics, sorted in alphabetical Cartier love bracelet replica order, only to provide you with reference. China famous (famous) bag brand list: with ten brand name package + Dunhill, Puma puma, miumiu, Tiffany Tiffany, Cartier Cartier, Paris family, Montagut Montagut, Boshi Hugo Boss, Satchi SATCHI, Golden Monkey, Miles WANLIMA
Men’s bag brand ranking:
1 Louis Vuitton LV (LV brand was founded in 1854 France Paris, luggage and leather goods in the world’s first brand)
2 Chanel (brand began in 1921 France, the famous luxury brand, each of its products are well-known)
3 Gucci Ou  (started in 1923 Italy Florence, the top ten brand-name package, Italy’s largest fashion group)
4 St. Paul Polo (world famous, from the United States in 1910, the top ten brand-name package, the world famous brand)
5 Prada Prada (in 1913 Italy Milan, a long history of the famous brand, the Italian brand, the top ten brand-name package)
6 Coates Coach (1941 New York Manhattan, the United States by the market the longest and most successful one of the leather brand)
7 Crocodile Lacoste (founded in 1933 in France, world famous brand, famous clothing brand, ten famous brand package)
8 Daphne Daphne (top ten brand-name package, industry well-known brands, diversified business group, Hong Kong Yongen Group)
9 Nike Nike (in 1972 the United States, the world’s sports brand overlord, sporting goods industry’s leading brand)
10 Goldlion Goldlion (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, Top Ten Famous Brand, Industry Famous Brand, Goldlion Group)
Women’s high-grade bag brand ranking:
The Chinese names are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Diou, Gu Ti, Valentino, Prada, and George. They are the Chinese names of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, · Armani, Dunhill, Fendi, Coates.
LV (Louis Vuitton): founder Louis Vuitton in 1854 founded the Louis Vuitton brand, the design of the handbag soon became fashionable, 42 years later, his son with his father Louis Vuitton The first letter of the name LV designed so far the world famous world brand, now part of the French specialty luxury goods Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Group.
Chanel : founder Gabrielle Chanel Chanel in 1913 founded in Paris, France Cartier love ring replica Chanel, Chanel’s wide range of products, clothing, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, perfume, With fashion.
Gucci : Gucci is an Italian fashion brand, by Gucci Ou Gucci in 1921 founded in Florence. Gucci products include fashion, leather goods, shoes, watches, ties, scarves, perfume, household items and pet supplies, etc., Chinese translation Gucci.
Diro: Diro is the founder of Christiandior (Christian Dior) registered, as the world and now the clothing, cosmetics and other brands.
C & T ancient ti: is the Italian brand flow to China. Tradition and innovation, from the European fashion culture, for all 20 to 35-year-old young personality, love life, the pursuit of fashionable urban women and design, integration of the Italian art and Chinese culture, inherited the European royal aristocratic descent The
Valentino Garavani Valentino Galavani was born in Italy in 1932, and in 1960 established Valentino company, its products are rich and luxurious, glamorous and exciting features.
Prada (Prada): founder Prada in Milan, Italy, the city center founded the first boutique, to high-quality leather started, he designed fashion and excellent quality handbags, suitcases, leather accessories and cosmetic cases and other products, From the royal family and the upper class of love and sought after, is now favored.
Armani (Giorgio Armani): Armani this is the world famous fashion brand. Born in Italy in 1934, the company was founded at the beginning of the garment industry, after the introduction of products into the luggage.
Dunhill : the early 20th century, the British Alfred Dunhill for the perfect gentleman to create a rich flavor of the era of luxury brands, dedicated to the elegant, sophisticated products. Noble service and Dunhill classic British style of successful combination. The new high-level custom service VIP room, by the senior tailor and shirt tailor together to take care of.
Fendi: Founder of the founder Addle.Casagrand and Edoardo Fendi, designed products including fur and fashion, leather and leather goods, garments, knitted casual wear, beachwear, swimwear, jewelry, watches, perfume, etc. Changeable, sexy, noble and refined, high-quality fur known. Coach (Coates): the famous American luxury brand. Founded in 1941, Coach was co-operated by six cobbler owners from the leather family, inspired by traditional American Replica Cartier love bracelet baseball gloves, using superb technology to turn rugged baseball gloves into Soft, full of glossy high-grade leather leather goods, is the United States the oldest and most successful one of the leather products company. Above is what I know the bag brand, hoping to help you!

How to identify the quality of shoes?

How to identify the quality of shoes?
Identification of a pair of shoes quality is good or bad, from the appearance and internal indicators on both sides of the eye. As the internal indicators often need to rely on the detection equipment, for a consumer, from the appearance of the quality of shoes to identify more Cartier love bracelet replica practical significance. From the appearance, mainly through the shoes of the material (including the upper, soles, shoes) quality and work both good and bad to identify the quality of the shoes good ring.
(1) Upper (Bang): the upper is one of the main components of the shoe. For smooth shoes, to see whether it is soft and plump, hand press the upper, whether the phenomenon of loose surface, a good upper should be full of soft, feel comfortable, shiny uniform, no loosening phenomenon. On the suede shoes uppers should pay attention to check whether the villi is short and uniform, the tone should be consistent, the shoe is part of the upper, it is to reinforce the upper, to prevent the extension of the upper deformation and improve the use of foot The So, good shoes in the material (such as leather shoes) should have a good touch, breathability and Pakistan wet wetness, and easy to decolorize. In the sewing, the shoes should not have wrinkles and fat side.
(2) insoles: the usual men’s shoes with the end of the half pad or heel pad. Women’s shoes with full pad covering the bottom of the pad. The insole has the effect of keeping the shoe insole clean, covering the insole, to improve the foot feel. Therefore, the insole should have a good suction and moisture. In doing work, the insole should be flat to adhere to the insole, can not have the phenomenon of floating wrinkles.
(3) outsole: from the outside point of view, the outer end of the joint state should be closely bonded without gaps, the bottom of the flat.
(4) Shoe limit: whether it is low or high heel, first of all depends on whether the match with the natural skin Cartier love ring replica flush. For semi-high and above the women’s shoes in terms of the following two points is more important: First, the heel should be firmly installed in the bottom, before and after the move should not be shaking; Second, the palm should not be less than the heel Bottom.
(5) Insole: look at the bottom of the material, the best leather. On the other hand, to hand tightly press the waist crotch, the equivalent of the part of the instep when the shoes, the wire is not moving better. In the role of this force, such as leather shoes along the deformation, indicating that the quality of the shoe
(6) stability: the shoes on the plane, the shoes should be static still, such shoes for good stability, which is one of the basic conditions of high-quality shoes.
(7) side check: the shoes on the plane, shoes outsole (forefoot) and plane contact points should be in the middle, the toe should have appropriate Alice head, heel integrity and the bottom should be completely on the plane.
(8) positive inspection: the line of sight to the outsole and the same height, see the outside of the inside and outside the tilt size is different. Should be basically the same, to maintain balance.
(9): from the back check: heel should be straight, after the suture should also be straight.
(10) Comparison of two shoes: in the completion of all Replica Cartier love bracelet aspects of the above check, the need to carefully compare the length of two shoes, height and shape is) no consistency or symmetry, but also look at the light, color is consistent.