Golden Monkey Group Weihai Leather Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975

Fourth place: miles horse
Guangdong Wanli Ma Investment Industrial Co., Ltd. is a set of design, production, retail, multi-brand management in one of the Industrial Company. 1993, founded the “Miles horse” brand, set up in 2002 in Guangdong Miles Investment Industrial Co., Ltd., in 2010 the company moved to Dongguan Changan town headquarters. After years of development, Miles Investment Industrial Co., Ltd. has a modern plant, production equipment and a number of brand operation and management products, leather industry in China is the leading enterprises.
Founded in 1993, Wanli Ma actively open up, keep making progress Cartier love bracelet replica, now has men and women handbags, shoes, suitcases, wallets, belts, gloves and other product categories, nearly a hundred series, thousands of models. 20 years, as the leader in the domestic fashion luggage, Miles Ma brand to create a noble and elegant, fashionable and comfortable and comfortable unique style, with its superior superior product quality, Zhen perfect perfect after-sales service, become widely recognized by Chinese and foreign consumers Of the well-known brands, and by the World Intellectual Property Registry Madrid Convention Organization to confirm, has 23 countries and regions in the world to obtain trademark registration rights.
Fifth name: golden monkey
Golden Monkey Group Weihai Leather Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975, is China’s leather industry, large-scale backbone enterprises, with 200 million yuan in fixed assets, more than 2,000 employees, China’s light industry, the top ten enterprises in the leather industry, the Department of China Leather Industry Association Vice chairman of the unit. The main products are men and women backpack, briefcases, belts, suitcases, wallet, and so on more than 10 categories, has been the State Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as “China Famous Brand” and “China Famous Brand.” Golden Monkey Group is currently the only one in the industry with leather Cartier love ring replica goods, shoes double “brand name” double “well-known trademarks” of the enterprise group.
Sixth: old man head
Old head is the 20th century, 80 years in China, one of the hot brands, and crocodiles, Playboy and other brands par. Old brand head in China, the most famous is the old Italian brand LEONADO, other famous brands such as the Italian old head KASILEIDENG, the French old head KUGUM, the famous Dutch entrepreneur DAI.XIAOLEI (small Lei Dai) founded the French old head of the international apparel group and its Its brand
Wait. Nominal old head of the brand most of the production of leather goods, shoes, clothing and other products. based on
Italian official denial of the old brand and the old Chinese head brand chaos, in China, “old head” is considered a fake brand, there is no real old head brand.
Guangzhou elderly head leather Co., Ltd. elderly head.
(Hong Kong) Limited, registered at 8F808, Hong Kong Building, 20 Lu Lu Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The company said that the old head “brand and Italy did not have any relationship, regardless of all contain the” old head “of the company anchored where the real trademark” only one “, that is Replica Cartier love bracelet, Guangzhou elderly head leather Co., Ltd. registered the old head of the trademark, all other self- “All the brands are fake.” Moreover, all of China’s “old head” (whether true or false) processing, sales are carried out in the country.Li Rong said that now the elderly in Guangzhou is the head of the “old man” trademark buyout matters.

Friends around one by one lovelorn, not lost is lost soul, no longer self-esteem was mess of a mess

Friends around one by one lovelorn, not lost is lost soul, no longer self-esteem was mess of a mess.
A friend in Beijing, but my sister in the subway crying mess, we are advised. Obviously was rejection of her Cartier love bracelet replica, she is still an excuse to find a reason to find the other side. Taro said in the side: “In fact, you love that person, but you imagine him only he told you so many times, he is not love you, except do not love you, there is no other reason. ”
Happily, to Nanjing, when it is a buddy lovelorn. Said he was not very accurate love, he and his former degree is never broken off. They can go to the movies together, he can help her repair the computer to accompany her shopping, but they can not be the same as before. This kind of thing intermittently lasted for a year, recently his ex-girlfriend completely do not find him. He was puzzled, until the first two days he learned that his former girlfriend had a new love.
Cruel is that you break up after the former contact with you constantly, doing a lot of ambiguous things, but do not mention with your complex, then it is likely that she has no good for you, but there is no side of the mountain, nor seafood , Since there is no better then find the former degree is also good. So break up after the first lesson is probably, do not try to return to the past days, maybe break the share of care or really, but if you can vaguely feel everything changed, then do not miss The
In fact, you are better than anyone else, no matter how good the story is the Cartier love ring replica past, and you have been let go, probably not willing to bar. So after the separation will always be in their own body to find the problem, think if the time to do better better.
The world’s most unfair things, there must be a part of the feelings. Infatuated people have some of his rhetoric people can not refute, put forward to break up a pair of people but have to look like – everyone has their own reasons, everyone has their own difficulties.
But you know, apart from not enough love, the other is an excuse.
I told the girl said, “taro said there is a saying that you love is love itself, although I know this argument both his art and mysterious, but you are in love with what you look forward to. Bad is not bad, just let people feel lonely only, so when a person can just fill your heart, you can easily put him as an emperor.
Fate of this thing, and sometimes it is their own to create: you can not sleep at two o’clock at the same time she passed the microblogging; you singles suddenly found her listen to this song; you love slam dunk master just her Sakuragi You turn around a corner can just met her Replica Cartier love bracelet, so you identified your fate. Just such a coincidence every day can be staged numerous times, but you only think you and her fate. You turn to a page number
Can think of her birthday; you can hear her homonym to hear her name. Why do you think you have fate, because you are full of her mind ah. If you are full of mind is another person, probably you can find such fate.

Yao Chen from Paris fashion week turned back, flew Hengdao standing on the Shanghai Fashion Week

Yao Chen from Paris fashion week turned back, flew Hengdao standing on the Shanghai Fashion Week, looks quite loyalty. And her relationship with the Chinese version of the fashion media, her current fashion idol Cartier love bracelet replica identity and her and Vera Wang’s seamless, can explain that she turned around, there is a Shanghai Fashion Week to enhance the meaning of international Fan. This is not wishful thinking, compared to the past so many years, the Shanghai Fashion Week experienced a shortage of funds is about to support the situation, the concept of the field show the desolate, this year’s momentum is no longer vast.
The so-called stars gathered refers to: Yao Chen, An Yixuan, Jia Jingwen, etc., debut in the opening of the red carpet. As the finale of the international big Vera Wang, also became the most fashionable fashion week fashion show. Shanghai Fashion Week’s sincerity, reflected in the opening background board, it is clear that not Vera Wang need Shanghai Fashion Week, but Shanghai Fashion Week need Vera Wang.
Star designer or star of the show, making this decade of struggling fashion week seemingly get attention, but these concerns are still limited, because here is the display of fashion, not scandal. Even so, this means of propaganda is no effective, only with the participation of Cartier love ring replica stars more and more big, or more and more popular, it can be called the star to play what role, this is very realistic.
Southern Entertainment Weekly Yao Chen
“Vera Wang presented the wedding, has been modified in Shanghai size”
As early as September New York Fashion Week, Yao Chen will be invited by Vera Wang and Huayi Brothers Fashion to New York to watch Vera Wang 2013 spring and summer clothing release, but also with Vera Wang I became friends. The re-invited to the Shanghai Fashion Week Vera Wang show field, Yao Chen is very pleased that night she was a Vera Wang2012 autumn and winter series debut, gas field extraordinary. Yao Chen admitted that he has received a wedding gift Vera Wang, and has been modified in Shanghai size. The face of the reporter’s “forced marriage” Yao Chen said with a smile “do it.” And good at public events to express their views, “microblogging queen” generous and journalists to share her eyes in the “Shanghai Fashion Week.”
“She gave me the wedding, better than my dream”
Southern Entertainment Weekly: New York Fashion Week you are invited to Vera Wang’s big show Replica Cartier love bracelet, what is the feeling?
Yao Chen: I went to her New York headquarters to visit a bit, very shocked. Every one is beautiful, no matter is the men who visited the women or women are open mouth, like into a wedding of the palace, like every one is unique works of art.

People seem to have become more familiar with advanced custom fashion

People seem to have become more familiar with advanced custom fashion, however, has always been, advanced custom fashion Cartier love bracelet replica is still in the forefront of the fashion pyramid, is seen as a sacred fashion art. Major brands Chanel, Dior, Givenohy, etc. have launched their own advanced custom series, to enrich this one of the most core potential of the consumer market segments. 2012, away from the advanced custom fashion four years has long Versace back to the advanced custom fashion stage, bring more surprises. Milan, Paris men’s week Gang just came to an end, 2012 spring and summer Paris advanced custom fashion week followed, on January 23, 2012 kicked off. In the Chinese people happy to celebrate the New Year, it seems that Europe is not lonely.
COCO CHANEL once said, can not go to the streets of fashion, it is not a real fashion. However, today’s high-level custom fashion has brewed the opposite law. Highlighting the gorgeous and dream of high-level custom fashion in a sense, has been beyond the people’s expectations for the fashion, and has been to design artisan-led fashion field today is gradually replaced by market-oriented consumer. Advanced custom fashion comes from Paris’s famous designer Charles FredericWorth. In 1858 he created a senior custom fashion in Paris, a French traditional luxury handicrafts on behalf of. In the fashion industry, advanced custom fashion Cartier love ring replica (Haute Coutu re) means that the limits of luxury clothing. Looks dramatic drama, handmade fine gorgeous, even if there is no practical external, for the future trend of fashion still has a very important revelation. Advanced custom fashion charm can not be detailed, compared to the usual meaning of the clothing, advanced custom fashion more perfect, closer to the dream. The fashion industry, the tip of the fashion industry, full of dreams in general Huacai, not only to continue the fashion and the United States, but also to face the harsh consumer market test, both the way out there are sales.
In fact, the impact of the economic crisis has not yet subsided today, but the whole of Europe’s economy is still on a more tense edge, people seem to be waiting for a more serious than ever before, more depressed economic attacks. Economic ties close to the global environment, who can not be immune, even in the top of the pyramid fashion production process. In fact, some people say that advanced custom fashion in this shadow, to bring a glimmer of hope. In this particular period, the significance of advanced custom fashion has become unique. Complex, sophisticated, elegant production process to build beyond the reality of the dream, advanced custom heritage for many years of superb technology represents the most fashionable fashion design achievements. 2012 spring and summer Paris senior custom fashion week, regardless of the magnificent Christian Dior or graceful elegant ElieSaab, or classic heritage Chanel, are inevitably embarked on a practical path. Has been stunning in the season of high-level custom fashion week has been a substantial reduction. Clothing and advanced customization boundaries become blurred. In addition to the fabric of precious and details of the fine, in the profile shape, many designs are used close to the appearance of Replica Cartier love bracelet. And even ArmanI Priv6 T stage appeared similar to the girl with the package; return to the high-level custom fashion week AtelierVersaoe also nightclub spice girl’s tight skirt style.

“Fashion Week needs to rethink,” says Fern Mallis. Because three months ago

“Fashion Week needs to rethink,” says Fern Mallis. Because three months ago, a petition sent to the New York City Government and Lincoln Center management side, “Lincoln Center will park and other public space for commercial purposes” prosecution. Many designers who hold fashion shows at Lincoln Center are Cartier love bracelet replica complaining about the environment becoming a bit like an airport terminal or a fairs. “Every season I have wanted to move, but the tent is reasonable in the economic budget.” Anna Su said, compared to an independent fashion show, Lincoln Park’s biggest advantage is cheap, the biggest disadvantage is that it Like a fashion factory. However, a new home does not solve all the problems of New York Fashion Week.
This season, Altuazrra and Reed Krakoff as the representative of the many designers chose a private show, used to resist the noisy public opinion environment. Oscar de la Renta reduced the number of places to 350, the designer told the “Women’s Daily”: “Please 30,000 people to see the show itself is a satire, of which there are 10,000 people in the shooting, another 10,000 is with the fashion mill Irrelevant person. ”
Fashion Week, once the crystal bright name now have to face their own identity crisis to rethink.
The origin of fashion week
Paris Fashion Week originated in 1910. The beginning of the 17th century, Paris will be accumulated generation of life under the good reputation of fashion Cartier love ring replica production. This exaggerated city never let the world’s wealthy women down. As early as the end of the 19th century the establishment of the French Fashion Association, has been committed to the Paris as the world’s fashion capital to build a solid rock which is the highest purpose of the association. They help new designers to join, organize and coordinate the Paris Fashion Week schedule, so that buyers and fashion journalists try to see every show. With the influence of the French Fashion Association, the Louvre Carusel Hall and the Du Le Li Garden were opened to the official show. They are the world’s media and buyers, to promote fashion week will appear every designer.
New York Fashion Week is the oldest, it was initiated by fashion critic Elenor Lamber, first held in 1943, the founder of Elenor Lamber to hold such a fashion week is intended to give New York designers a show themselves Work on the stage, and will be generally focused on the fashion focus of Paris transferred over.
At that time, due to the impact of the Second World War, the fashion industry can not watch the French fashion show in Paris, New York Fashion Week came into being in the United States. At the beginning of the New York Fashion Week to showcase the design of American Replica Cartier love bracelet designers, because their design has been ignored by professional fashion reports. Interestingly, fashion buyers were initially not allowed to watch fashion shows, they can only go to the designer’s exhibition room to visit. With the New York Fashion Week gradually succeeded, originally filled with French fashion reports “fashion” (Vogue) and “fashion Bazaar” (Harpers Bazaar) magazine also began to increase the coverage of the US fashion industry.

Perhaps no one can think of the first brain in the flash “Fashion Week” idea of ​​the people

Perhaps no one can think of the first brain in the flash “Fashion Week” idea of the people, but it is undoubtedly a product of modernization and globalization, and has nothing to do with Paris: 1943, the world’s first fashion week in New York staged. In the war of Cartier love bracelet replica war, it shoulders a seemingly outdated mission: so that people can not go to Paris or Milan to watch the latest fashion. Since then, this exhibition with London, Paris and Milan, the fashion show together dominated the fashion circle.
Two New York Fashion Weeks each year, bringing 232,000 participants and $ 1.6 billion in taxes – most of which comes from visitors’ direct consumption, and the rest comes from taxi fares and hotel revenues.
By the number of flash aimed at the T station, let everyone hold their breath. And behind it, there is also a more reverie world: in many people’s imagination, it is gathered all the bright and shadow of the back garden, is the fashion Cartier love ring replica feast of the kitchen; and in other scripts , Here is full of infighting, roses and love, conspiracy and tears.
Put on the front of the model wearing a bathrobe or a men’s shirt, with the charm and charming. They are waiting for the makeup artist’s flash in mind, while playing the game on the phone, while secretly with the light aim at the hanging clothes rod, look at their own and peer will be the interpretation of the clothing.
In the end which dress will be chased by the media, but in the fashion wave fleeting? Or some kind of confidant and criticism of the Cartier nail bracelet replica suit, but in a few hundred years later recorded in the history of fashion? No one can predict, including those who have their own skin with the pro. But who really cares?

Finally, the retail model in the upgrade, electricity providers and experience will be the bright spot in the future market

Finally, the retail model in the upgrade, electricity providers and experience will be the bright spot in the future market, the retail channel changes on the local watch brand is also full of opportunities, local watch brands in the channel advantage and opportunities, you can pre-emptive, Rapid expansion.
Third, the consumption of Chinese consumers watch Cartier love bracelet replica brand status
In the high-end watch brand popular nowadays, domestic watch brand in order to achieve market breakthrough there is difficulty. Fortune Institute of Quality Research survey, 67% of China’s rich that did not buy the local watch brand, 21% of the Chinese tycoons bought only 1-5 pieces of domestic watch brands. Another part of that uncertainty, but at the same time that there is no wear and have a Chinese brand watch. Almost no one bought more than five more than the Chinese watch brand watch.
This shows that the local watch brand in the high-end crowd coverage is far less than the international brand watches, especially from Switzerland’s top watches. In order to break the current market structure, the future development of local watch brand long way to go, mainly in:
First, consumer psychology placeholder. Influenced by traditional culture, Chinese consumers generally classified as a luxury ship ship, in the watch field this perception is deep-rooted, equivalent to the Swiss watchmaking top-level manufacturing, this Cartier love ring replica concept is difficult to change in the short term.
The second is the spread of channel occupying. Brand promotion needs media help, but high-quality media resources tend to choose the existing overseas brands, local watch brand is difficult to occupy a short time the best media position, even get, will spend more than the existing international brands higher the cost of jewelry.
Third, channel occupancy. “Who can take the initiative to occupy channels, who will be able to get the market.” In the channel is king of the moment, even the international big-name did not stay out, have beachhead advantage of the channel resources, and some even directly to the channel sink to the second and third tier cities. For now, the domestic watch brand as the brand influence is not enough, short-term within the number of stores and foreign brands can not watch the competition, it is difficult to occupy a better position in the commercial channel, how to do in the channel and the existing International watch brands on an equal footing is also a local watch brand is facing a major problem.
Fourth, the team of professional management level. The level of professionalism of the luxury goods industry is lower than the field of fast moving consumer goods, watch industry even more so, professional teams will become the biggest obstacle to one of the local watch brand.
For the local watch brand, although the road is Replica Cartier love bracelet, but only deep plowing the market, and actively explore, I believe that one day, the local high-end watch brand will become an integral part of China’s high-end watch market.

The passage of time means that the pressure for people, it reminds people of limited life

The passage of time means that the pressure for people, it reminds people of limited life, but also people aftertaste a variety of different times from pleasure to sadness. For Cartier, can be used to mark the time of the watch represents a force, a unique wisdom, it can be like an umbrella to protect people from all kinds of Cartier love bracelet replica uncertain forces of the invasion.
– Cartier president, CEO Stanislas de Quercize
Envol d’un Phoenix Phoenix decoration watch
This is a diamond inlaid from the Phoenix model jewelry watch. When the Phoenix fly high, that gorgeous wings with the rotation of the dance kept swaying, put the Tuo at the same time as the movement for the movement on the chain. ←
Les Indomptables de Cartier decorative peacock watch
This is not only a watch, or a peacock style jewelry, when the peacock fly away from the mother of pearl inlaid with the table frame, it has become a bright cut diamond brooch. ↓
Crash series red gold watch this section with red gold case, size 38,5 x 25,5 mm, a total of 150 diamonds inlaid, weighing 2.15 karats; white dial with a Roman numerals on the scale, blue steel pointer ; Case linked with the bracelet, bracelet inlaid 471 pear-shaped diamonds, weighing 4.27 karats. In addition, the watch is equipped with Cartier love ring replica manual winding movement. ←
Tortue Secrètede Cartier mysterious watch
In the back of the guardian of the time, inlaid with a cesium beryl or diamond as the shells, open the shells will reveal the oval-shaped silver dial. To the abstract design to create hidden mystery of the watch, which is one of Cartier’s tradition. →
This is just the president of Van Cleef & Arpels Cartier CEO only one month after the first interview with the media reporter, although still speak out bluntly, but obviously more cautious, coupled with the busy new work, so that The original interesting chat program into a simple and clear dialogue.
There is no doubt that the famous Cartier jewelry is also a watchmaking industry myth, its “emperor’s jewelry, jewelry emperor” status for the watch industry must also be worthy of the name. Compared with other peers, Cartier is particularly good at different manual integration together to enhance their overall value. For Cartier, the passage of time is endless, while the Cartier is also the product from generation to generation, the value of the eternal treasures. In particular, Stanislas is proud to present new products this year, including Cartier’s watchmaking traditions, including “Mystery Time”, and a signature product with modern design Replica Cartier love bracelet and latest technological achievements. However, he also reminded of this, especially in the men’s field of Cartier is also very attractive, is the real professional choice of experts.
For China, Cartier is certainly very familiar and very close, Stanislas pointed out that the Chinese people have a very keen eye for good things, so the future will certainly be better products to provide the Chinese market.
Rotonde de Cartier cheetah decorated watch dial diameter of 42 mm to create a cheetah metal bead pattern decoration; case with 18K yellow gold, inlaid 306 bright cut diamonds, diamond total weight of 3.63 karats.

Historically, many of the alchemists have tried to produce some of the means to produce more inexpensive gold to obtain profits

Historically, many of the alchemists have tried to produce some of the means to produce more inexpensive gold to obtain profits, so the accumulation of gold added different elements of the different texture and color effects of experience.
In contrast to the standard 18K gold, pink gold is slightly red in color and has different names such as red gold and rose gold, but also because it was popular in the early 19th century Russia and the Russian gold (Russian gold) name. Its composition is generally 750 ‰ of pure gold plus 250 ‰ of electrolytic copper, with a Cartier love bracelet replica ductility, high hardness, not easy to deformation or scratch and color changing characteristics. The latter is in particular due to the change in alloy composition – if added silver, the color will be shallow, adding more silver, red will be more shallow. When the silver content increased to 10%, copper content back to about 15% of the time, the color will be more subdued or partial powder. Today, people are accustomed to using different numbers to define the changes in its color – 3N pink gold (composition of 75% pure gold plus 13% silver plus 12% copper), 4N pink gold (component 75% pure gold plus 9 % Silver plus 16% copper), 5N pink gold (composition of 75% gold plus 4.5% silver plus 20.5% copper). It can be seen that the less silver is added and the more copper is added, the color becomes more and more reddish.
In addition, the most likely to cause misunderstanding is 18K white gold. Although it is generally difficult to distinguish it from stainless steel, platinum, etc., it is still one of the 18k gold, with a slightly different composition. Of which the proportion of pure gold is still 750 ‰, as another 250 ‰ of metal, it is often the secret of each. Vacheron Constantin in 2007 to change its men’s platinum watch formula. The more common platinum Replica Cartier love bracelet ingredients are pure gold 75% plus palladium 12.5% plus copper 6% plus silver 4% plus nickel 2.5% and then metal-plated rhodium protection, but Vacheron Constantin increases the proportion of palladium to 15%. This costly action makes Platinum without rhodium plating can be more shiny, the factory also pointed out that such a formula will increase its strength, but not easy to wear. In fact, with the 18K white gold, 18K pink gold is also prone to fading phenomenon, so Patek Philippe and Rolex in recent years to promote their own 18K pink gold formula special, is the so-called “eternal” does not fade new materials, in fact only experts Can distinguish its color and luster of the difference.
In addition, the use of modern alloy casting technology, people can also create a completely different texture in the past 18K gold. The former, such as the new material for R & D Department of the new material – the world’s first scratch-resistant material – magic gold. All this began with a whim – “18K gold will not be scratched.” With the assistance of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, a six-month feasibility study resulted in the creation of a new anti-wear 18K gold that combines gold with ceramics. This is unprecedented new material – only diamonds in its surface to leave a real sense of the scratches, and the dull color is different from other gold. The meaning of the birth of magic gold is not limited to a material, but to open a lot of new materials come out the door. At present, the magic of platinum, magic silver, aluminum and other materials are in the process of active research.
The latter, such as the Lange to commemorate its founder Fernando Adolph Lange launched 165 Years – Homage to FA Lange anniversary series of three complex functional watches, as different from the traditional limited edition, Lange The watchmaker thought of a way to change the metal Cartier nail bracelet replica composition, honey gold (Honey Gold) material which was born – this material is still 18K gold, but very hard – its hardness exceeds Vickers 300 degrees, increased to other gold Two times the hardness of the alloy, and even more than platinum. Its gloss is very unique, the color is far lighter than the ordinary 18K, very long history antique table charm. It is said to be able to have such an effect, because the addition of manganese and silicon and high temperature processing. It seems that it is by a number of modern alchemists in a closed underground chamber, by playing with flasks, electric furnace, what made out of the modern mystery.
Similar to the situation there are still strict adherence to Patek Philippe formula secret 18K blue gold. Whether oval 3738, or its classic gold cufflinks, that unfathomable blue brilliant, attracting the attention of many people, a collector of praise Patek Philippe perfect work of a reason. In fact, as long as the real experts to find, people can synthesize brown, gray or black and other colors of 18K gold, but habitual thinking people feel that gold must be yellow, white and red on the rare, blue is more prominent.
Gold without false, different colors, modern alchemy watch more colorful.