how do you wear a good-looking

Big this year heat Choker necklace of exactly what to wear?
If you ask a piece of jewelry is tide heat this season? It must be a Choker. From supermodel, fashion Icon to star, almost will wear is a Choker. However Choker is suitable for what kind of person, what kind of dress collocation, and which way to avoid wear? Try to find out now.
They make Choker once again become a kind of style
Kendall Jenner street shoot modeling, Choker fights quite high. Literally, there are three of the five modelling with Choker as jewelry collocation.
Like good girlfriends Kendall, Gigi Hadid is also very like the nods eyeball pen Cartier love bracelet replica of the Choker as fashion collocation. All sorts of private street snap, often can see the trace of Choker, never a single boring in the casual and comfortable.
Rosie Huntington – Whiteley private servers collocation is given priority to with atmospheric simple black and white ash, Less is more collocation principle by her. White T-shirt with a little black suit and black leather pants and little else to finish with a simple black wide choker, fashionable and spell able.
Although simple Choker is a joker, but not everyone can wear out the Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid fashionable feeling.
For example, they wear a mistake:
Error 1: do not tally with the face
Obviously Chrissy Teigen wear this Choker doesn’t fit her, single metal models highlight the disadvantage of her short round neck instead. Might as well choose a finer design and match very fine necklace, can adorn empty face neck can also weaken the weakness.
Error 2: dress collocation
Generally wear a Choker can present two kinds of style, cool or beautiful enough, but if on collocation errors will be between the two. Most Asian girls wearing Choker there will be a myth, both want to be cool, but reject the sweet again. So let Choker instead become Fake Cartier love bracelet accessories gild the lily.
Mistake 3: choose the wrong style
Too much exaggeration or wide Choker need careful choice. Especially there is no perfect face and a long neck, avoid choose wide style. Fashion bloggers Kristina Bazan standard oval, but this Choker is too wide, the design is relatively straightforward massiness, looks like a caged live, covers to face.
So how do you wear a good-looking?
In fact, if collocation is proper, no matter what face shape or style, Choker can become a simple easy to deserve to act the role of.
Choker necklace + low-cut dress
To find a dress out of the closet, had better be slightly low neckline, on the basis of meet the comfortable leisure and beauty, can try to match a not particularly exaggerated Choker, because the role of dot eyeball is jewelry in dress.
Nicole Trunfio
A printed v-neck dress, because the neck is empty, can match with wider silk black Choker, summer sunrise street modelling relaxed fashion.
Jamie Chung
Gauze compose flower skirt is enough heavy and complicated, with a very fine Choker can make visual center move up a little, and not take belong to long skirt.
Behati Prinsloo
Or even like Behati Prinsloo, out of the closet to pick a pajamas connect dress skirt, style replica Cartier love bracelet simple Choker on collocation, can avoid look too lazy to feeling, fashionable not laborious.
Choker necklace + T-shirt
For everyone some t-shirts, Choker and would be a good accessories. But it is important to note that the ordinary round collar T-shirt are near face, easy to neck missing sense on the vision, so choosing a choker wearing a finer design as far as possible, so that you can avoid thick round neck problem.
Such as Gigi this body and small round collar T-shirt match Choker, no longer neck girls don’t recommend trying to take it out.
Summer go out any more comfortable than wearing a T-shirt? So if you’re like a Choker + T-shirt is tie-in, can refer to the following model:
Like Miranda Kerr, so choose a finer Choker with a very thin metal necklace, with large round collar T-shirt, highlighted that avoids the round face, also easily create effortless sense of fashion.
South Korea supermodel Sora Choi
Comparison v-neck T-shirt neckline usually is low, the neck space is more, so much easier to master than the round neck T-shirt. Might as well try a pendant with choker, already can be cool also won’t go wrong.
Chiara Ferragni
, of course, if you have a fate of level and perfect the neck appearance, like round neck T-shirt and Choker collocation, can like Chiara Ferragni, casually! Mix in the style of Choker ornament in the neck, regardless of where the vision, will be very interesting.
Choker necklace + wipes bosom
For summer wear, wipes bosom is one of the indispensable sheet is tasted. But most of the girls would because of empty shoulder exposed, a bit shy? It doesn’t matter, can take a Choker. It originally was lower center of gravity, that wipe a bosom because of the existence of Choker Cartier nail bracelet replica and balance, at the same time also can easily transform the different style.
Gigi Hadid
Wiping a bosom of black and white geometric case grain, can choose bold two black Choker collocation are together, will be the center of gravity to rise, will not shorten the neck on the vision, the beautiful and sexy.
Lily Rose Depp
Nifty Lily Rose Depp is to interpret a Choker of cute and sexy. Wide red silk Choker with color wipes bosom, warm and lively sense of summer.
Kendall Jenner
This Choker with Kendall Jenner “star” match it. Very fine leather Choker strapless tops with black and white collocation, visual balance at the same time highlighting the strapless tops in the chest and chic design, with very fresh and attractive.
Choker necklace + condole belt
This combination can almost to the center of the previously mentioned on the balance of vision to the limit. Condole belt, there is no doubt in all top usually has the lowest neckline, therefore is more sexy. So can match Choker way also not too stiff.
Rihanna is also a Choker of fans. If you want to dress like her sexy, choose a basic model of condole belt, might as well try to use a finer Choker and different length of the necklace to fold, create administrative levels.
South Korea supermodel Sora Choi
Choker with rivets or leather is a very strong personality of sheet is tasted, is “cool”. Outside Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the condole belt locomotive and tannins jackets collocation, enough cruel flavour is dye-in-the-wood.
Choker necklace + shirt
Want to show sexy but not willing to hype? So can also use a Choker tie-in shirt. The right approach is to solve the two buttons on the top of the shirt, match again a finer or wide Choker, easily meet smart and sexy.
Emily Ratajkowski
Want a sexy upgrade then like Emily Ratajkowski, picked a silk shirt to match the Choker wide,
Arts of sunrise street can be sexy, too much.
Kendall Jenner
Loose fine linen shirt is tie-in a Choker can instantly make too comfortable modelling have qualitative feeling, orange lipstick, of course, also have played a role.
In addition to basic black, Choker and these styles
Sorching summer, if your whole dress bright hue, that may wish to refer to the following collocation method. Different materials and different colors of Choker, also can satisfy you to dress code “enough”.
Olivia Culpo
White lace Choker, and the combination of falbala, more gentle woman flavour.
Olivia Munn
Combination of white lace Choker tenderness bind style dress wild temperament, sexy.
Vanessa Hudgens
White band Choker and many necklace fold, improve the overall modelling, make dress collocation also become worth pondering.
Gigi Hadid
The movement style of dress collocation of slender metal Choker, like trying new tricks you might as well learn this way.
Taylor Swift
Choose a more grandiose Choker to match basic white T-shirt, can also produce imitation cartier love bracelet modern chemical effect.
You can choose what Choker:
To see so many collocation, feel impression Choker only belongs to the item of cool girl, now more approachable? Can be cool beauty, high plasticity, basic type of dress can be changed decayed for magical dot eyeball jewelry, is the most strong tide wave blew this summer. Such as these, there is always a will for you:
This set of three necklace, can separate to wear alone, can also be combined with together, help you make the modelling of Rihanna. Importantly, even if you don’t have a perfect face and a long neck, also can wear this combo.
If contracted modelling and white shirt match immediately lift fashionable feeling.
Wear a Choker want some fresh feeling? Might as well try a Choker and crystal portfolio, this pink summer dress a girl need slightly in the wind.
The delicate lace and the combination of scallop shell shape, is want to diablo series girl the choice of the wind.
Restoring ancient ways of amorous feelings of the 90 s, brown laser cutting suede, as well as the classic lobster clasp design, suitable for the girl has a long neck.
Short necklace made with exquisite imitation suede leather rope and brass chain, plane labradorite pendant, Choker difference is in the details.
Speaking of classic Choker, obviously velvet pendant. Just like the movie this killer is not too cold in the matilda.
Outside the svelte leather short necklace with silver plating rose Venus rivet, set with small diamonds, also can adjust the length.
Splicing metal and leather and decorated with decorative short necklace, is suitable for the girls wear long neck.
Rare statement piece, the adornment of the diamond and leather bowknot, absolute can let you become the focus of all the line of sight.

How they wear jewelry?

They wear jewelry In January to buy three times all don’t go bankrupt
In terms of summer, want to win on the dress, jewelry collocation is very necessary. There is no doubt that mix jewelry has become the current trend, look at the supermodel and fashion icon, on jewelry collocation seems to have their own ideas, and, more importantly, they wear Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry can satisfy “parity” and “advanced” double standard, take a look at what is their favourite brand?
How they wear jewelry?
Alessandra Ambrosio wore an ivory type two horns pendant necklace, Tiny Jewelry soft tannins presented in a suit with a rugged temperament.
Worn JamieChung y-necklace with tie-in white hubble-bubble sleeve blouse, pure and fresh and sweet and fashion sense.
Vanessa Hudgens this black jumpsuits tie-in black boots, then supplement on the black stone necklace, is the urban modern love, is like the Bohemian girl can try to match.
Rihanna is wearing a T-shirt with split skirts, fold TinyJewelry on the neck, let more casual wear fashionable feeling.
A simple white shirt and jeans, revealing the neck of the wear a Fake Cartier love bracelet necklace, Rosie Huntington that leisure fashionable modern incisively and vividly.
Put a parity of jewelry, a senior, you can choose:
A: brand Jacquie Aiche
“The beauty of a woman can be a es jewelry light.” From Los Angeles designer Jacquie Aiche definition of jewelry design. She likes to use turquoise, fossils and all kinds of gem collocation of all kinds of metal jewelry design creation. Jacquie Aiche is devoted to the fine handwork jewelry making and wearing ent and personality, and was deeply loved by European and American star model. From the Kendall Jenner to Alessandra Ambrosio are all her fans. Brand price by a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Can undertake choosing according to your budget.
Jacquie Aiche with Emily Ratajkowski to jewelry as a Muse. Hybrid Emily my sexy unruly temperament very good interpretation of Jacquie Aiche hippy image and spirit.
Rihanna is also very like Jacquie Aiche jewelry. Whether it’s comfortable street wind at ordinary times, or the fair maiden wind, Rihanna always jewelry as an integral part of the modelling.
Kendall Jenner was photographed wearing JacquieAiche often. Very fine gold choker and chain around her neck mashup immediately make originally simple and nice.
Alessandra Ambrosio also to like to join in the middle of the modelling Jacquie Aiche jewelry. From the necklace, earrings, bracelets to the ring, a don’t fall. She will leather collar and other necklace mix together perfectly.
Rosie Huntington also like to use all kinds of accessories to increase the overall modelling, and delicate feeling and personality Jacquie Aiche jewelry is also one of her preferred brand.
From the choker to long necklace, mix fold put together. Teardrop shape pearl choker and long rough stone pendant necklace, have shown a Jacquie Aiche jewelry unique style.
This double Angle design is rooted in Egypt and native American tribal culture, perfect show the brand replica Cartier love bracelet hippie spirit, supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio also worn as double Angle design of ivory.
Black double Angle of polished bone earring ACTS the role of well jing hao stone inlaid ring, pin type sealing. The uninhibited and show grace and agile. Both for everyday wear and can hold important occasions.
Are orange crystal pendant to visual admiral who stretched thin. Recommend collocation v-neck T-shirt or shirt. If you want to match a administrative levels, try mixing and choker or short necklace.
Outside the silver plated chain necklace pendant pendant with 2 packages with plane jet stones, daily wear suggest y-necklace with jacket or shirt skirt collocation and low neckline design together.
Brand 2: Capwell + Co.
“Jewelry should be within easy reach of luxury” this is Capwell + Co jewelry concept. Approachable joker adorn article, the present popular fashion, classic jewelry modelling, is that they keep the characteristics of the elegant and classic and worth pondering. Loved by each star model and fashion bloggers classic is their y-necklace with and “opening” choker. From the tiny daily wear jewelry to exaggerated Bohemia style jewelry, almost all under $100. Allows you to ensure that there is Cartier nail bracelet replica at the same time, also keep a well-filled wallet.
Jamie Chung of the “opening” collar, suits and wiping a bosom of summer must-have tops.
Jamie Chung to wear this one Capwell + Co necklace, Bohemian white skirt on collocation, very suitable for festival dress up.
Said to the parity of jewelry wearing to feeling of senior talent, will not forget Olivia Palermo. Will Capwell + co of silver metal collar, black dress modelling grace for yourself.
Fashion bloggers Chriselle Lim is Capwell + Co fans. Wear this necklace in her often appear all sorts of modelling. Minimalist metal collar shirt jumpsuit collocation, cozily and don’t forget to fashion, it is very worthy of reference model.
A y-necklace with. Like pure and fresh and natural style, you can try to match the knitting coat of white on the silver necklace with green gems.
This summer will be black bud silk condole belt, python leather sandals and silver collar collocation are together, fashionable and sexy glamour.
Capwell + Co rings and bracelets designs also having a unique style. This jewelry to wear can make originally very simple basic clothing adding texture and advanced.
Dress collocation to collocation is concise and easy daily stud earrings and feel ordinary earrings too without design feeling, might as well try this stud earrings: progressive but not classic, and daily clothing collocation rate is extremely high enough to let a person shine at the moment.
To the geometric bracelet design is concise and modern, the three in any piece of wear can be separately, fold together wearing style is better. Use brass casting, imitation gold plating coating.
In addition to the iconic single-layer y-necklace with, if you like more chic design, then proceed y-necklace with three layer is removed from the stack by wearing: with brightly colored opal stone, easily create administrative levels.
Three: brand Adornmonde
Adornmonde all design begins with the “now” we want to wear anything, from sketch to production only need a couple of weeks. Its jewelry at online sales only, and not in the traditional fashion jewelry retail ultra-high price to pricing. At the same time, they are commonly used Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica in a large number of big-name fashion jewelry classic materials, such as swarovski crystal, Fang Jinghao stone, 925 silver, and gold plated brass and stainless steel as the main jewelry material, do manual work is careful, but the price is usually just these big jewelry fraction, usually can win under $200. If you want to acquire for your stylish wardrobe with advanced workmanship of the feeling of fashion jewelry, might as well look at Adornmonde, will not be disappointed.
Olivia Palermo has several times been photographed wearing a pink Choker to attend different occasions, it serves to show her affection for this item. Delicate pink choker tie-in and different modelling is very suitable for summer.
Vanessa Hudgens will also Adornmonde jewelry and other jewelry collocation, very accord with her mix building a style.
Adornmonde there are a lot of the choice of basic fashion jewelry, like the AlessandraAmbrosio mix of jewelry, will also with the other type of jewelry collocation.
Although is a new brand, but Adornmonde has attracted the attention of a blogger and all the stars. Fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni wear their Dax Crossing earrings, and the collocation of white lace bikini suit is very novel.
Adornmonde chic modelling body chain and the collocation of black silk lace bikini, there is no doubt can make beach modelling fashionable sexy.
Not only can you find a choker or body chain this item, you can also find suitable for daily wear simple ring ring, hybrid wear in different fingers and knuckles, the effect is much better.
Different style has contained the same design elements of jewelry collocation are together, can satisfy the two styles of cool feeling and sweet.
Recommend item:
In addition to the above a few star blogger and popular item, the following item you also deserve (in fact, the truth is that they all item almost recommended) :
These Damon clip earrings, big crystal earrings with three can clip on the ear bones of small crystal design, can give a person produce a ear bones look also hit ear hole. Simple design, the avant-garde and generous. Suitable for daily wear.
Using gold plated brass casting, a series of Fang Jinghao stone Mosaic, this ring is made up of two same pyramid ring and a ring in discontinuous and developing of classic. Whether separate wear or combination together, has a unique effect.
This slender necklace made of 925 sterling silver in the silver metal arc tail with a pearl, classic and elegant, can make the wearer’s neck looks more slender. 16 inches length design makes can wear it alone, also can easily and other single product mix together to create a more dramatic effect.
Brand 4: Stella & Dot
From San Francisco jewelry brand Stella & Dot, in their design, not only can see the high rates of daily wear tiny jewelry, there are like cool feels dye-in-the-wood rivet elements. This is another success by means of star timely aggressive advocate the popular brand. Attracted including Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Alessandra Ambrosio, the stars and the blogger. In a very recognizable personality item at the same time, the price of the brand is also very friendly, most of the item cost less than 100 dollars can be incorporated into a bag, this is also one of the reasons for its popular. In addition to the jewelry and handbags, watches and scarves and other accessories.
Vanessa Hudgens are really good at will “parity” jewelry to wear a senior feeling, Stella & Dot is her mix build a member of the jewelry.
The more simple jewelry is more suitable for optional collocation, such as Lucy Hale casual wear the necklace in the neck, can have the effect of the ornament.
Stella&Dot are very appropriate daily wear Tinyjewelry, the collocation of clavicle chain and low collar sweater, show charming woman flavour.
Stella&Dot good mix feminine and masculine element of, such as the combination of pearl and rivet, to show the brand spirit: independent self-confident woman, but not the lack of feminine flavour.
You can also use different elements and style of the decorations on the modelling of their creation. After all, fashion not only have the effect of cheerful eyes, interesting and fun is also important.
Turquoise blue-green with aureate, summer repertory, approaching. Try in other than wearing different style of ring on her finger and the ingenious mix together the ring.
This gold bracelet with black Fang Jinghao stone, the geometry of the design is like conveys a feeling of a kind of mysterious temperament, suitable for high temperament mysterious cold you.
Brand: five BaubleBar
BaubleBar consists of a pair of good friend Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky in New York City fast fashion jewelry brand founded in 2016, is committed to provide guilt with zero price could buy fashionable design, fine workmanship of fashion jewelry. Different from the popular “Less is more” design concept, BaubleBar believes that “more is more”, every woman should be from mixing pile eyeball different jewelry to wear dress for yourself. All jewelry is at New York’s design and production, which is updated every week about more than 100 pieces of item. BaubleBar often cooperation with star, guest designers, they are called “star the bartender. These stars are on the list and Olivia Palermo, Coco Rocha, Emma Roberts and AlessandraAmbrosio fashionable circle, such as the most fashionable personage. And, more importantly, just under $100 can buy imitation cartier love bracelet these cooperation model, and well-made so absolutely don’t have to worry about parity.
Supermodel Coco Rocha as designers of the guest BaubleBar, has designed a series of very with her style of jewelry, amorous feelings of heavy and complicated is exquisitely very little woman.
Olivia Palermo cooperation design series is natural in her delicate atmosphere aristocratic style.
Alessandra Ambrosio series, you can easily imagine is probably like her passionate Brazilian style: full of brightly colored fold wear bracelets and exaggerated necklaces.
Also very suitable for vacation and beach collocation of jewelry
Bright colors, rich layers of fold wear bracelets, is indispensable to deserve to act the summer vacation travel
Stylish not expensive and show delicate atmosphere BaubleBar also often appear in the sets all kinds of fashion photo.
Because of the brand design and production are done in New York, to keep the brand the renewal speed of fast rhythm.
The design is novel ring, made of gold-plated brass, with asymmetric geometry and small diamond crystal. As well as in daily for drab clothing as a punchline, more to be worn as a cocktail ring.
This bracelet by the gold-plated brass casting, in the opening act the role of two faceted cutting quartz is designed for this very fashionable bracelets added a mystery, is the first choice for daily wear.
This group of great earrings is made up of the big dipper and the Polaris. If you also punch on ear bones, can try to wear together to build a complete modelling of the stars. Wear alone is also very delicate and beautiful.

The minimalist Scandinavian jewelry The most suitable for summer wear

The minimalist Scandinavian jewelry The most suitable for summer wear
In the temperature of the spring/summer, swaying skirt seems to require a simple jewelry set. The Nordic jewelry, in addition to the ingenious design details, and is definitely easy to match without demanding classic. More importantly, it conveys is that character compared to please others, please yourself is the first priority for modern women. Look at the Nordic jewelry, are what make you unexpected contracted aesthetic feeling.
Georg Jensen: silver from Denmark
With elegant silver craft and enjoys a high reputation in Denmark, Georg Jensen, it was the most representative design “Daisy” little Daisy series. On the surface of the flowers that pieces of silver plating on the colorful marca dragon dazzle colour, just watch can let a person smell smell the sweet Fake Cartier love bracelet fragrance of chun xia. Get rid of trivial adornment, minimalist design style, more can reflect the spring accessories and relaxed feeling.
Combines pearl and contracted design style, wear the collar of the accessories, the most suitable for spring, summer, collocation of all kinds of pure color, elegant dress.
Nordic fashion bloggers Pernille Teisbaek will often Georg Jensen’s jewellery, those who do manual work is delicate but not too heavy and complicated design, the most suitable and the integration of she contracted style, to create a feeling of pure quiet senior.
Sophie Bille Brahe: classical and modern sense of building integration
SophieBille Brahe deserve to act the role of pioneer with a strong feeling, to show belongs to the city girl “costly” fine jewelry is usually made with 14 k and 18 k gold, with high quality pearls warm glow of women. Can be worn alone, can also be worn with simple stud earrings.
Sophie Bille Brahe14K gold pearl earrings
At Sacai 2016 spring summer series, shows on the models of wear is Sacai X SophieBille Brahe series, pearls or diamonds 14 to 18 k gold earrings, have long term design. While changing the length of the wire, but all have shoulder-length effect, walking in between the outstanding replica Cartier love bracelet female elegant temperament.
Sophie Bille Brahe Sacai x 18 k yellow gold diamond single eardrop
The beauty of Pernille Corydon Jewellery: shape and traces
From fashion, architecture, furniture, inspiration in nature and human itself. As a jewelry designer, Pernille Corydon can always inspired from some of the details. “Deserve to act the role of stack build agitation can say from Pernille, be reversed into a different form or shape of the ring, with a faint in the tender unyielding strength. Different ways of fold wear to wear women more free space, the secrets of the badge be expressed in a personal way of life.
Seemingly simple small 18 k gold wafers, unique diopter and slightly childish is bad feeling graffiti strokes have become a different reasons, “personalization” has been Pernille design unique identifier.
By two same color K gold or platinum circle kink of bracelets and necklaces, are Pernille Corydon Jewellery and representative works of another, of different sizes and tie-in and convenient fold wear, there are strong and will not cover other wrist accessories, thus become the latest Cartier nail bracelet replica must-haves in the numerous fashion bloggers and supermodel.
Maria Black Jewellery: to establish a new equilibrium in distortion
All kinds of personality is distinct ear bones clip has been Maria Black logo design, also be numerous fashion bloggers in love.
Exaggerated cooperate deserve to act the role of the large volume of lines, unprecedented strengthened the presence of earrings, either short or long hair as long as holding in the ear will be found after the machine carefully.
Necklace designs, extreme decorate women’s neck and collarbone and chest line, especially suitable for wearing big v-neck clothes matching, create a geometrical aesthetic feeling. Or in the summer and naked wear suit jacket photograph collocation, capable of sending out makes it impossible to ignore the woman flavour.
Vibe Harslof: industrial cold tone of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese aesthetic feeling
In northern Europe jewelry design, Vibe Harslof has a very distinctive style. In addition to these conventional style earrings, bracelets, rings, “foot chain” is the Vibe Harslof’s special. V “word is always the important design elements of the brand, but the collocation of chun xia is applied to the foot chain shoes wear is still interesting thing, you can imagine you will be in conjunction with the its more unique footwear design.
Gold-plated VibeHarslof foot
Not only can be perfectly compatible with your jewelry box, in the place where you feel unable to decorate even give surprise.
Her jewels also with a strong sense of industrial, smooth lines, with the spread of the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica infinite feeling, exploring total wrist, fingers and ears and neck will be linked together, the relationship between collocation is chun xia’s leisure dress up or grand dress was not abrupt.
Von Lotzbeck: show the distinctive beauty of materials
Von Lotzbeck dotes on, large and small, round, especially with women itself wen wan temperament to match. She will use different jewelry material circular in the ring, ring or collar of orders, show a kind of is not a strong light. Contracted integral feeling in spring and summer wear has a strong suitability, but especially worth trying to match with wave point printing.
VonLotzbeck jewelry is the most special place, or is she on the use of jewelry materials, often appear in the jewelry 14 k and 18 k gold, rose gold or silver, burnish of them presents an inferior smooth base on texture.
Ninna York: hardcore punk geometry line
NinnaYork love through jewelry accessories in architectural sculpture on the human body. She likes to keep the colour and lustre of the metal itself, through the sharp geometry line to show a kind of exclusive arrangement sharp sense of modern city girl.
Her design looks can let a person feel “pain”, whether it is a big nose rings, or excessive volume proportion of eardrop to heaviness, and contain a nation. Such a design almost naturally compatible with sense of gothic clothing, or the Total Look black dress up appear imitation cartier love bracelet cool and type, as the night elves.
Sif Jakobs: stylish look for the arrow direction
“Arrow” in the design of the elements in this year’s jewelry is popular, but really to deserve to act the role of brand SifJakobs fire is northern Europe. Is not only the style of the bracelet with “arrow”, rings, earrings are a “arrow” logo, especially with the high cold temperament of northern ethnic groups is a kind of “let the into” senior fashion sense.
You may not be fans of tang’s manor, but big miss Michelle Dockery play outside the good taste you must not neglect. She used the Sif Jakobs pioneer deserve to act the role of this white skirt collocation, both pure and fresh and has a sense of the future, it is suitable for spring and summer’s feast for the eyes look.
Katrine Kristensen: exist in a delicate feeling fine point
Katrine design always by lines and shading color to create a delicate finely feeling, also is full of geometric style at her interpretation of the concept of more women, the use of blue attune also can foil the color of skin more fair. The most important, each ring can be worn upside down, to create different visual effects.
Her earring style like in ear hind, the front is often just a simple metal geometry modeling, and after the ear through the arrangement of triangles to create change, like small crowns appear in the corner of the easily ignored by people.

Classic Balenciaga decade “locomotive package”

2016 spring summer, designers have to get inspiration from the bottom of the sea: Alexander McQueen coral wedges, Chanel shells hand bag… Shown from the depths of the ocean of the shining pearl is widely used in spring, summer, deserve to act the role of the details of the building. From the psychedelic bottom printing to witty Marine biological modelling, have a two Marine amorous feelings item this season is the most worth looking forward to surprise.
Chanel 2016 spring summer series, Karl Prospero unabashed Lagerfeld, which use original fashion Cartier nail bracelet replica elements, will be a magical underwater world, appear in front of the audience. String of pearls, rainbow color, fritillaria as algae and the modelling of jellyfish to make women look more elegant.
Composed of coral and shells suit, materazzi emblazoned with a picture of barnacles extremely delicate, design of jacquard fabric, printed with oyster layered thread ring chiffon… Alexander McQueen’s focus on underwater magic clothing carefully the details of design and manufacture, is enough to make beautiful dress itself in the shade.
Starfish, shells, the little mermaid… These are Donatella Versace ocean theme this season? Of course not! Eternal golden buckle and deadly bare remains throughout the series, the Versace Marine new series is full of joy, tease, and confidence.
Inspiration to surfers and mermaid capture Riccardo Tisci, baby will imaginary water present in the clothing of the second half of the ministry. Very close tight pants, shirt skirt of tail fin and lace… It is not hard to imagine that sea creatures will replace the ubiquitous Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica Givenchy jaguar in this season.
Repeat order of aquatic plants and greenhouse flower pattern felt the cloth to be Pilotto Peter Pilotto new dominant. Through extensive use different color, circular permutation of aquatic plant design, as if through the mask, exudes a underwater world a surreal sense of occlusion.
Classic Balenciaga decade “locomotive package”
“Locomotive package” is a French brand Balenciaga “Balenciaga” classic products, design a wild, spontaneously and bring some streets wind, rock flavor, lay particular stress on practicality, convenience to ride one hand can easily draw back pocket, purse all the zipper head on with leather should be of the same color, these became the characteristics of this kind of bag, various colors and popular rock flavor, both decorative aesthetic and functional let a person fondle admiringly. “Locomotive package” no sign outside the brand, but the leather is the most obvious of the locomotive package identification signs, the locomotive with cloth, leather mix canvas and all three options.
Balenciaga motorcycle bag, published in 2001, Nicholas was designer Ghesquiere imitation cartier love bracelet series design of a bag for tie-in dress, but Balenciaga stressed with delicate material at the bottom, using the complex three-dimensional structure is the unique features of Balenciaga, designer Nicholas signature style at launch accessories to use on the bag design, picking the goat leather, crocodile skin, a senior special processing leather, leather softness is smooth, but can maintain stereo sense, even if again big size also is very light.
Balenciaga unique line, car line, zippers and manual trace of leather tanning, which through special craft processing, soft sheepskin deliberately create old, retro vintage look, thick street rock flavor, especially leather bag zipper head on the department have a leather rope of the same color, easy to ride one hand can easily draw back pocket, which is named as the origin of the locomotive package, is this bag is the approved design. Balenciaga motorcycle bag color is more special, as many as 10 several popular colour choices, as well as the shell of rare gray, make the whole bag exudes a unruly punk amorous feelings.
Bag size large, medium and small, mini and fusion of five Cartier love bracelet replica dimensions. The fusion capacity is generally with leather bags for several times, see how literal meaning, give you go out to play with two days weekend. Standard of locomotive bag is a long flat, very soft, easy to identify.

Spring/summer 2016 fashion colour may need

Spring/summer 2016 fashion colour may need
Color is still the focus of the spring/summer 2016, from the traditional black and white to bright yellow, hot red, mysterious, sweet cream… High-profile profusion colour is to transcend the previous trend. Don’t need large piled up from head to toe, sometimes only need a handbag or a pair of bright color shoes dot eyeball, is enough to engage.
TOP1: orange passion. With rich, intense orange to appear in the spring/summer 2016, led by appearance, even if will gather together with a rainbow of colors, orange can easily be captured. This fashionable temperament upstart color restoring ancient Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica ways with the 1960 s, whether do you also want to try?
Ranked by: pure and fresh and green. 2016 spring and summer is a season, return to natural and pure and fresh green once again become a high-profile noble color. From Burberry, pine (Burberry Prorsum), Jill Sander (Jil Sander) to Gucci (Gucci), designers were eager to let you color with delicate and pure and fresh and green. Supplement neutral black and white, cold tone grey, even is the highlight of the orange and green jade, the effect is more outstanding.
TOP3: quiet white. The classic pure white symbolizes the to be able to compete with black almost harsh critic of art, life requirements. 2016 spring summer, pure white in leading the way with each big show runway. Whether you’re a minimalist pie or fashion avant-garde, or thin as cicada, or thick as coagulate fat white sheet is tasted can bring you a do not belong to summer cool and quiet.
TOP4: sweet cream. Popular for months of high purity light finally come to an end in this season, fresh pink cream is occupied in the first half of the whole. Light pink, mint green hand bag, cape slippers light blue thick with shoes… Each proper light colour sheet is tasted like sweet smell is hard to resist the sweet temptation.
TOP5: cold tone navy. Navy and sometimes high, sometimes sad, always give a person calm, mysterious imitation cartier love bracelet and want to close to touch sense of distance. The color of the “contradiction”. A seems to have magical charm, all reveal the Muse of noble temperament, compelling.
TOP6: bright yellow eye. Yellow in colour revolution plays an important role in this season, from Marni, Sonia Rykiel brands such as Zara runway walk to the high street, bold, bright yellow can be seen everywhere. Large area of the yellow stack for color yellow countrymen may not be the right thing to do, but a most contracted style shoes package item is indispensable to match this season.
TOP7: make gold. 2016 spring summer’s spirits and brilliant, even in the air floating a gorgeous make public. In this season, the designer will be shining golden applied in garment accessories: a bright golden bead piece, line hale golden handbag, maverick golden rivets… Everything has become after combined with golden.
TOP8: JiaoChen pink. When it comes to pink, everyone will think of teenage girl image, pink seems to be forever associated with reduction of age. As a matter of fact, the charming girl of pink really can increase a woman along temperament. But in order to avoid a large pink stacked and give affected suspected act young, a high brightness pink item may be able to make you get twice the result with half the effort.
TOP9: classic black. Black looks boring, but it is the most free and rich color, a simple change can have fundamental changes, black is always in the role of T stage and age. From last century Givenchy (Givenchy) smoking, Chanel (Chanel) tweed suit to now the Balmain (Balmain), each wave blasting design appears to be led by the black.
Top 10: fiery red. Red is always passion hot best pronoun, is also one of the classic Cartier love bracelet replica color of it’s never out of style, irresistible. 2016 spring summer, red still spread the fashion industry, both the minimalist and exaggerated design sheet is tasted, can depressing collocation add a bright spot, give you a vitality of the spring and summer.
Spring, summer, seconds kill item: flower pants collocation method
Since the wind restoring ancient ways is popular, I have been in all kinds of beautiful dresses snowless printing design in this year to focus on the stage of trousers, colorful design, exciting!
Tie-in key points:
1. The collocation of black and white wait for neuter color won’t go wrong, the collocation of color collision or give prize, or make a fool of yourself.
2. Appropriate pants and shoes also want to engage, match a pair of beautiful pointed boat shoes, show beautiful feet!
3. The flowers have to art, an associate of pyjamas or old cotton trousers pattern all can’t accept it.
Anne Hathaway: wide leg pants
Gentle sleeveless chiffon unlined upper garment is tie-in, Elizabeth James abstract flower pants, tall waist wide leg design waist line at the same time can also hide not perfect legs, wedge heel shoes the high line, model style be vividly Fake Cartier love bracelet portrayed.
Beyonce: tapered pants
Stella McCartney watercolor trousers gorgeous much appearance, put on a dull black top and nondestructive dazzing, Beyonce clever with a Bottega Veneta pink belt, not only the outline of waist also echoed the decorative pattern on the pants, roll up trouser legs above the ankle, Pierre Darre yellow crocodile pointy shoes times feminine flavour.
Florence Welch: pants suit
Moschino this big black and white printed suit cutting fluid, shorts capable smart design, and nine minutes of pants directly separate white shirt is also a good choice.
Olivia Palermo: panty hose
Kaufman Franco irregular nude shirts with PAIGE tie-dyed color pants, gentle yet personality, pythons grain L.A.M.B. high-heeled shoes lace pattern on a few can be spurious, sexy and elegant.
Rihanna: printed jeans
Denim shirt boy wind mixing Alexander Wang very magic blue trousers, domineering coexist with small replica Cartier love bracelet and pure and fresh and interesting.
Vika Falileeva: nine minutes of pants
H&M as leisure among the popular logo, also launched a gradient pants, the supermodel Vika Falileeva demonstration, Vika body with a black sleeveless, and black and white stitching platform shoes, hand carry porous big black leather handbag, very handsome, is a practical work shop all can consider collocation.

In the spring tide: show your waist and abdomen

In the spring tide: show your waist and abdomen
Gradually warm weather clothing collocation and with some difficulty, the collocation of qiu dong is folded, thin clothing is always difficult to achieve the ideal effect. As one of the highlights of a spring/summer 2016 fashion conference, the brief paragraph coat of cultivate Cartier love bracelet replica one’s morality as temperatures rise gradually into our sight. Wantonly popular short T-shirt with 2016, this season’s brief paragraph coat on visual bolder, to the requirement of tie-in capability is also higher.
Look 1: toning ma3 jia3 with long skirt, new play wears outside underwear
Nude bra type jacket may seem difficult to accept, but with brunet dress collocation, immediately with the flavor of the holiday, and outside a sequined jacket is a little dark color adds a luster. Wine red high-heeled sandals and wide-brim hats, and conch shape pendant, this is what we want to Sicily, beautiful modelling.
Look 2: accident collocation: bone fairy the slender feeling of the wind
Represented by Yohji Yamamoto Japanese designer fashion limits in the 90 s caused a huge sensation, its unique design affected after a large number of independent brands, but those who are too exaggerated clipping and slender lines are always let us off. In fact as long as the multi-purpose some think of opportunely on collocation, wear out the bone immortal wind slender feeling it’s not impossible. The brief paragraph coat of cultivate one’s morality is a completed a slender look a good weapon.
Spring/summer 2016 fashion demonstration: white cool and refreshing
Stylist is in white, ivory white, and ice between fiddling with all sorts of tricks, ushered in the spring/summer 2016 white. Don’t know whether is affected by the 2016 prophecy, fashion also cater to more and more intense in the future scientific taste; Or with white pure to settle Fake Cartier love bracelet themselves; Or in the environment of the economic downturn, purify the haze.
2016 spring summer many brands have chosen to give priority to tone with white, like a piece of white Chanel great ostentation and extravagance ocean, and show such as Comme des Garcons, Jil Sander. Compared with last quarter, Chloe white scenes increase a lot, and Clare Waight Keller I also cooperate with a white dress. Regards the Donatella Versace walked on stage, also wearing a Mosaic gold cutting pattern of noble white dress.
This season, “white” so thoroughly, from the inside and outside, from top to bottom, can be unified into white. From white turban and white hat to the whole body is white fashion, white shoes and white socks.
White is also very suitable for yellow skin of Asian, whole body white clothes, his face shine set off. Valentino contracted little white satin dress be but classic; Hale capable of white suit, soft flowing white wide-legged trousers and white shirt of Lanvin is worth income wardrobe item.
Whole body white, is not drab. Versace gold buckle this time has become the focus; In addition, lace, embroidery, pearl, and laser cutting of hollow out into full play; And Emporio Armani ink type printing and dyeing, Fendi weird pleating bib.
Victoria phenomenon or highlighted with iconic hourglass shape contour; Givenchy “black” is less than before, and innovative replica Cartier love bracelet mixed with white skin and snow spinning wavy beauty of cascade; Stella McCartney more specifically brought the line art of carve patterns or designs on woodwork.
All say “black and white”, so without the black dot. Most of the brands are chose white fashion collocation black sandals; Emporio Armani black seam as the main technique; Lanvin collocation is black bag; Emilio Pucci while wearing black necklace.
Not only bring the sense of vision and cool white, cold white and blue as science and technology, suitable for science fiction, Bottega Veneta white leather fabrics were complex plastic geometric patterns, mix up the light of a new future, let us together look forward to the future of good!
Spring garment style: contrast material is the key
Warm spring, leather is one item in high frequency in the closet, but by the time just unloaded a heavy winter, how can you will wear a fur lightsome feeling?
Look 1: dilute the massiness of leather all the colors of the sweet
Even the texture thick fur, as long as the right color, wear in spring and absolutely no problem. Sweet Cartier nail bracelet replica peach color and lime color, use in the spring of the perfect collocation. Bottoms chose fastens with color skirt, although also hard texture, but concise design and bright color, with the effect of the spell able. Unique positioning printing short sleeve shirt but dignified, darker colors and also for the leather with short skirts have played an important role in the balance.
Look 2: use the contrast of material capable of modelling
Hard leather can clear carving out the curve of your body, and from the waist down the hem of the unfolding, can let you of the waist line small a circle on the vision. Design of the sleeve of the 7 points, for the hand jewelry left enough space. And soft material dress collocation, weaken the texture of skins, to balance the overall modelling.

Cameo jewelry restoring ancient ways collocation guide

Cameo jewelry restoring ancient ways collocation guide
Mention those big and round embossed jewelry will remind you of? My grandma’s jewelry box or drinking the afternoon tea lady. Those who are in similar to Downtown Abbey in the costume piece of vintage jewelry will shine brilliantly in the spring and summer. So how should match the large amount of jewelry?
Look1: restoring ancient ways to deserve to act the role of the mix building a style Fake Cartier love bracelet with modern fashion
On the basis of fashionable feeling of clothing collocation deserve to act the role of style restoring ancient ways, is nowadays IT Girls’ favorite collocation method. Restore ancient ways jewelry is embossed with a design of large size and beautiful to attract attention, in an instant and can be very deep impression. This with their times also have inalienable relations.
Look2: design and color piece restoring ancient ways collocation, is also nifty
Miu Miu in this season’s Cameo Capsule series, inspired by the vintage jewelry, those soft embossed pattern on the material is replaced by a popular environmental protection material, also made a bold color change, make these old jewelry and glow the vitality. On the collocation of clothing, serious shirt and pencil skirt is a good choice, especially in the ancient Greek style of coat, and restore ancient ways jewelry collocation is bring out the best in each other.
Two look make the formal model of bling
As one of the popular trend of spring/summer 2016, the rich wife modelling of bling replica Cartier love bracelet appeared on the show of brands. How to avoid excessive decoration is still able to maintain a strong aura, the two look here can be used for reference in the match.
Look1: shiny Marine elements, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity noble feeling
Ocean color paillette adornment coat looks stylish, shiny decoration removes excess jewelry. Scissors form of pencil skirt is the key to career women. In a printing jacket low-key but not lack of details. The wrist with a gold bracelet highlights the overall sense of wide, quite has the style of the show in front of the guests.
Look2: metal sea wind, spell able do not lose feminine
Hem irregular accept waist suit able to outline your good curve, hale shoulder line adds a few minutes of the beauty of the neutral. Soft shirts teamed with classical temperament, and silver skirt added fashionable feeling for the whole look. With gems that handbag, with gorgeous low-key.
How to manage image style 5 kinds of pure white?
Pure white, ivory white, milky white in color, and so on the series of white, because pure, noble and lightness cool impression to the person, so it is also one of people favorite color in spring and summer. Impression in the past, people like Cartier nail bracelet replica to use white with black, blue wait for color, but this year spring summer,along with the spring/summer 2016 fashion week is filled with all sorts of all white look, challenge with white collocation of white!
Look1: handsome neutral
A little oversize white suit, match the same color suit pants, and classic basic high-heeled shoes, and matching the minimalist style hand bag, with some neutral capable of workplace expert image was born.
Look2: lively feeling
Tall waist place dress white powder, maiden impression to the person, tie-in and same smaller mini hand bag, and thick bottom high-heeled sandals, the look is very young, young girls or small female only the most easy to copy.
Look3: sports leisure
White cotton shirts with short sleeves, loose shorts collocation of permeability is strong, simple Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica  stamped on the flat shoes or leather sandals, the whole body movement is dye-in-the-wood collocation, give a person a healthy sunshine impression, stylish casual summer dress up.
Dust Look4: romance
Long white dress is the easiest to make you feel romantic and elegant, you can choose to lace, hollow out, gauze chiffon and other elements, collocation is a diagonal cross bag, a pair of straw wedge sandals, very a little Bohemian romantic fairy feeling.
Look5: elegant dress
Long white dress is the most noble and pure, as long as the good design is suitable for high heels collocation, it is good to draw a beautiful makeup face.
Look1: goddess of feminine nude color create elegant demeanour
Color matching of drag ground dress with dark brown silk blouse can foil a gentle female temperament. And naked color vest type belt, and added a little for the modelling of whole ancient Greek amorous feelings, look to have a myth. Transparent heels are big this year heat sheet is tasted, choose as collocation fastens with color shoes will never go wrong.
Can like clothes wear vest type belt often reminiscent of bundling, pornography and other relatively heavy taste. But as one season there is no obvious difference of sheet is tasted, just like in 09 years began to hot bodycon dresses, this is tight, feeling the accessories of it has a big use on the collocation of spring and summer.
Lines Look2: suit with a long skirt and belt
Color photos printed chiffon dress suit, gorgeous and elegant, but too soft fabric is a little thin, black vest type imitation cartier love bracelet belt seemingly untamed, tie-in chiffon blouse, but played a balance. At the same time also with leather accessories mutual echo. Enhancing the modelling of integration.

5 minutes to get rapid wear method

5 minutes to get rapid wear method
In a short period of time to make collocation, because often ignores the details and make a joke, for the morning like a torture man workers, a few of the joker sheet is tasted appear particularly important. This we are given for three joker sheet is tasted six sets of plan, in addition to a fixed item, other accessories can replace along with the mood. After mastering, will never “power” to go out in the morning.
Fixed item is water decoloring jeans, this is more close to the skin color Cartier nail bracelet replica of jeans, with bright color coat collocation is the most appropriate, both to have the effect of neutralization, compared with blue jeans, nor upstaged a coat. The black suit is suitable for the office environment of air conditioning room. Nude heels make overall shape more round one.
Water decoloring and fluorescent color collocation jeans also. The fluorescent color of a shirt is big this year heat will receive one of the item. Compared with the single shoulder bag, shirt fits with larger handbag to match. Capable of at the same time, with a more sexy. On the choice of shoes:, bright-coloured however not the stripe color can light up the lower half of conflict.
Fixed item is serpentine printed t-shirts, the application of animal print to loose t-shirts, immediately will weaken the enchanting sense of its own, let a person look more comfortable, at the same time is more suitable for everyday wear. With loose trousers and elastic sandals, is a set of the modelling look will feel very comfortable.
Serpentine printing T-shirt and dress collocation fastens with color, too. On the choice of accessories, we selected the many independent niche brand, it will make you look more tasteful.
Simple shirt dress with a good family’s elegant and lovely, simple accessories can brighten the whole modelling feeling. Bandage design of orange high heels is the only one bright spot, and ornament is proper.
Is a shirt dress with a jacket to work wearing tie-in. Gold jewelry Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica made clothing appear more delicate. 3 cm heels will bring you comfortable foot feeling, wear also won’t feel tired all day.
Four kinds of way to wear a white T-shirt joker essence
, as the representative of the contracted style white T-shirt has always been an integral part of the closet item, especially in spring and summer of 2016, a variety of trends can be done by a simple white T-shirt, this time we prepared four around white T-shirt collocation of style, to see which model is suitable for you.
Single wearing a white T-shirt, can wear the large size of tribal amorous feelings jewelry, necklace, in particular, the bright color can instantly gather people’s attention. Private parts can match the knitting material of dress, have tropical printing bag and flat shoes let whole look full of amorous feelings of holiday. Both daily collocation and beach on vacation, such collocation is very appropriate.
Outside in the white T-shirt with cool vest type belt, this will deserve to act the role of the outline of the curve of the body, and for the whole fashion big points. Overall modelling does not need to join any bright color, black and white ash will be able to complete a set of both handsome and sexy look.
White T-shirt is used as a base, plus a bud or outside perspective effect of coat. And can according to their own preferences or the style of the jacket to independent collocation. Here, we chose the black skirt dovetail detail, and the sweet, lace blouse to the effect of the overall modelling added a few minutes and spell able.
Vest and shorts collocation of white T-shirt, a kind of boy’s style. But in the choice of imitation cartier love bracelet, try to use more luxuriant style, sequins and beading are considering. Otherwise, overall modelling can appear naive and not highlight any key.
V-neck temptation to two dimensions, four kinds of collocation
Have to admit that deep v-neck is not geared to the needs of everyone’s choice, but to promote sexy index, deep v-neck but it can have an immediate effect. Sexy actress Scarlett Johansson is a very good case. And according to different neckline size, also should make flexible change on collocation.
Deep v-neck can extend the neck line, let you look slender neck, and the ability to brighten the complexion, but its biggest role, or show your business line, of course. But always the famously sexy goddess and round chest line actress Scarlett Johansson in the 2016 Academy Awards ceremony, even wore a Dolce & Gabana dress neckline below have been open to the chest, but still no business line, instead, the slender neck curve and capable of grace.
Look1: a conservative choice
Bright colors can make you mood in the summer, starting from the shoulder of the neckline, not only show your long neck line, also reveal the collarbone, sexy and have played an important role in show thin. On the decoration, use the contrast to bump color, young and full of fashionable Cartier love bracelet replica feeling.
Look2: conservative choice 2
The movement style of short dresses is permeated with the youth vigor, has the feeling of her tennis. And the collocation of white and mint color pure and sweet. In summer the wearing can give a person relaxed and delightful sense. Although improved v-neck openings, but crisp smooth fabric can be very good draws the outline of your curves, avoid the unnecessary trouble.
Look3: bold and send to select one
Large open collar short dress suit to the small size of the chest, both to highlight sexy, can highlight the bony. With metallic accessories is most suitable.
Look4: bold and send option two
With a chest of bandage dresses for wai plump rounded figure. Too thin, can’t wear, the best effect. Sweet peach color can foil a snow-white skin, both to the partial black skin color is also suitable. On the selected accessories, naked color and fastens with color is preferred.

Constructivism of 2016 autumn winters

Constructivism of 2016 autumn winters
Contracted and fluent line, cutting and unique structure design, rich in building feeling and dimensional feeling profile… Autumn/winter 2016 show, many designers transplanted some rich sense of building elements into clothing design, clothing presents a new sense of future and volume, and the visual effect appears to be more practical and fact wear, as far as possible, not just stay on the level of artistic effect.
Balenciaga 2016 autumn/winter fashion conference, the designer Nicolas Ghesquiere in an unusual way to reinterpret the understanding of the fashion, put forward new, with A bold exaggerated proportions of clothing profile: outstanding shoulder with coat, with A sculpture effect patch jumper imitation cartier love bracelet collocation concise dual lateral a-line skirt. Tall waist line for shape modification effect is quite obvious. Models play IT girl wearing high-tech parachute fabric jumpsuit, designers try to bring people’s eyes to a broad future.
When the 2016 autumn/winter fashion week designers are stressed on the 3 d effect, always do exactly the opposite of “ling teacher” Rei Kawakubo begin to explore “flat”. A “two-dimensional space is the dominant future” as designers Rei Kawakubo only annotation to a whole new series. Comme des Garcons only 2016 autumn winter series profile or exaggeration and dramatic: keep its trademark has hypertrophy with long sleeves and hem expansion Oversize cape overcoat, crotch deliberately wide inverted pyramid nine minutes of pants, the Cut – cutting out, 2 times higher than the body of the dress, building profile, joining together the jacket + knee-length skirt, collage petal shape blouse, will head for package printing head… The modelling of seemingly bizarre fun under the fine goods.
Raf Simon will Jil Sander ideas for the theme of qiu dong 2016 “a lazy morning,” and Jil Sander girls warm sunshine and enjoy his extended family in the early hours of the morning time, and then put on coats have a busy day. Extremely brief chrysalis form double coat, smooth lines and rich hang down feeling, even more than one button can destroy the perfect line, the colour of QingJian increased volume and space, but also let a person feel a kind of unique and pure and fresh and light, no heavy feeling. Depicts the designer women should have the elegant, delicate heart, look be like simple way of life is full of connotation.
“This season, I want to be flat and agile.” When Peter Som this season preview explained. “The end of the day, everyone will feel strong and sexy.” There is no doubt that he successfully reached his goal. In strong part, we can see five defenders of sculpture is a simple shirt Cartier love bracelet replica type of shoulder and sleeve, and in the waist position open new s rocks the adornment of the short skirt, minimalist architecture profile, exaggeration and round shoulder line, the adornment of the waist skirt make strong sharp sense as to sexy, it embodied in the edge of the pure yarn skirts and dresses, like playing a game of hide and seek in the glossiness, and at the same time, the removable ruffles on the jacket boudoir style lining also complained of a variety of infinite amorous feelings.
Designer Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough in Proenza Schouler on the autumn/winter 2016 shows, to look to the east and in the form of “New York”, the opening, the designers give the audience a group box collar shirt, on one shoulder can quickly solve, tie-in loose trousers pleating at the same time. Coat and trousers were strictly use the white button, like karate uniform, or use the send out soft and shiny black leather as the material. These giant feeling jacket and pants could make retailers feel the pressure and challenges, but its full of building feeling expression also let a person infatuation, Proenza Schouler let loose clothes become more formal, which is the trend of The Times.
Marc Jacobs 2016 autumn winter series profile more inflation than ever before and more volume, because Marc Jacobs Muse is two old lady this season, so the Marc Jacobs) 2016 autumn winter series it is not about sex, even on the profile is very cumbersome: hem fluffy wool coat itself sense, shoulder also wore a large safety pins don’t knit or crochet shawls, “fuchsia” profile of flat-fell seam under the knee-length skirt collocation also loose 7 minutes of pants, so is a scene of Fake Cartier love bracelet strewn at random disordered!
Rich spatial profile is an important proposition of the fashion show this season. This let loose, is good at design fashion style of Veronique Leroy is more like a duck to water. In the box with a 60 s style profile, the audience can see a real sense. The theme of the design gives the whole series of strong tension, but there is no common people is suitable for thick fabrics of qiu dong season, mohair and wool producing fake fur fault visual effect, abundant nylon jacquard knitting clothing is very worthy of attention.
Yves Saint Laurent 2016 autumn/winter fashion show is Stefano Pilati last show for YSL, fluent line leather adds color red lip, slender waist, hale and hearty and polished steel, all these elements constitute a strong image of the devil wears prada, hale and hearty, also draws the outline of Stefano Pilati heart Paris woman tall tall and straight figure, wide shoulder design and simple clipping, let women’s rich architectural structure of the season, black leather radiant with cold light and deep v-neck clipping of sexy and mixed together, weaving a tempting but dare not close to the noble feeling.
This autumn fashion show Donna Karan preference suits, naturally, the concept of suit here beyond the coat and trousers. On the one hand, she will pinstripe woolen cloth folding, pinned into sexy tight skirt or large led cocktail dress skirt; On the other hand, she designed the red round collar folds of wool dress and evening dress decorated with a ribbon in the neck. Looks like a pinstripe connects body work clothing is actually a “shape blouse, designers cleverly to tight plug into the replica Cartier love bracelet slim pants, belt will be divided into two parts. Donna Karan is designed for a old double-breasted jacket or coat the exaggerated shoulder, looked a little masculine.
Designer Ling Liu and we Sun for Cacharel 2016 autumn/winter fashion show design inspiration comes from the famous American female pilots and feminists, with 20 s clothing style coat and conical pants all show contracted simple beauty. A pair of tight ice crystals patterned Leggings with a texture soft, sexy cute ski skirt Look, is this season Chinese designer Ling Liu and we Sun create pure and fresh and sweet and with something of elegant flavor restoring ancient ways of Cacharel girl. Herringbone wide-legged trousers and shoulder line exaggerated knitting coat is too soft Cacharel inject more hale sense of masculinity.

The parity of jewelry jewelry to meet women all fantasy

The parity of jewelry jewelry to meet women all fantasy
Jewelry for women, inevitably is the essentials in the dress. However high jewelry prices always lets a person, in fact, without must be expensive jewelry to create advanced sense. In jewelry, there are a lot of cheap jewelry, has a senior jewelry design feeling, use fashion jewelry materials, design a gorgeous and fashionable feeling, also less than “real” jewelry shows and dazzing bright, at the same time can also meet your demand for jewellery texture and style, so approachable price, perhaps more easy to fall in love.
On behalf of the brand: BaubleBar X Olivia Palermo
Nationality: the U.S.
Design style: there is nothing more persuasive than fashion Icon demonstration, especially Cartier love bracelet replica personally to deduce. One hundred yuan of the jewelry can also wear a senior feeling, this is to show the charm of fashion jewelry. The U.S. jewelry website BaubleBar joint Olivia Palermo, introduced including wide bracelet, oversize necklace, earrings and the brooch, metal and glass materials to create both pure and generous and very fashionable appearance, while increasing the elegant charm of the jewelry. And, more importantly, each piece of jewelry is under $100, absolutely satisfy the rule of “bargain”.
Olivia Palermo wear replica Cartier love bracelet jewelry series
BaubleBar X Olivia Palermo jewelry series
On behalf of the brand: APM Monaco
Jewelry design style: France APM Monaco’s most advantage, is to use cheap material to design jewelry with high sense of. With gold, silver, precious stones, crystal, zircon and materials such as diamond design elegant, or contracted and fashionable jewelry. Is also for this reason, let it become the highlight of the numerous star shape in classic wear dress item. APM Monaco’s design is also very diversified, with pearl brooch formative Cartier nail bracelet replica series jewelry, brand is a sign of cognitive, or Meteorites series of comets elements, is a jewelry elegant appearance. In terms of price, however, only one hundred yuan to one thousand yuan, can satisfy the pursuit of quality and design of jewelry lovers.
On behalf of the brand: Kenneth Jay Lane
Nationality: the U.S.
Design style: compared to other jewelry, Kenneth Jay Lane is absolutely senior jewelry brand in the United States. Since the brand was founded in 1963, Elizabeth Taylor to many celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, fell in love with his bold, ornate crystal compose ACTS the role of design. Yes, even so, a senior, but Kenneth Jay Lane for the material of parity, advanced design, have many customers. On design style, however, is also varied, exotic tribal customs, Vintage, antique, elegant diamond wind wind, or modern wind, etc., they are Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica jewelry contains style, whether it’s daily dress up, working style, or dinner modelling, you can find the required style of jewelry. If you can find a Kenneth Jay Lane antique jewelry, wind will become a highlight in the modelling collocation. So beautiful jewelry is more an attractive features, price, of course! Kenneth Jay Lane’s pursuit of localization, has always been to meet women love at the same time, also simply used one hundred yuan to one thousand yuan can be solved.
On behalf of the brand: j.estina Red
South Korea nationality:
Design style: the rise of South Korea jewelry, thanks to the influence of the Korean dramas. From “you” from the stars to she was beautiful, the modelling of the heroine became the object of mass popularity, they wear jewelry, also become the focus of the attention, j.estina Red is appeared in the han one of the jewelry she is very beautiful, the pursuit of the aesthetic feeling of agile design style. The iconic crown series, very suitable for modelling style is nifty and lovely, or Lac Bleu series, simple lines and dots together create the sense of building design work, meet a style of contracted and fashionable collocation. Also is the price of one hundred yuan to one thousand yuan range, can satisfy the pursuit of fashionable and texture of the jewelry.
On behalf of the brand: Didier Dubot
Design style: jewelry brand from France, Didier Dubot, is known for Korean dramas, you from the stars. Because of the quan zhixian of wear in the play, so as to make the jewelry that many women like. The iconic bowknot design elements, combined with the diamond ornament contracted style, become a highlight of the everyday wear. Or that of a modern design style, with solid geometry is both fashionable and low-key costly feeling. The price of one thousand yuan, is bound to make a person enchanted.
On behalf of the brand: Vita Fede
Nationality: the U.S.
Design style: bright metal material according to the design trademark of nails, let Vita Fede jewelry brand become a global phenomenon. The creator of is also a jewelry “fold wear”. Metallic or diamond ornament design style, low-key costly in some fashion. Designer imitation cartier love bracelet works is actually very simple, most is given priority to with triangle cone of rivet, but neither rings and bracelets, mix together, it can reflect the jewelry fashion style. One thousand yuan price positioning, not only by the favour of fashionable blogger, also became the highlight of the stars on the red carpet of jewelry.
On behalf of the brand: Georg Jensen
Nationality: Denmark
Design style: jewelry brand from Denmark Georg Jensen, learn from the Nordic contracted style, gradually known by people. Is the silver, and Georg Jensen is actually because of silver was regarded as one of Denmark’s most famous brands. Although is silver, but it can create 3 d modern design style. Archive and Aria series, and the special charm of perfect deduce with silver. In gold or rose gold is given priority to the building of the same series and Moonlight Grapes series, also presents the modern jewelry fashion sense. From one thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan price, meet your all illusions of jewelry.
On behalf of the brand: Delfina Delettrez
Nationality: Italy
Design style: as the fourth generation successor of the family of Fendi, designer Delfina Delettrez showed abnormal in jewelry gift. With keen fashion sense, has a strong interest on jewelry accessories and more. Delfina Delettrez jewelry can be said to be in Fashion Fashion Icon on most of the jewelry. Eye shape and iconic red enamel lips, became the one eye can identify the style of the brand logo. Nifty, stylish and interesting design style, fashionable personage’s backpack, when wearing can also add fun for details. Also to need one thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan, the price of the jewelry collocation can meet the sense of fashion.
On behalf of the brand: Pomellato
Nationality: Italy
Design style: colorful gems into pendants or rings, is one of the characteristics of the Italian jewelry brand Pomellato. Stone of Madeira, ice blue topaz stone, amethyst, diamonds, powder blue, orange, blue, green sapphire, fry and sand stone and so on, these colorful gems to mix build, deduce with Italian jewelry. Both classical Nudo series and the Fake Cartier love bracelet series of diamonds, deduce the jewelry with the senior and gorgeous feeling. Classification of the price of one thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan, can let more people fall in love.
On behalf of the brand: Fancy CD
Nationality: UK
Design style: although Britain Fancy CD born for senior jewelry jewelry brand, but also has amiable jewelry series. Nutcracker series, fruit and star series, from the lovely nifty style to the elegant and unique design, combined with the style of diamonds, can meet the needs of women in different style jewelry, one thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan price positioning, which meets the people feeling, also do not break luxuriant colour.